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Do You Need a Free Online Editor?

by Tim

If you receive or send online PDF documents, chances are at some point a little editing is necessary. You may be filling in fields for human resources or taking a huge step in buying a house.

Whatever the reason, there’s a form you need to fill out and it’s always easier if you have access to a free online editor tool.

PDFs (portable document format) are great since you can open the file regardless of which browser you’re using. You can almost always read and even print the document without running into any issues.

The problem pops up when you want to make changes to the document’s format. Editing a PDF is rarely easy whether you’re online or searching for an internet connection.

What is a PDF Editor and Why Do You Need One

In simple terms, a PDF editor allows anyone with access to make changes to a document, and this can include filling in fields, editing information, or changing up the format. You can even add images and links with a PDF editing tool.

If you don’t want to change the formatting, this also isn’t an issue. When you open the PDF, you get the original format, and you can still edit the content without altering the format.

As you can see, this can benefit businesses across industries. Even if you’re only filling in blank fields in the original document, a PDF editor simplifies the process. Ready to learn more about why you may need a PDF editor? Keep reading on to learn more.


If your business deals with personal identifiable information (PII), security is always a concern. This applies even if your business is only accepting credit and debit cards through a point of sale (POS) system.

If a security breach happens, your brand can take a hit, and this also isn’t the only potential repercussion of a security breach. Your business may also be hit with fines and penalties. If you’re an individual filling out a form requesting personal information, you also want to keep some details private.

Using an online PDF editor, none of the above potential issues are problems. You can password protect the document, ensuring only authorized users have access, and this even applies to sharing the document.

When you send the file to others, you can still restrict access. This means that even if you’re editing the PDF online, only authorized users can see the changes.

Edit from Almost Anywhere

PFDs are the accepted file formats around the world which means that it pretty much doesn’t matter who or where you send a file the recipient isn’t going to have a problem accessing the document. This means your remote workforce can stay updated out in the field.

If a customer requests a change, your technician can easily update the service contact. By eliminating the need to return to the office to make changes, you’re improving both employee productivity and efficiency.

Compatibility with Almost Every System

You never want to receive an angry message from a customer who can’t open a file you sent. Not only is it bad for your business’s reputation, but it also creates unnecessary hassles for your client.

Remember how PDFs are the universal standard format for documents? This remains true. If you send a PDF and the customer needs to edit the document, you can easily grant them access. Best of all, the PDF is compatible with almost every digital system whether it’s MS Word. MS Perfect, or something else.

Encourage Collaboration and Creativity

Collaboration is a key element in the success of any business. You’re encouraging team members and this can lead to creative developments that benefit your business.

For example, if your email marketing campaign is only sending out information on upcoming sales, your team can create a document that focuses on the consumer’s response to their visit.

Your team can easily work together to create a document that encourages a customer response. Just think about what you can save in online and offline advertising when you have a better idea of what your customers are looking for.

Effective advertising isn’t the only benefit you may get with a PDF editor. Your staff probably doesn’t like running from their desk to a co-worker’s to discuss a team document. This isn’t necessary with an online editing tool.

Your team can make changes to the document online and discuss any alterations to data in the comment section. On top of this, your team can effectively communicate regardless of their location and you may be surprised at what they can create.

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