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Guide to Common Hardwood Floor Colors

by Tim

Want to add some character to your home?

One of the best ways to do that is by installing hardwood floors. If you have low-maintenance floors, you’ll save a lot of time and money in the long run.

Yet, it’s important that you find the right hardwood floor colors for your home. Not all hardwood floors have the same warmth, so you’ll have to figure out which floor fits your style.

Want to find out more? If so, be sure to read today’s quick guide on hardwood floor colors! Here are a few trends in popular hardwood floor colors to get you started.


Walnut hardwood flooring is a timeless look that provides warmth and depth to a room. While normally slightly darker and more reddish than cherry or mahogany hardwood floors, walnut flooring can come in a range of shades from light to dark. A light, golden hue will give a room a contemporary, inviting feel, while a deeper hue adds a rich character to a space.

The walnut color is an elegant and modern choice for some decors, but the versatility doesn’t stop there. By combining walnuts with lighter-colored species, you can achieve intricate, dazzling floor designs that bring unique style to your home. Whether you choose to keep it simple or make a statement, a walnut-colored hardwood floor will bring sophistication to your space.

Red Oak

Red oak color is a classic hardwood floor color that has been used for centuries. The rich reddish hue of the red oak evokes a classic yet warm feel to any home. It can be varnished, stained, or even bleached to achieve a unique look.

This color is easy to spot, clean, and repair, making it an ideal choice for busy households. Its natural hues pair well with almost any room’s décor. It can also be used to create a focal point in the room.

Red oak color is versatile, durable, and timeless, making it ideal for everyday use. It is a great choice for any budget and can add a timeless look to any home. With proper care, this hardwood floor color will last for many years to come.


Maple color is a popular and classic choice when it comes to hardwood flooring. It is available in almost any type of finish, allowing for a range of maple colors. Generally speaking, lighter finishes like honey, natural, and wheat create a bright and airy atmosphere, while deeper shades like amber can add a rich touch to a room.

The great thing about maple hardwood floors is that they can work well in contemporary or traditional spaces. Topped with polyurethane, maple flooring can be given a semi-gloss look that is not only eye-catching but also easy to clean and maintain.

Other popular hardwood flooring finishes are vintage distressed, hand-scraped, and wire-brushed, adding even more versatility to Maple hardwood floors. If you’re looking for a flooring option that won’t go out of style, maple hardwood floors are an excellent choice.

They’re durable when properly maintained, and their natural hue will never tire of. Enjoy the beauty of these floors for years to come!

Cherry Color

Cherry-colored hardwood floors are a luxurious choice for homeowners looking for a sophisticated look. Their warm, rich tones are perfect for traditional-style homes, adding classical charm and an inviting ambiance.

Cherry floors will add character to any space and will never go out of style. As cherry-colored hardwood ages, the tones deepen with a rustic patina. The reddish-brown color palette is versatile enough to be paired with both bright and dark décor.

Also, it’s one of the most durable and hardwearing hardwood colors out there. When it comes to cherry, darker shades look best in larger rooms, while lighter shades are ideal for smaller areas or rooms that get a lot of sun. When treated with care, cherry-colored hardwood will last for many years.

Neutral Grey Color

A neutral grey color can be a great way to bring a touch of sophistication and warmth to any home. Grey hardwood floors can brighten up a room without overpowering other colors. They work great in almost any setting, making them a popular choice for most homeowners.

Grey floors are also versatile, as they can be dressed up or down depending on the other decor in the room. When choosing a grey hardwood floor color, it’s best to opt for a light to medium shade. This will help to create a neutral backdrop for various shades of paint and furniture.

A darker grey tone may be better for individuals who want a bit more drama in their flooring. Grey hardwood floors tend to look best in rooms with modern or minimalist aesthetics. The neutral backdrop is a great way to highlight contemporary pieces or vintage furniture.

Grey floors can also be paired with bright hues to create a more inviting atmosphere. Finally, neutral grey is a great way to add plenty of style and interest to any home.


Hickory color is one of the most popular colors for hardwood flooring due to its unique look and ability to be used across a variety of décor styles. The natural wood color is similar to the bark of the hickory tree, making it a great choice for creating a rustic yet modern feel for any room.

Hickory hardwood is also easy to install, as it comes in several width and length options with a variety of color variations, such as darker stains, for more of a dramatic look. Whatever the décor style, hickory hardwood can enhance the look. The color is also perfect for high-traffic areas as it is durable and does not show scratches easily when properly cared for.

Maintenance for the wood is fairly easy, just sweeping or vacuuming regularly as necessary and applying wax for a glossy finish. Hickory is a great choice for hardwood floors, offering beauty, durability, and the potential to be easily and inexpensively maintained.


