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Is it a Good Idea to Wear Sunglasses in My Online Dating Profile Picture?

by Tim

If you’re in the process of setting up a new online dating profile or are optimizing an existing one, then you may be wondering about the pros and cons of wearing your favorite pair of sunglasses in your main dating profile pic. After all, you love your shades, and they look super cool, right? Sorry to say, you may need to think again…

Maybe Think Again about the Sunglasses

According to Tinder, those who are wearing sunglasses in their dating profile picture decrease their chance of a right-swipe by about 15% – so it really does make a difference.

And this research is backed up by that conducted by other major dating platforms, too: Zoosk discovered that shades-wearing members received around 63% fewer messages than their bare-eyed counterparts, and Hinge found that profiles featuring people wearing sunglasses typically performed much more poorly than those of people without.

And when Elite surveyed its members, 19% responded that wearing sunglasses in a dating profile pic is a definite no-go – meaning that wearing them could automatically turn off nearly a fifth of potential dates.

Why Does Wearing Sunglasses on Your Dating Profile Make Such a Difference

The reason is simple; potential partners want to see the eyes of those they’re considering matching with. It’s not just because this can impact how attractive we find a person (although this plays into it) but is because, as humans, eye contact is extremely important in our social interactions – and it can play a crucial role in how we find a mate – or romance if you’d rather.

Eye contact is central to the human experience. A study conducted by MIT in 2002 revealed that even babies are far more likely to attempt to follow an adult’s eyes rather than their head movements. From an early age, we look at someone’s eyes as part of judging their character, assessing their intentions, and analyzing how they feel about us.

All of which is to say that wearing sunglasses in your dating profile pic is not the best move when it comes to increasing the chances of meeting your perfect partner.

But What if I Wear Prescription Sunglasses?

If you wear prescription sunglasses, no worries – it’s the blocking of the eyes that’s the potential issue, not the glasses themselves. In fact, wearing specs can give a great impression, typically denoting intelligence and professionalism.

So simply wear your usual, clear-lensed glasses in your main dating profile picture – and don’t forget to look straight at the camera. Profile photos that feature members giving the camera lens a straight-on gaze tend to do better than others, where the person may appear side-on or be looking away from the camera.

But What if I Really Want to Wear Shades in My Dating Profile Pic?

OK, so if your shades are a super important part of your style, there is a workaround to incorporate sunglasses into your dating profile picture without compromising on the amount of swipe rights you get – hopefully.

As it’s all about not hiding your eyes, opt for sunglasses that feature an extremely light tint in whatever color works for you – the idea is to allow the viewer to still fully see your expression. This is a tactic deployed by Baz Luhrman in the recent Elvis Presley biopic.

Luhrman knew that The King needed to be portrayed wearing his signature shades, but also inherently understood the importance of the audience being able to see Austin Butler’s (the actor who played Presley) eyes. To this end, the movie’s costume designers crafted a pair of authentic-looking chunky sunglasses frames and had them fitted with extra-light tinted lenses to get the best of both worlds.

Wearing Sunglasses in Your Dating Profile Pic: The Takeaway

If you’re keen to do as much as possible to optimize your online dating profile and meet some great matches, then choosing not to wear sunglasses in this image is one of the most important steps you can take. Potential dates want to be able to see your whole face and, most importantly, your eyes, so removing this ability can have a serious impact on the success of your profile.

If you really love your shades and view them as an important part of your style, then why not feature a photo of you wearing your favorite pair on one of the other pics in your dating profile rather than in the main one? Alternatively, choose sunglasses with tinted lenses that are light enough to allow other members to gaze into your eyes and – hopefully – swipe right as a result.

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