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Everything You Should Know about Prepaid Cards (Kontantkort)

by Tim

Nowadays, you can find a wide array of people who have mobile smartphone subscriptions because they wish to boost their abilities to stay connected wherever they are. However, depending on your preferences and overall budget, you can choose postpaid or prepaid options.

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A prepaid card functions by paying for the card with a specific amount of data before using it. Therefore, you can transfer a certain amount to a prepaid card and use it until your card is empty, and you must top it up once again.

When it empties, we recommend you refill it to continue sending messages and calling.

Of course, we can differentiate a few exceptions because some providers feature family packages. You can combine different data plans, which will help you use the specific data even if you do not have enough money on your card.

Who Should Purchase Prepaid Cards?

Who Should Purchase Prepaid Cards?

Even though prepaid cards were less popular than they were a few years back, you can obtain them in grocery stores, gas stations, and other places to find the card for your specific needs. For some people, it is a perfect solution, but before making up your mind, we recommend you think about a few factors, such as:

  • You mainly use your mobile device to send messages and make calls, which means a prepaid card will be a highly profitable and intelligent decision for your specific needs.
  • Suppose you have a payment note. Norwegian suppliers will reject your application to subscribe to a mobile plan. Therefore, the only way to have a relevant mobile device and use it is by buying a prepaid card. When you purchase a prepaid card, you can rest assured that the provider will not conduct a credit check and determine whether you have past dues.
  • If you lack a Norwegian social security number, you cannot subscribe but can obtain a prepaid card.
  • If you have a backup phone for calls and SMS, use a prepaid card.
  • For instance, if you have children, a prepaid card can help you track how much they use a specific mobile device. The main idea is to register your child as a user, reducing the risk of spending money on services and goods through apps, which is a common problem when you offer them the postpaid option.

How to Top Up Prepaid Card?

How to Top Up Prepaid Card?

For instance, if you wish to top up your prepaid card, you can use a few methods that will help throughout the process. The most common ways to do it include:

  • App – You can use a provider’s app to upgrade the prepaid card. The main idea is to log in and transfer money from your debit or credit card. We recommend that you use BankID to approve the entire process.
  • Website – Another way to do it is through a supplier’s website because you should log in or sign up if it is your first time. The next step is finding the option of adding funds and following every step until you reach the billing.
  • SMS – Another solution, which is highly beneficial for offline users, is sending an SMS to top up a regular prepaid card.
  • In Stores – You can find a wide array of kiosks and shops that sell prepaid cards. When you run out of money on the card, you can purchase a new one because some options do not feature the ability to add more money and prolong a specific offer.

Benefits of Prepaid Cards

Benefits of Prepaid Cards

If you aim to find a prepaid card for your specific requirements, you should remember that the number increased in the last few years. In today’s prepaid market, millions of people use them, making them an appealing solution for everyone across Norway.

Nowadays, you can find a dozen options on the market. At the same time, you can choose different variations that will offer you both terrible and beautiful choices depending on your preferences. Further in this article, we wish to explore different aspects you should know about prepaid cards before making up your mind.

  • Financial Control – The best thing about choosing prepaid mobile plans is the ability to control everything you spend. With this option, users can determine the amount they wish to spend every month, which can vary based on their needs and preferences. As a result, you can track the expenses, which will help avoid unnecessary coverages.

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  • Avoid Contracts – Unlike regular postpaid plans, you do not have to sign lengthy contracts and consider monthly installments for the next few years. Instead, you will get additional flexibility, which will help you avoid contracts. As a result, you can switch providers based on your preferences.
  • Avoid Checking Credit Rating – You can rest assured because these plans do not feature credit checks, which makes them highly accessible to a wide array of customers. It is highly beneficial for people who have lousy credit scores, mainly because you do not have to think about credit evaluation and other issues that may happen throughout the process.
  • Cost-Effective – For instance, if you do not use mobile data as much as you should, prepaid plans are the perfect solution for your options because you do not need too many options. You can pay for the amount you need, meaning you will not end up with unused data charges, as with postpaid plans.
  • Avoid Hefty Bills – The worst thing to happen to people with postpaid options is hefty bill shock, a common problem for most people. When you have prepaid data plans, you will have absolute control over your expenses, meaning you do not have to spend an extra cent without a need. Finally, you can rest assured and avoid unpleasant issues with hefty bills.


  • Limited Features – You should remember that prepaid plans offer many data options. As a result, if you are a heavy data user, you can be topping the amount you are spending, which can be a highly inconvenient situation for your needs.
  • Device Subsidies – Prepaid plans will not offer mobile device subsidies, which is common when getting postpaid plans. It means you must buy everything with cash, which can be a significant expense in the short term.
  • Priority – In some situations, postpaid users can receive priority over other users, especially when there is heavy congestion. This problem can lead to slower speeds, especially if you do not purchase premium options.
  • Lack of Features – Prepaid plans lack the additional benefits and features of postpaid plans. You will not get free streaming service or roaming solutions unless you specifically pay for it upfront. We recommend choosing a postpaid plan if the extras are essential for your specific requirements.

The main idea is understanding the pros and cons of perfect prepaid plans. You can do it by analyzing your data usage or billig kontantkort, preference, and budget, which will help you make informed decisions. The main idea is to ensure the best course of action.

Final Word

The main idea is to remember that a prepaid data plan can offer you flexibility and financial control, especially since you will pay for the data service in advance and avoid hefty payments afterward.

These options will eliminate the requirements for creating a contract, which is familiar with the postpaid option, making them accessible to more individuals.

When you get prepaid plans, users will have control over the expenses, preventing potential shocks due to bills. On the other hand, prepaid options lack features, offer fewer extras, and lack device subsidies, but you will still get the flexibility you wanted in the first place.

The main idea is to analyze preferences, data usage, and budget, which is crucial in determining prepaid plans for your situation. As the industry evolves, prepaid data plans can offer you a chance to get cheap solutions for everyone who wants to get flexibility and control regarding data usage.

The main idea is to determine whether a specific prepaid data plan has benefits and downsides. It comes with flexibility, cost control, and no credit checks, while you can avoid contracts, which is essential to remember.

On the other hand, prepaid plans can have rollover limitations, higher cost per gigabyte, limited features, inconvenient top-ups, and a range of options.

Therefore, before you make up your mind, we recommend you check out internet usage patterns, other budget constraints, and specific features you wish to get throughout the process.

Analyzing these factors lets you determine if a specific prepaid option is perfect for your specific requirements. Remember, you should understand the pros and cons to determine whether they will inform you, ensuring you get the best experience possible.

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