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10 Tips for Choosing a College Essay Topic

by Tim

Every year, US colleges and universities’ admission officers read hundreds and thousands of application essays.

These essays are essential criteria to test the abilities of students and help admission staff to decide the fate of applicants.

That’s why it is crucial to write memorable and attention-seeking essays that keep officers hooked till the end.

For writing a lucrative essay, you should choose a unique essay topic. If the topic is different from others, your essay will certainly stand out.

But, how to choose a perfect and unique essay topic?

If you have this question in your mind, do read this article till the end.

In it, we are going to discuss ten amazing tips for choosing an essay topic.

1. Make Your Essay Personal

To make your essay unique, you should focus on a personal topic. You can write about a special moment in your life, what were your feelings, and what lessons you learned from that moment.

That moment can be as special as winning an award or achieving a milestone or can be as ordinary as hugging your parents after coming back home daily.

Yes! You can choose an ordinary moment from your daily life and can explain why this moment is special for you.

2. Write about your personality

You can focus on different aspects of your personality while choosing and writing an essay topic.

You can choose any of your belief systems or values and can write how it polishes your personality and helps you in certain moments of life.

You can choose any value such as honesty and can share your experience where you use this value to save yourself or someone else.

3. Write about your failures

Any moment when you fail in your life can also be a perfect essay topic.

You can choose any academic or general life failure and can share the lessons and your thoughts about that moment.

You should focus on the positive aspects of the failure and how this failure makes you a strong and different person.

4. Write about your family

You can choose any special family moment or family personality to write an essay about.

You can write which aspects of your family make them unique and what you think other families must have in them.

5. Choose any extra-curricular activity

You can write an essay about your favorite extracurricular activity.

If you love any sport which contradicts your profile, you should focus on that sport. For example, if you are applying to any STEM-based subject but you love any arts-related activity, you should write about that activity.

This will make your application stand out and can impress the admission officer.

6. Choose any hobby

You can choose any hobby to write an essay about.

In it, you should write how this hobby helps you mentally and physically or write any special moments related to that hobby.

The hobby can be reading, drawing, cooking, sports, or spending time with your parents.

7. Choose any topic on which you have the command

You can write your thoughts or feelings about any social issue. You should choose any social topic on which you have already done research or have a bit of background.

The social topic can be a trendy one such as feminism or it can be a cultural or social belief prevailing in your society.

In this, you should remain open-minded and present a two-sided opinion on that matter.

Moreover, refrain from choosing any taboo topic to write about. Politics and religion are highly taboo topics so you should avoid them.

8. Write about any ordinary thing

You can write about any ordinary thing of life and society such as nature, food, or any blessing of life.

In it, you should bring special colors and dimensions to that ordinary thing and can focus on how this common thing can be a special one.

9. Focus on your childhood

Any moment or aspect of your childhood can also be a special essay topic.

You can use storytelling to narrate a special or ordinary day of your childhood, showcasing your personality and the beauty of that era.

You can write about your grandma’s house visit, your first day in school, or anything special about that time.

10. Research your school and college

You should research your school and college and can write an essay about your expectations and what attracts you to this educational institute.

Wrap Up

In this article, we have seen different types of essay topics and tips on how to handle them.

We have seen that storytelling, a positive approach, avoiding taboo topics, and adding a personal touch can make your essays stand out.

We hope this article has helped you in deciding and choosing an essay topic.

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