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16 Benefits of Using Steel in Construction

by Tim

Steel is frequently referred to as one of the best building materials of all time in general construction. The benefits of using steel in construction are well-known and are preferred by many contractors.

With high marks in strength, durability, and versatility, this is why you will see steel buildings erected in cities all over the world. It is used in some of the tallest, most resilient buildings ever built. Here are the benefits of using steel in construction.

Enhance Work Speed

Structural steel can be shop fabricated to meet exact specifications and worked on-site much faster than other materials. Thus, steel can be erected quickly in all seasons.

Minimal Construction Waste

Steel is precut and intelligently designed to produce very little waste. Structural steel will only add something significant if your construction project seeks to minimize its waste output.

Easy to Bend and Model

Steel is a very easy material to customize, saving time and money in construction. It is frequently used in 3D design programs and building information modelling to send designs and information between designers and steel contractors.

Proven as a Building Material

Steel is a material that has been used to create all sorts of building types, with various designs already available to demonstrate what’s possible or what sort of customizations can be made.

Buildings that have used steel include airports, automotive garages, and facilities. It is also ideal for commercial steel buildings, warehouses, healthcare buildings, industrial buildings, power generation centers, and sports stadiums.

Optimize the Building Space

With structural steel, you optimize building space due to the strength of the material. Slender columns can be used, maximizing floor space. An average steel column occupies 75% less square footage than a concrete column.

Create Open Floor Layouts with Ease

You can create longer spans for open, column-free spaces using structural steel. Eliminate intermediate columns to create open floor areas perfect for any office or business.

Lower Construction Costs

Here is a benefit that’s hard to deny or ignore. Structural steel is a cost leader on most construction projects compared to similar framing systems. It costs 5-7% less than concrete framing.

Sustainable Material

Steel is the most recycled material on Earth. Most structural steel used in construction comprises 86-89% reclaimed material. Steel is fully recyclable and can be reused without additional processing, making structural steel recycling above 100%.

Aesthetic Beauty of Steel

Steel is naturally beautiful, slender, strong, and expressive. It allows an architect or designer to create differently, often in ways other construction materials do not. For example, structural steel can be bent and rolled to create non-linear pieces.

In addition, recycled steel is as strong as native steel and does not lose quality.

Reliable Performance

Steel is a high-strength material, so that other materials are enhanced by steel reinforcement. Structural steel is typically 50 ksi, meaning it has a yield stress of 50,000 pounds per square inch.

Steel is manufactured and fabricated under controlled conditions under strong quality assurance standards. At production, its strength and performance can be verified.

You Can Weld Offcuts

To further minimize steel waste, you can weld small offcuts together to do smaller jobs on your construction site.

Steel Is Easily Modifiable

Steel can be modified for different applications, loading conditions, vertical expansions, and changes in how a property owner wants their building framed.

Existing steel columns and beams can be strengthened. Additional floors can be added even years after a building was first built. These changes can also be done without disruption if the building is occupied.

Can Be Combined with Anti-Corrosives

Steel can rust in humid areas. High moisture will do that, just like it can degrade other materials. Builders, however, can combat this by using anti-corrosive coatings.

Steel Can Tolerate Extreme Weather

Steel is the best choice for construction contractors looking to deliver a high-quality, long-lasting product. It can tolerate damage from tornadoes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters better than wood and similar materials.

Steel’s long-term ability to survive fire or termites is high. It resists both.

Demolitions Pay for Themselves

The value of structural steel is so high that today’s demolition of a structural steel-framed building essentially pays for itself. The steel can be sold and recycled. By comparison with other materials, the cost of demolition can be $3-$10 per square foot.

Technological Advancement

Steel is trendy, paving the way for new companies with innovative designs and materials. This enhances fire protection, connection optimization, coating systems, and more.

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