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Will AI Replace Web Developers in the Future?

by Tim

AI has seeped into most of what we considered modern technology a decade ago. In this new age with AI on hand, there is a lot that can be done without the constant involvement of human beings. Some people look at this as a threat to the well-being of humans as many industries are now shifting towards AI-generated help instead of hiring qualified people.

Computer-oriented jobs like coding and web development are at the forefront of this debate. Because web development work requires digital work solely, there is a great chance that web developers may soon run for their money.

AI can now interact with clients and understand their requirements to translate that into well-designed results. You just get a reliable internet connection with one of the best out there with Windstream on your system and let AI do the rest.

It makes us question, what then is the future of highly qualified web developers when most of their work can be computer-generated? Read on.

How is AI Reshaping Web Development

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now building and maintaining websites and that too in way less time than a human web developer is. AI-generated codes are more accurate and to the point as computers, giving instructions in a computer language makes a lot more sense.

AI can also help with the design part of the website to create a functional and easy-to-use experience for users. Microsoft’s Sketch2Code tool can convert hand-drawn sketches to HTML code, which means anyone can command and create a website. This has serious implications for developers who have spent large amounts of time, money, and energy honing their skills for a competitive job market.

Furthermore, AI can also catch bugs that may not be noticed by human developers and cause issues in testing. This way, the process becomes a lot more fast and smooth. However, there is still a lot more that only humans can do for which AI is not well equipped even now.

There’s Still Hope for Developers

Although there is a lot that AI can do to replace developers, there are still some tasks that are better accomplished by humans. For example, AI cannot provide an alternative to the work of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

CSS is a programming sheet that displays a set of rules that dictates the web browser how to present an HTML or XML document. You can set up your font styles, color, and website layout with the help of these tools.

AI can only replicate the usage of these tools at a very basic level, which means all AI-generated layouts would look very same. There is no unique or creative pattern that AI can follow. This is where human intervention comes into play. Human developers and designers can respond to a wide variety of requirements and produce a balanced design that would both, look classy and be functional.

Similarly, AI cannot replicate the functions of JavaScript. JavaScript is another computer programming language that is used to develop interactive and engaging web applications, write server-side codes, and aid in game development.

Although there are some tasks such as making predictions and data processing that can be automated in JavaScript, however, there’s a long way before AI is able to completely produce human-like content through this tool.

Will AI Overtake Human Developers?

As to the burning question of Ai replacing human developers is concerned, it is probably a big leap of faith to believe that AI will ever be able to produce unique and interactive results as a human developer does. While web technologies are ever-growing and replacing mundane, clerical tasks, human developers will always be in demand to cater to the brainy tasks.

This brings us to the point of how web developers can work smartly. If you’re a web developer, it’s best you take help from AI technologies to help you carry out your tasks in a more efficient way, wasting less time on activities that can be replaced by AI. These tasks include:

  • Testing your codebase to check for any bugs or errors
  • Formatting code and looking for inconsistent or faulty codes
  • Pre-render pages for smooth working and set dynamic server-side rendering for individual pages
  • Running optimistic UI to reduce the time spent by users waiting for pages to load

What Else Can AI Help With?

Apart from coding and carrying out the above-mentioned tasks, AI chatbots can be used to help with collecting user data and feedback so that developers can help design and format their websites in a better way.

Chatbots help improve the user’s experience by providing them with relevant information and answering their frequently asked question. There’s a lot of time that you can save with the help of an AI chatbot!

Summing Up

If you’re a web developer, worry not, we still value you. Just make sure to make your life easier by incorporating useful AI technology in your work and improve your performance. Remember, work smart, not hard!

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