Birch Color can give an elegant look and ability to blend with a variety of decor. It has a light yellow to creamy white, uniform to slightly streaked grain pattern. This color works well in almost any room, such as living rooms, dens, bedrooms, hallways, and even kitchens.

Its subtle color gives it a versatile look that fits into various interior design styles. Birch color brings a classic and timeless feel to any home and adds warmth and beauty to any space.

It can also help to brighten up a dark space, making any room feel larger and more inviting. This is why it is a common choice for homes, offices, and other public spaces. With proper maintenance, Birch color hardwood floors can last for a long time, adding lasting value and appeal to any room.


Ash-colored hardwood flooring is a great choice for those looking to add warmth and character to their home. The pale, consistent hue is perfect for creating a contemporary, minimalist look. Depending on the species, finish, and grain, the ash color can vary from light to dark, with yellow, beige, and brown undertones.

Ash is one of the most popular hardwood floor colors, as it goes well with both dark and light furnishings for any home palette. Usually, ash hardwood has a straight or slightly wavy grain, making the floor look subtle and sophisticated.

When it comes to installation, ash floors are not the easiest so it’s a good idea to hire professionals to get the job done right. With proper maintenance, an ash wood floor can look stunning for years.


Acacia color hardwood flooring is one of the most popular styles available among hardwoods. This distinctive look is achieved by finishing the wood in a light, golden brown color. The look of acacia color is often paired with other light colors, such as whites, creams, and beiges, to create bright, airy spaces.

Also, this hardwood flooring color is durable, water-resistant, and easy to maintain. It is suitable for a wide range of purposes, from residential and commercial flooring to decks, patios, and more. The Acacia Color is a perfect flooring option for those who want a classic, natural look that brings warmth to the surroundings.

It also pairs well with furniture and decor with natural tones, such as yellows, oranges, and greens. For those looking to achieve an earthy aesthetic, acacia color can create an atmosphere that is inviting and calming.

For added effect, the shine of the hardwood brings out its golden hues and hints of brown undertones. With its versatility, acacia-colored hardwood flooring is a great choice for contemporary and traditional spaces.

Bamboo Color

Bamboo color hardwood floors offer many benefits for both the environment and aesthetics. The bamboo color is derived from a fast-growing grass found in tropical and subtropical climates. It is gaining popularity for its unique color and quick regeneration abilities.

It’s a beautiful option with its natural warm tones and notable grain pattern. Many bamboo floors come in a variety of colors, from light to dark shades. The most popular bamboo colors available are light, medium, dark, and natural.

Light shades of bamboo are perfect for creating an airy and open feel in your home, while dark colors create a more dramatic and classic look. Natural-colored bamboo is the most realistic looking and can go with all home decor styles.

Depending on the species, the bamboo can be characterized by either a more golden tone or a darker, richer hue. This type of hardwood flooring offers a versatile, warm look that is easy to match up with different colors in the room or throughout the house.

It is also less susceptible to scratches and dents compared to other hardwood floors, making it an excellent choice for homes with children or busy adults. As an added bonus, bamboo is naturally an environmentally conscious choice since it’s a renewable resource. Bamboo floor is an interesting and elegant choice for any home.

Mohawk RevWood Premier

Mohawk RevWood Premier is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for durable, easy-to-clean flooring with a hardwood look. Available in a variety of shades and grain patterns, RevWood Premier offers the timeless beauty of hardwood and the lasting durability of laminate.

Mohawk Flooring’s RevWood Premier is backed by a warranty of up to 25 years. This means you can be confident that your investment in RevWood will last for years to come.

It is the perfect choice for those looking to add a beautiful hardwood floor to their home without having to worry about the stress associated with hardwood maintenance. As far as colors and styles are concerned, RevWood offers everything from warm, classic hues such as honey and walnut to cool undertones like grey and cherry. Each style varies in color, grain, and scale, making it easy to find a look that will enhance your home’s décor.

And with so many different hues to choose from, matching existing décor becomes a breeze. With a unique and inviting atmosphere, RevWood Premier allows you to express your style and make your home look beautiful.

Understand What Hardwood Floor Colors Suits Your Home

Hardwood floors come in a variety of hues and finishes to suit any home decor or modern style. Through this guide, you now have a better idea of common hardwood floor colors to choose from. From light gray to dark walnut and everything in between, you can opt for a classic look or a unique twist.

Consider the options carefully and start planning today to find the perfect floor for any home. For more inspiration, follow us on social media to discover new floor designs and trends in the industry. Visit your local showroom today to get started!

Do you still have questions about which hardwood floor is the best one for your home? Want to know more info on floors and other home improvement topics? We’re here to help! Check out our blogs and other helpful guides.

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