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Choosing the Right Container for Your Homemade Candle

by Tim

Homemade candles require special jars that meet specific characteristics. Everything boils down to heat resistance, but aesthetics, safety, and durability are factors you must also consider. You can compare options from leading apothecary stores offering bulk candle making supplies. The goal is to find the right container for your needs. Here are four tips to help you get the best homemade candle containers:

1. Use Heat-resistant Containers

The best container for your homemade candle is one that won’t catch fire or burst into flames. Avoid flammable materials that can soak up the wax. Such containers can create a giant wick and enormous flame, causing a fire hazard. Some candle containers feature flammable materials like walnut shells, wood, and terra cotta pots. If such materials are used, they come with waterproof sealants to make them safe and fire-resistant. 

Candle containers can have several coats of sealant, but no amount of coating can make materials like plastic safe. Stick to materials that won’t catch fire, and coat porous ceramics and concrete with quality sealants. The goal is to prevent fire hazards and maintain a steady flame. You can find jars and containers designed specifically for candles. The best candle containers can withstand heat and contain flame temperatures.

2. Check for Leaking or Cracking

A leaking candle container can mess up your counters, tabletops, shelf, mantle, or nightstands. The hot wax can also cause a fire hazard if it leaks as quickly as it melts. Leaks can result in big flames within seconds. When shopping for candle making supplies, choose quality containers without seams. Metals with side and bottom seams are prone to leaking. Porous materials like ceramic can leak. Glass containers are also susceptible to cracking and leaking.

One way to test candle jars for leaks is by filling them with water and letting them sit for a few days. The goal is to avoid containers that will leak the wax. Leading apothecary shops offer quality products, so verify you are purchasing equipment from a high-quality vendor.

3. Identify the Ideal Material

Candle containers come in various materials, including glass, metal, ceramic, concrete, and enamel. Each material has unique pros and cons. Metal candles won’t catch fire and come in various color options. The caveat is metal containers tend to feature seams on the sides and bottom, which can cause leaks. Metal also absorbs heat, so you may need a warning label to prevent people from touching it while the wick is burning.

Glass containers are a trendy choice. They let you see what’s inside the container and blend with various types of interior designs. Choose thick, smooth, or non-porous glass. The best candle glass containers are fire and heat-resistant and won’t crack easily. You can also choose heat-resistant and factory-sealed ceramic containers or industrial concrete containers. Since ceramic and concrete materials are porous, make sure they’re sealed before use. To transport your containers, you’ll need to consider choosing the right picking trolley as well.

4. Choose the Right Size and Shape

Candle containers come in different shapes and sizes. You need a professionally designed container that’s flat at the bottom, so it can stand on any flat surface. Some jars are wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. Such shapes are beautiful, but the wax gets hotter as the candle burns, increasing the risk of cracking. Stick to functional shapes and sizes. A large enamel bowl is more practical for multi-wick farmhouse candles.

Shape and size are primarily about personal preferences. Round, mug-like containers are popular, but you can find candle jars that are rectangular, hexagon, or curved like a flower vase. You’re not restricted to basic shapes. Apothecary shops provide small, medium, and large candle containers in many unique designs. Choose the ideal size and shape for the wick and application. Consider using wider containers if you want a larger wick with a brighter flame.

Purchase Quality Candle Making Supplies

When purchasing candle making supplies like jars and other containers, choose retailers that provide quality products. Quality containers feature reliable heat-resistant materials that will last for an extended period of time without cracking. You can compare different options to find the ideal material and design for your candles. Stick to reputable stores built for homemade apothecary products. Find a high-quality candle supply vendor today.

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