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Do’s and Don’ts of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy comes with opportunities and threats. If you can use it properly, you may gain benefits; if you cannot, the whole process may affect the patient differently. 

The risk is high if a patient does not consider a proper healthcare provider. Considering https://www.oxygenark.com/ may let you understand the types and efficiencies of proper hyperbaric oxygen chambers.

Here we will focus on the safety and dangers of the HBOT. When it comes to hyperbaric oxygen treatment, people become more relaxed. Their senses work in a lite manner to notify the therapy as a common and usual therapy without pain.

However, suffering has no end if something goes wrong with it. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is a prominent process to intake pure oxygen while sitting or lying under a chamber.

While you may intake only 21% oxygen from the fresh air in the normal environment, a hyperbaric oxygen chamber may assure you 100% pure oxygen.

This is where your lungs will absorb pure and fresh oxygen at its best. So, there is no doubt it can help some chronic diseases, including other medical conditions. 

However, things are not as easy as you think!

Without a proper treatment process, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is not going to work properly. Here you need to remember the fact that it is not an overnight cure process but depends on several sessions. Each session may continue for up to 2 hours for a patient according to the instructions of a healthcare professional.

Illnesses that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Heals

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment has been receiving quite the popularity when it comes to treating certain diseases. However, many wellness enthusiasts have claimed that it is not just about the diseases it cures but also the effect it has on their energy levels.

This is helping many with mental health diseases like anxiety and ADHD by rejuvenating energy and regulating heart rate. However, these are a matter of word of mouth, and one should always have some credible stamp to any treatment before giving it a try.

Do not worry; after a green signal from a little research, the FDA has managed to approve these few diseases that HBOT treatment can cure.

  • Bone infection osteomyelitis. Especially the kind which is not responding to other diseases.
  • Diabetic wounds which refuse to heal by any other treatment.
  • Air bubbles in the blood vessels.
  • Gas gangrene which is gangrene caused by a trapped bubble.
  • Skin graft which has a chance of tissue loss.
  • Decompression sickness, especially for divers, due to the constant change of pressure.
  • Any form of flesh-eating disease or infection.
  • Sudden vision and hearing loss due to decompression.
  • Traumatic reduction of the blood flow in the arteries, leading to irregular heartbeats.

Do’s Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

Here are some do’s that you may need to follow while dealing with hyperbaric oxygen treatment. 

Provide All Medications

It is the responsibility of both the healthcare provider and the patient. If you think that you want safe therapy, then you need to check up on your health. You do not know your health conditions, but the experts may understand. 

While dealing with the healthcare providers, there is no end of proceedings. But you may need to take the basic precautions. For instance, provide all the medications that you take currently and ensure that you have revealed everything to the provider. 

They are responsible for taking care of your health while dealing with the therapy. Let the expert understand if you have a cold or fever. Entering into the chamber in such a condition can be a potential health risk. 

Check The Hbot Credential

One of your major responsibilities will be to check for the HBOT credential of the healthcare provider. If you want to see the eligibility and credentials of the person assigned to care for you while getting into the oxygen chamber, it’s better to check for their certificates. 

Inexperienced people are not a viable option to handle modern technology. If you have health issues, you might be in great danger if the provider is unaware of the emergencies. 

Keep Valuable Items at Home

In most healthcare centers, you will find your own locker to keep your belongings. Still, it is not safe for you to keep valuable things with you while going for a health checkup and taking therapy. 

It will be a waste of time if you forget your belongings, and also, you cannot ensure the safety of these things while under the process. So, it’s better to keep these at home and go without valuable things in the center. 

Don’ts Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

Below are some don’ts that might help you to be efficient with the treatment inside the chamber. 

Metal Can Not Be Taken Into The Chamber

Do not keep any metal products with you. However, entering the chamber with internal metals like joint replacements and pacemakers is fine. 

Do Not Use Grooming Products

Grooming products are not allowed in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. When the whole world is dependent on makeup materials and precautions, we cannot ask anyone to keep their distance from alcohol and oil-based products. 

However, do not use these products for at least the day you are willing to take the therapy. The list also consists of perfume, makeup and hairspray, and aftershave. 

Do Not Keep Flammable Substances

When coming into consideration of oxygen, a combustible product under the chamber is like a life-taking risk. Many do not understand the science behind it, but you might know how oxygen may trigger a fire. So, it is strongly recommended not to keep anything inflammable with you.

Don’t Smoker

If you are a smoker, hyperbaric oxygen treatment might not help you, but it might be counter-productive. Smoking may trigger the nicotine influence in your body as a side effect while taking this therapy. Consult with your doctor and be aware of all these conditions.


Here are a few things you should take care of before going for an HBOT treatment.

Do not randomly book an appointment before consulting a doctor. You should find out whether you need the treatment after all.

Then you should speak to your insurance company and check whether they cover HBOT treatment as part of the policy. Some do cover it, while others don’t.

Read and understand the necessary precautions of an HBOT treatment. For example, you cannot fly on a plane for at least 72 hours after the treatment.

When you reach the wellness center, get familiar with the chamber and understand the emergency protocols before stepping inside.

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