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How to Keep a Vape Cartridge from Clogging

by Tim

A stuck, clogged vape cartridge is a frustration that any vape fan eventually runs into after some time. Naturally, this ruins the experience. A clogged vape cartridge means you can’t puff again, and your fun is over, at least for now. 

Keeping a vape cartridge from clogging involves knowing the proper preparation to prevent it. It also involves knowing what to do if you’re dealing with your first clogged vape device or a vape cartridge that continually clogs.

Moisture and Oil Buildup Is the Most Plausible Cause

Moisture and oil naturally accumulate at the top of the mouthpiece. This is where debris can eventually clog, resulting in a vape cartridge with no output. At first, debris will cut airflow. Eventually, so much will have built up that there is no airflow. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix.

Clean Your Vape Device

To some degree, oil buildup will occur in your vape device. After enough vaping, it will happen, especially if you keep your vape cartridge in your pocket. This is because the temperatures change as you go outside and come back in, and exposure to cold thickens the oil. 

The only true defence against the inevitable is maintaining your vape pen regularly. Make sure you clean the contacts and nozzle area to prevent this buildup. Use a Q-tip or cotton ball to get in there and get things clean, dry, and looking new. 

Pre-Warm Your Cartridge Slightly Before Use

The key to breaking up a clog or preventing clogs is pre-warming your vape cartridge before use. You won’t want to expose your cartridge to extremely hot temperatures. 

That said, some warmth can reduce oil viscosity and help move oil along as it’s vaporized. While inhaling, you can do this by holding the vape battery button for a bit longer, but not for too long. 

Doing this may help heat and loosen the oil if you already have a clog. This will be particularly helpful if your oil is outside in cold weather.

Frequent Back-To-Back Hits Can Cause Vape Clogging

Frequent vape pen use and too many draws can affect cartridge quality. Heated oil can rise into the mouthpiece with longer, stronger draws and cause a clog somewhere along the way. These frequent, long draws can also burn the vape’s coil, damaging your vape in another way. 

The solution is to wait longer between uses and not overdraw. Improper use or overly intense vaping can damage the device.

Take Precautions to Avoid Hardened Vape Oil

An old vape cartridge, especially one that has been around for weeks, may harden around the air holes. The older the oil, the thicker it can be, making it more difficult to vape. 

Avoid all of this by not allowing your cartridge to sit unused for too long. Even if you fix an older cartridge, depending on how old it is, vaping from it may still be an unpleasant experience due to the oil thickness.

Buy Low Viscosity Vape Oil and Avoid High THC Oils

If you vape cannabis oils, you may find high-THC oils thick. This increases clogging chances. Opt for low-THC oils, preferably with a THC level of 80% or less. Furthermore, if you know of a thinner oil, go for it. The lower-viscosity vape oils are less likely to clog.

Do not Leave Your Vape Cartridge in Extreme Heat or Cold

Extreme heat and extreme cold temperatures can dramatically impact your vape cartridge. Storage is a key prevention strategy for vape cartridge clogging. Never keep it in direct sunlight or heat; heat can harden oil after cooling. 

Alternatively, the oil will likely become thick and dense if a cartridge is left cold, causing the same issue. Always store a vape cartridge in a dry place at room temperature.

Store Your Vape Cartridge in an Upright Position

After using your vape cartridge, store it upright. This prevents oil buildup from accumulating at the bottom, thickening, and obstructing airflow. 

If you’re keeping your vape cartridge exposed in your bag or pocket, it could be coming in contact with pocket lint, sand, and all sorts of debris. This could make its way into the mouthpiece and cause issues. Proper storage is the best practice to prevent clogging a vape cartridge.

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