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American Express Elite Credit Card – Ideal for Frequent Travelers

by Tim

Gone are the days when frequent traveling on the job was tedious and unrewarding. Now, there are many reward programs for frequent travelers, especially those who travel internationally. One of the ways to access the reward programs is to use the right credit card, and SAS Amex Elite is one such card.

You already know how much you spend when on a trip, whether official or personal. Imagine getting bonus or reward points for each expense and what that would do to your overall travel experience.

If you are a heavy spender while on trips, the SAS Amex Elite card offers a lot of perks, such as thousands of bonus points every year and access to Nordic SAS airport lounges. These benefits can make a difference as you travel, offering comfort at an affordable price.

What Is SAS American Express Elite Card?

It is a credit card that helps you earn reward points faster than many others in the same category. Those points allow you to travel more frequently and easily because you can convert or use them to upgrade your flight plans. One of the best parts of using this card is that it attracts points with every spending, not only when you travel.

Some similar credit cards with reward programs usually give bonus points only when you are on the go, but SAS Amex Elite does more than that. With every spending, whether on food, clothes, and other necessities, you get points that can be converted when you travel. There are three types of cards EuroBonus Amex Card program: Classic, Premium, and Elite.

The Elite card is the most prestigious and requires more spending limit to access all the perks. However, when you compare the gains to the fees, they make up for the charges. For example, the yearly service fee for the Elite card is 4,000 kronor. Considering it is a yearly service fee, it may sound a little steep, but the perks make it worthwhile.

We will get into the benefits to help you understand why the Elite card may be the answer to getting back some of your expense money, especially when you travel. Click here for more information about the card.

Benefits of SAS American Express Elite

The following are a few benefits to expect when using this credit card, especially as a frequent flyer or traveler.

1. Insurance

One of the huge perks of the Elite card is the travel insurance offered to the user and others with them. It provides coverage for you and your family, including children up to 25 years living in your house, as long as you are traveling together. This insurance kicks in when you buy airline tickets with the card.

You also become eligible for excess insurance for rental cars, which is handy if you need to rent a car on your trip since there is free deductible insurance.

You will find the insurance useful if you stay at an unfamiliar hotel or area and need protection for your valuables. It also covers transport, household and gift costs, and hospital visits if there is an injury during the trip. The insurance saves you a lot of money, especially when traveling with family or children, since mishaps may occur.

2. Access to Airport Lounges

An underrated benefit of this card is the access to airport lounges when on the move. Imagine a layover of more than an hour, and you need to relax and unwind. While the typical waiting area in an airport may suffice for many, believe it when we tell you that they would pick an airport lounge over the waiting area in a heartbeat.

You can get comfortable and eat what you like while waiting for your next flight. Airports can be uncomfortable with long waits, but with the Amex card, it does not have to be tedious. A frequent flyer appreciates the convenience of this perk and takes advantage of it at every opportunity. You may also get priority check-in, especially if you are a regular spender and SAS airline user.

Additionally, it allows you to carry extra luggage above what is typically required by the airline. That means you can take more on your trips, a handy benefit if you regularly transport items for sale or use.

3. EuroBonus Points

You are not alone if you are wondering what EuroBonus is. It is a Scandinavian Airline (SAS) loyalty and reward program that earns you points whenever you travel with Star Alliance or SAS. You also get discounts from SAS and its partners. As an Elite cardholder, you automatically get 20,000 EuroBonus points for free every year. You can use the points for flight upgrades or any other purpose as specified by SAS and AmEx.

There are also discounts on hotels, car rentals, and shopping, which save you a lot of money if you are a heavy spender. Frequent flyers enjoy the most because they can amass bonus miles and share them with loved ones or use them for other trips.

Furthermore, you can access over 1,400 SAS destinations worldwide and 750 airline locations, an offer from SkyTeam. In addition, you can fly with other airlines to many locations spread throughout Asia, Africa, and Europe. These airlines include Singapore Airlines, KLM, and Air France.

4. Upgrade on Flights

Upgrades come in handy when switching from one plan to another. Regular international flyers can amass points and use them to upgrade on business-class flights. However, you must submit your request and wait for a decision from the airline within a few days. This perk may not be so beneficial if you are in a rush and need a response as quickly as possible.

However, you can plan and request so that you can determine whether to continue with the upgrade by paying or stick with what you already have. Another point to note is that such upgrades do not typically work on regional or domestic flights, only international ones. Therefore, you must have the right flight plan for the upgrade to work.

Additionally, ensure you have enough points for an upgrade before submitting a request. Otherwise, consider paying out of pocket for convenience. The downside is that the upgrade may cost you a lot of points.

The ratio may be as little as 1:1, which means one cent for every point. Converting it into real points may not be worthwhile since there may be a better use for the points.


SAS AmEx Elite is one travel credit card to consider. While you must have a decent and regular income and spend NOK 150,000 within a calendar year to be eligible for some benefits, it is still a good trade for all you gain. You get restaurant discounts, upgrades on flights, insurance while traveling, access to airport lounges, and bonus points for every NOK 100 you spend with the card. 

However, you must be a permanent resident of Norway and service the card with NOK 4,000 every year to use it. Consider your income, the gains, and the downsides before deciding whether the card is worth an investment.

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