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Cricket and National Identity: How Cricket Unites India

by Tim

Cricket and Bollywood are two things that India exists, Indians live and breathe them.

Be it the final wicket in 1983, the six struck by the captain himself in 2011 or any other historic moment, cricket fans have always had a subconscious connection with what exactly it was that India wanted them to do when they were sitting on the crease, hoping and praying for a win.

Cricket is the ‘God’ of India

Cricket can be called the heart of India, it is the force that brings Indians together with a strong bond that grows from love, a huge fan following, and respect for all the players in the Indian cricket team.

It may be at a stadium or at home or even at a restaurant with a glass door through which they can see a match. Read more to find out about fans’ spirit and betting. However, they always share a common ground of being one, brotherhood, and their ultimate love for cricket, no matter where they are.

The Indian community is such that you won’t find anyone who will say, ‘So what religion do you follow or what job do you do?’, as you wouldn’t even think about that when you are watching the Indian team play cricket because you will be so happy and united.

In 1983, the Hindu-Muslim riots took place, and that is when cricket united fans from different backgrounds in society. However, they were brought together by the passion they shared.

When ordinary Indians watch the game, they have only one desire: I think India will win, as they are all united and cheering for the blue uniforms of their team. He sees a lot of M.S. Dhoni’s portraits with Indians praying and offering garlands to him every time during IPL or a difficult situation in life.

Importance of Cricket in India

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Cricket bringing a billion Indians together is amazing in its own right. The way this sport unites the country is an example in itself. In India, divided by languages, religions, castes, etc., cricket has proven to be the glue that holds Indians together.

It is also an amazing sight when we see fans cheering Sachin Tendulkar’s shot or Harbhajan Singh’s performance without remembering what state they are from or what language they speak. Kumble is supported even in Delhi and Sehwag is a huge star even in Karnataka.

There is something about cricket that helps keep India united. Nothing brings this country together like cricket. And no matter what crop is grown in the soil of Bengal, Punjab, or Kerala, there is always a common sight: children playing cricket!

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