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How to Swap BNB to AVAX?

by Tim

The cryptocurrency market has been experiencing some severe turbulency lately. After the collapse of the top crypto exchange FTX, we can still feel the reverberations in the market. Bitcoin prices have plummeted to new year lows, and alternative cryptos are struggling to remain relevant. 

Some projects are still going strong and show enormous potential in the long run. Binance and its BNB token remain for many as a sure value amidst all the uncertainty. On the other hand, Avalanche and its growing network are still aiming to compete with industry giants such as Ethereum and Solana. 

This article will delve into these two cryptocurrencies and provide some price predictions for these tokens and options on how to trade BNB to AVAX in the safest way possible.  

What’s New with Binance Coin?

Binance’s CEO Changpeng Zhao has been very vocal regarding solvency issues in centralized exchanges. He’s been pushing the narrative of proof of reserve for exchanges and reassuring the public that Binance doesn’t partake in mishandling users’ funds as FTX did. 

Moreover, the BNB chain is still a resounding success as it gathers more users by the day. Its transaction count is way above the competition, with millions of users partaking in BNB-centered DeFi, NFTs, and blockchain games. 

BNB Price Prediction

The BNB chain growth hasn’t gone unnoticed in the crypto expert sphere. Many consider the BNB token as one of the blue chips in the industry and provide quite bullish views for its future. Currently trading at around $250, here’s what some reputable sources forecast for the BNB token. 

Priceprediction.net provides a $460.79 target for 2023, nearly double the current value. And for the mid-term, in 2025, the website’s prediction goes as high as $942.49 per token. 

Digitalcoinprice.com has a similar view for BNB. For 2023, they forecast a high price of $634.91, whereas, for 2025, they are aiming for $1,106.79. 

News from Avalanche World

Avalanche has had a lot of competition in the smart contract industry, especially since Ethereum switched to proof of stake. While maxis still debate the Bitcoin to Ethereum differences, many think the real battle is going to be about smart contract platform relevance. Even so, Avalanche’s ecosystem has kept on growing, with more dApps popping up and established DeFi protocols like TraderJoe, getting even more traction. 

With the addition of subnets, the Avalanche network could become theoretically infinitely scalable. 

AVAX Price Forecast

Even though Avalanche is showing some serious growth, its AVAX token has been suffering amidst the bear market. The price has dropped from a high of $135 to a current low of $13. Despite the dismal price action, experts still believe AVAX will rise in value in the next years. 

Priceprediction.net provides a target of $24.64 for 2023 and $50.16 for 2025. Digitalcoinprice.com, tags along with their forecast, with predictions of $31.91 for 2023 and $56.82. 

How to Convert BNB to AVAX?

Considering the low price of AVAX now and the potential opportunity, it would be interesting to find out how to exchange BNB for AVAX. 


Godex is an anonymous exchange that allows you to swap over 300 different cryptocurrencies. It provides a seamless experience entirely focused on privacy. You’ll never need to share any personal data or even create an account, making it one of the safest options out there. 


Letsexchange is another crypto platform that allows anonymous exchanges without account registration. It provides a good choice of cryptocurrencies, including BNB and AVAX, and offers both fixed and floating rates. 


Changenow is a crypto trading platform with near-instant swaps between hundreds of cryptos. You can buy crypto with a credit card; however, this feature requires a KYC process. 

It’s Time for an Exchange

Binance coin and Avalanche are both very promising cryptocurrencies that have a lot to offer. However, with AVAX being at such a low price now, swapping some BNB to AVAX could be very beneficial, as the latter might have some more potential upside to it.

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