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10 Foods Whipped Cream Lovers Will Adore

by Tim

Whipped cream remains a champion of dessert boosters. It’s so delicious that some people enjoy eating whipped cream all on its own. However, it’s best paired with other delicious treats. Here are the ten foods that whipped cream lovers are nearly guaranteed to adore:

1. Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is one of the best comfort foods of all time. The sweet, chocolatey, smooth, and relaxing nature of hot chocolate ensures that anyone who drinks it will have a night to remember. To make hot chocolate truly perfect, however, you need a healthy topping of whipped cream on top. Using quality cream chargers like Exotic Whip, you can easily top your hot chocolate with flavored, pure, and hyper-fresh whipped cream that will evolve your tastebuds.

2. Strawberry Pancake

Pancakes can be made in so many ways. For our money, however, strawberry-topped pancakes may be the pinnacle of the food’s range. Strawberries are well known for pairing well with whipped cream, so mixing all three foods makes a strawberry pancake dreamier than ever. There’s a sweetness to this breakfast treat that tastes good no matter what time of the day it is.

3. Cinnamon Oatmeal

Speaking of breakfast, some people prefer a heartier, less carb-heavy meal. Oatmeal is another breakfast food that can be topped or mixed with just about anything, making it the pizza of breakfast in a way. Cinnamon is one of the most popular flavor boosters for oatmeal, but if you want to add some extra sweetness to the mix, adding a solid portion of quality whipped cream on top is the way to go.

4. Chocolate Mousse

Looking for something a bit fancier? Just saying the word “mousse” feels classy (unless your mind immediately turns to the massive animal, that is). Chocolate mousse is a hyper-flavorful treat that continues to impress dessert lovers around the world. But true mousse-heads will tell you this: no mousse serving is complete without some whipped cream on top. Follow their advice, and you’ll have a mousse experience to remember.

5. Dirt Cake

Dirt cake is much more obscure than the other flavorful foods on this list, but it deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as these other dessert and breakfast classics. Dirt cake takes many of your favorite ingredients, mixes them together, and creates a dry-but-delicious cake experience that will dig its way into your tastebuds’ memories immediately. And no serving of dirt cake is complete without some tasty whipped cream on top.

6. Banana Milkshake

If you want to go as classic as can be (for America, at least), it’s hard to beat a good old-fashioned milkshake. From chocolate to cookies and cream, there are plenty of fantastic flavor profiles to explore when it comes to milkshakes. Banana milkshakes are born to be paired with whipped cream, however. The smooth, delicious, and light flavor profiles all mix together to create something truly special for your tastebuds. The simplicity of milkshakes makes them perfect for dessert and restaurant businesses to give out when they’re looking to boost their brand and community reputation.

7. Breakfast Crepes

Love pancakes but want something a bit lighter and (more) sugary? Then you’ll want to try the miracle that is crepes. These may be hard to pronounce right on the first try, but you’ll be certain to fall in love with the food enough on your first go that you’ll learn the proper pronunciation in no time. Breakfast crepes are known for being topped with whipped cream, so the two treats go together at all times.

8. Fluff Salad

Fluff salad is the most sugar-heavy salad you can imagine. Many people balk at the idea of this being a “salad” at all, but the true definition of what constitutes a salad still fits the fluff salad recipe. But let’s face it, no matter what it’s called, a quality fluff salad will leave a huge impression on you. The fact that whipped cream is nearly guaranteed to be near any serving of fluff salad makes the dessert that much sweeter for whipped cream fans.

9. Chocolate Cupcake

Who doesn’t love a good cupcake? Another dessert that can be made in an endless number of ways, cupcakes are at their most classic (and tasty) when they focus solely on high-quality chocolate. The fact that whipped cream goes perfectly with chocolate makes it a solid substitute for the more classic icing that tops cupcakes. If you really want to go nuts, put both on your chocolate cupcakes!

10. Banana Split

A banana split is the dessert of champions. It’s also a great dessert for sharing (with your family, friends, or a hot date). Whipped cream simply must top a banana split for it to be made in a classic fashion. Once you’ve devoured a banana split, you’ll feel like you’ve truly reached cloud nine.

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