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What to Look for in Cat Toys

by Tim

Cats are intelligent and playful animals that can turn dull moments into fun times and be with us in the happiest moments of our lives. But cats, in order not to become destructive, need increased attention and constant stimulation, and that’s why it’s essential to invest in high-quality cat toys to distract them when you are at work. Specially designed toys for your kitten could be crucial in its proper development, so they are one of the best-selling accessories in local or online pet shops.

You are most likely a person who wants the best for your furry companion, so you would like to know which cat toys are available on the Australian market. But toys aren’t the only accessory that can influence the well-being of your kitten. You’ve just purchased a new sofa and are convinced it won’t be long before your cat shreds it to pieces? In this case, buying a cat scratching post that will distract your adorable hunter is imperative. But why do cats feel the need to claw, and what are the main types of toys suitable for them? We propose to find the answer to these questions together in the following pages.

Are Cats Even Domesticated? 

Are Cats Even Domesticated?

Cats are fascinating creatures. On the one hand, in the wild, they’re fearsome predators, scaring even the most ferocious rodents. On the other hand, in our company, they seem to want nothing more than to sleep, play and occasionally claw at the curtains you got from grandma. Cats, in reality, most likely domesticated themselves thousands of years ago, and because of this, they have retained some of the behavioural traits that can be found in their feral counterparts. In fact, from a genetic point of view, there is almost no difference between the natural hunters that can be found in the Asian or African wild and your little bundle of joy that is probably sleeping in your lap right now.

Cat toys are, first and foremost, designed to stimulate the hunting instinct of our kittens. A lot of the cat toys that can be found on the market are interactive or make sounds, which for your pet simulates their favourite prey. Is it necessary to buy toys for your cat? Yes, and the reasons are simple. Cats are crepuscular animals, meaning they are only active at dusk and dawn. And they spent the rest of the day or night saving their energy. But when awake, they can be veritable missiles, and their liveliness, if misdirected, could turn into destructive behaviour.

What Toys Should I Get? 

For one thing, you don’t need to spend a fortune to keep your cat joyful. A simple wand with feathers or a ball with a bell inside might be enough to keep your pet happy and curious. If you want to make your cat more playful, you could buy catnip toys, which have a stimulating effect on about half of all kittens. If your cat is motivated by food, you could buy an interactive treat dispenser, which combines play with your kitten’s favourite activity: eating. Last but not least, you should buy a laser pointer, which is one of the most effective ways to play safely with your cat. However, you should remember that your cat can become irritable if it does not catch its prey after “hunting”, so offering a reward at the end is recommended.

There are also certain toys that should not be given to your cat. Small, easy-to-swallow rubber toys or plushies are a terrible idea for cats and dogs and are one of our pets’ most significant choking hazards. Also, you should ensure that the toy you give your cat has no surfaces where its claws can get stuck. The last thing you want is for your kitty to get her claws caught in her toy, as she could panic, and an agitated cat could cause you serious injury. As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to go for toys made by reputable manufacturers that have been on the Australian market for some time and benefit from reviews from satisfied customers.

Why Invest in a Cat Scratching Post? 

A cat scratching post is a necessity in any cat owner’s home. And the primary motive for this has to do with the instincts of your bundle of joy. In the wild, cats are apex predators, with one of the highest hunting success ratios in the animal kingdom. And much of their success is owed to their claws. Cats in the wild scratch to shed their claw’s keratin layers and mark their territory. Cats have natural scent glands in their paws, and scratching at objects sends a message to rivals. But your home is not a cat’s natural environment, so when they feel the urge to scratch, they must turn their attention to other objects, like the couch you just purchased.

A cat scratching post can distract your cat’s attention and act as an accessory through which they can relax. Moreover, a high-quality cat scratching post might come with different platforms that your cat can climb and explore. From this point of view, a scratching post could be a toy that stimulates your kitten’s physical development and becomes her favourite place to sleep. Cats can’t be trained as quickly as dogs, and they care little about your instructions. Hence, offering them distractions is paramount, which can come in the form of professional accessories designed specifically for their needs.

What Matters Is for Your Bundle of Joy to Be Happy

What Matters Is for Your Bundle of Joy to Be Happy

In order to be happy, your cat needs your constant presence. But we lead complicated lives, and the long hours spent at work may not leave us with enough free time for our pets. To keep your kitten from wasting energy on your favourite carpets, you’ll need to invest in accessories, which can come in the form of cat toys or a cat scratching post. Toys can be tools to have a great time with your pet, but they can also be a way for them to have fun while you’re away.

By contrast, a scratching post is a practical accessory that could save furniture and relax your fluffball. Unlike dogs, cats are independent creatures that can find happiness without your presence, and the accessories you purchase can play an essential role in that sense. Professional toys can be an investment to improve the behaviour of your kitten, and a scratching post is, at the end of the day, a must-have tool in the home of any responsible cat owner.

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