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Top 5 Axe Throwing Games to Spice Up Your Night

by Tim

We all love parties and fun company. But how to spend time so that the vacation will be remembered for a long time? We offer to go beyond the standard karaoke and boring contests.

Throwing axe – one of the most unconventional varieties of outdoor activities. It originated as a pastime of lumberjacks, and today it has become a popular type of game all over the world.

Such medieval entertainment you and your friends will definitely appreciate. Convinced that it is not easy? Everything is much easier than it seems at first glance.

Depending on your preferences, it can become a wonderful hobby, a great leisure activity, or maybe even a profession.

Games for a Good Time

There are many ways to diversify the evening in the company of friends. One of them is to organize game competitions. We have selected 5 interesting and exciting games that 100% will appeal to everyone.

League Style

Throwing is one of the oldest sports. The skill to hit a bullseye in the distant past was equated with the ability to survive.

Throwing develops coordination, trains the ability to properly distribute effort, and develops the basic muscle groups, requires concentration and is wonderfully relaxing.

This sport has become popular and even has professional leagues and tournaments.

If you are looking for an emotional release or want to try something new for yourself, then you should come to us at hatchet throwing. It’s an activity that gets your heart rate up!

Tic Tac Toe

Start simple: learn throwing techniques. Our experienced instructors will help you understand the technique and explain the rules of throwing, and after a few successful hits you will move on to the best part of the program – play, earning points.

In front of you is a target with a field of X’s and O’s. Instead of X and O in this game, use two different sets of axes, taking turns throwing them into the cells. The one who first hits three times vertically, horizontally or diagonally will succeed.

This is a fun game for you and your friends!

First To 21

Attach a deck of cards to the target, placing them in random order. Each card knocked out belongs to the person who knocked it out. After everyone has exhausted their attempts, tally the points. There are bonuses for each identical pair: the one with the most points wins.

This tournament is suitable for adults and older children who know what makes a good combination in poker. Again, attach the cards to the target and take turns shooting at them. Cards that have already been hit cannot be thrown at.

After five rounds, each player collects their poker hand. The one with the best combination wins.

Your family and friends can hone their skills in several other types of games: random toss, challenge, and highest score. Each one is different, but all of them are a lot of fun. Especially when you try it a few times, the first time you hit the target, then you definitely won’t want to stop.

Bucket List

You may be familiar with the expression Bucket List – a list of everything you want to accomplish in a lifetime. This checklist, unlike our lists for the day or week, reminds us of what’s really important:

  • go skydiving;
  • climb a mountain;
  • surprise someone;
  • hit the ring with an axe.

This is not only an interesting entertainment, but also a psychological unloading, which really takes your breath away and gives incredible impressions.

Throwing develops marksmanship, accuracy of movements, if you learn the basics and practice – you can hit the point! Great for a date, team building or just to spend an unusual evening.

Whether you hit the bullseye or put together the right combination, axe games offer a diverse set of experiences that showcase the versatility and fervor of wielding this iconic tool. So, grab it and aim!

Magic Number

In our lives a special place is occupied by numbers, the magic of which since ancient times does not give us rest. Many people are interested in the origin and influence on people.

According to Chinese philosophy, by manipulating numbers, you can achieve stunning success in activities of all kinds. Thus, by hitting the right target, you put together a lucky combination of numbers for yourself.

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