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Boosting Startup Success: Can a CTO Service Provide the Essential Boost Your Business Needs?

by Tim

Would you like to get extra confidence in the success of your project that comes from more than the impressive expertise of your technical team of developers, designers, testers, and so on?

In fact, this can be done by expanding your team, and not even necessarily by hiring new in-house employees. Would you like to know more about this “secret”? We have great news – now, we will share our insights with you right now.

We Understand Perfectly Who You Need

In short, you need to consider partnering with a Chief Technology Officer. Please note that this is a very abstract position, and its responsibilities and list of necessary requirements may vary from project to project. However, let’s still outline its main characteristics:

  • creating a roadmap and drawing up whitepapers;
  • internal technical team training;
  • selection of technology stack and planning/optimization of project architecture;
  • presentation of the project to stakeholders;
  • synchronizing tech stack with the business goals of stakeholders and owners.

However, such a wide range of responsibilities also implies fairly high salary rates for specialists at this level, as well as difficulties in hiring them – which is why it makes sense to consider turning to CTO as a Service for business.

What Benefits Do You Get By Buiding a Partnership in This Format?

Generally speaking, CTO as a Service for business is a more cost-effective solution than formal employment in a team as it involves remote interaction.

In particular, the regularity of communication with the CTO as a Service is determined according to a pre-agreed schedule – this can be several hours a day (which may be crucial for the initial stages of work on a solution) or, for example, a full-time working day once a week/month/on request – here, that’s all depends on your individual needs.

It is also worth noting that when you contact an outsourcing company that provides CTO services, you have the opportunity to fill an empty vacancy in a matter of days/weeks, but not in months.

And, of course, one should not underestimate the value of a one-time resort to CTO consulting services, which may be relevant for short-term, narrow-focused tasks – in this case, hiring a new employee for the office will initially be an extremely unprofitable decision.

Finally, CTO as a Service for startups with limited budgets may be of particular interest to you. The fact is that you can consider cooperation with a virtual Chief Technology Officer from a region where average market rates are lower than in the country where your main team works.

This way, you can extract maximum benefits for your project without the need to urgently attract additional investment.

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