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10 Insider Tips for Getting Cheaper Hotel Prices

by Tim

Your trip budget can take a nosedive if you can’t afford a place to stay. Getting a hotel room could be expensive if you’re not the kind to sleep on shared furniture or in a dorm room. Yes, staying at a hotel or resort does have its advantages, but the price tag could be steep at times.

Even if there are some clever strategies to reserve a hotel room that will keep you within your budget, the price tends to rise as the hotel’s quality rises, and luxury hotels aren’t exactly inexpensive. A hotel reservation need not break the bank. This cost can be minimized using a few simple strategies. If you are looking for cheap hotel options, we have some of the greatest tips for you.

1. Book Early

Book Early

Early booking is a frequent strategy for obtaining inexpensive hotel rooms. Hotel rates change every week, so if you book in advance, you may save a lot of money. Another perk is that it’s easier to cancel and get your money back if you book early. You’ll have plenty of time to whip off your cancellation notice, a few nights before your reservation is supposed to be. You can also check pricing closer to your trip and book at a discounted cost.

2. Choose Prepaid Reservations

Prepaid reservations provide you with the greatest deals at a lot of hotels, particularly those owned by big hotel chains. It has the potential to slash the asking price by $100 each night. The one and only catch is that once you’ve made your reservation, there’s no turning back. The reason is that the majority of these plans do not allow for refunds. But if that’s still too much to bear, you can always use a bank card that comes with trip protection and travel insurance to refund your money in the event of an emergency.

3. Split Your Stay with Multiple Bookings

At times, a four-day, four-night stay at one hotel may cost more than it seems. If that occurs, you can combine your bookings across dates. Because you are transferring reservations, the hotel will probably just assign you a new room and provide you with a new key at the front desk. Try splitting the stay in a couple of hotels to lower the cost. You have the option to switch to a different hotel with the same or lower rates if the original one is booked up for later dates due to an event. This trick is used by many travellers and bloggers to book affordable hotels.

4. Sign up for the Hotel Rewards Program

This suggestion is useful for regular travellers and tourism professionals. Most luxury hotels have loyalty programs that provide customers with points for bookings. Every point has a value that is deducted when used. Earning points is easy and convenient, and it’s not limited to making bookings; it also works with the hotel’s credit card, amenities, affiliate programs, and business partners. portals, etc. Whether it’s a large chain like Radisson, Hilton, or Marriott, or even a smaller, independently owned hotel in their network, all of the big companies provide members with exclusive deals. For any trip you plan, you must check out loyalty programs.

5. Book as a Combo

When you combine your airline tickets with hotel reservations, some booking platforms will give you additional discounts. For instance, if you purchase return tickets from London, you may spend three nights at a four-star hotel there. Assuming you choose twin sharing, you could get the whole package for less than $300 per person.

6. Choose New Hotels

Choose New Hotels

Every new business works hard to get new customers and build relationships with them that last. They do this by giving new customers generous discounts or by giving supporters who return after their first visit more points. If you search Google for “New Hotels in your destination,” you’ll see a list of all the new hotels that are opened in that area. Try searching for recently purchased hotels by large companies like Hilton, Four Seasons, or Marriott. You can discover affordable pricing for initial reservations at these places, and you won’t have to worry about being uncomfortable with a new brand.

7. Give Last-Minute Bookings a Shot

Use last-minute booking offers on travel platforms if you’re the kind of traveller who regularly has to plan trips on the fly or if you like to go on short notice. For last-minute reservations, a number of travel agencies, websites, hotels, and airlines provide incredible discounts. You can locate great last-minute prices on plane tickets and hotel rooms on several websites online.

8. Keep Checking for Offers

To stay up to date on any promotions that your favourite hotel chains or resorts may be offering, you can always sign up for their newsletters. The majority of hotels create promotional discounts and packages in an effort to increase reservations since they prefer to keep their patrons interested and connected with what they have to offer. Therefore, to take advantage of the most recent deals, make sure you occasionally read the promotional emails.

9. Make Direct Contact with the Hotel

It’s always possible to make a reservation by calling the hotel directly if you have any preferences. Deals may sometimes be better when dealing directly with hotel workers since they are more aware of pricing that isn’t posted online. Hotel prices often increase over the holidays, during conferences, and during events. If you get in contact with the staff directly, they will be able to provide you with information about their current prices and help you search for accommodations that are located far away from the event location.

10. Take Off-season Trips

One of the easiest methods to save on lodging is to go during the off-season. Travel during the off-season if you have your heart set on staying at a certain hotel but are worried about breaking the bank. Going when they aren’t expecting a lot of customers can offer you a lot of discounts and perks as well.

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