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How to Get a QR Code for Your Small Business and Where to Use It

by Tim

If you’re new to QR codes, you might be wondering what they are, how you can get them and where to use them for your small business. Don’t worry since this piece of content has all your concerns settled.

From learning how to make your own WiFi QR code or Facebook QR code to using this little square to make payments or access a restaurant menu, let’s keep reading to unearth more.

What Is a QR Code?

It’s possible that you might be looking to create and use something that you don’t know. If you have been out to dinner in the past few years, you may have scanned a little square using your smartphone device to access the restaurant’s menu. Or maybe you’ve been to a supermarket recently and requested to scan this little square when making a payment.

Also, you might have seen this black and white square on a business card or at a public place. For sure, Quick Response codes are everywhere, and chances are higher that you must have used them before. A QR code is simply an upgrade of a barcode. It allows users to scan it with a smartphone to access the information stored in it. This information can be:

  • A website
  • A coupon
  • A short video
  • A WiFi password
  • A restaurant menu
  • A social media page and more

How Can You Get a QR Code for Your Business?

It’s faster to get a Quick Response code for your business. And you can get it free of charge using a demo mode of a QR code generator. Let’s look at the main steps you need to go through to have a working QR code for your business.

  • Step one: Choose the information you want your QR code users to access. It can be a website URL, social media page, post or group, a tweet, a prompt to leave a review, a WiFi password or a pinned location on a map.
  • Find a top-rated QR code generator: You can get a recommendation from friends, workmates, or family members who’ve created a QR code before. Google search also offers top-rated QR code generators to pick from.
  • Open the QR code generator on your device: Once you launch it on your device, navigate to the Create QR Code button. Follow the steps available strictly to make your first Quick Response code.
  • Test your QR code: Test the Quick Response code with your smartphone’s camera to ensure it works perfectly. Remember, using a paid QR code generator, you can customise your Quick Response code. You can add social icons, business logos, or photos, adjust the shape or change the colour.
  • Download your QR code: Once you’re sure it’s working perfectly, download and upload it anywhere you feel your target audience will access.

Where Can You Use Your QR Code for Your Business?

You can use your Quick Response code in many places as it has numerous applications. Let’s discover some of the most suitable places where you can use a QR code. They are:

  • QR codes with freebees to help drive loyalty card memberships
  • QR codes to enhance app downloads
  • QR codes on flyers and products to gain social media followers and visibility
  • QR codes on billboards to enable customers to locate your business
  • QR codes on labels and receipts to receive customer feedback
  • Track your marketing campaigns and retarget consumers using dynamic Quick Response codes
  • Direct potential and existing customers to your website or landing page instantly with dynamic QR codes.
  • Establish and build an email marketing list with Quick Response codes
  • Use QR codes to share your contact information quickly
  • Enhance your engagement rates with video Quick Response codes
  • Use Quick Response codes in business PowerPoint presentations

For sure! There are endless ways to use your Quick Response code. Once you create it, pick a place to use it, depending on your business’s unique needs. Whether you have chosen to use QR codes as a means of payment, to display a restaurant menu, run a free giveaways campaign, or increase your social media visibility, you need to follow some best practices such as:

  • Have a precise call to action
  • Properly position your QR code
  • Test it yourself before sharing
  • Create an incentive for users.

Finally, choose the best QR code generator. With the best QR code generator, you’re sure to create a professional Quick Response code and achieve your goals.

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