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5 Ways to Get Smooth and Straight Hair

by Tim

If you struggle with kinky or curly hair, you might be wondering how you get it smooth and straight at home. The last thing you want to do is use a straightening treatment that contains harsh chemicals. This not only damages your hair, but it could also cause it to fall out. You will end up spending more money on restoring that damage.

Achieving straight hair is not always easy to do, especially since it is lengthy and costly. You do not have to invest in salon prices to achieve this look. This blog post will show you five ways to get smooth and straight hair with the right tools and tips. You will walk out the door with straight hair that lasts all day, no matter what the weather is outside.

1. Use a Fine Tooth Comb

Since straightening is a lengthy process, it has to be done in small sections. Use a fine tooth comb to separate your hair when you are using a blow dryer or flat iron. This helps prepare your hair to effectively straighten. This prevents you from pulling at your hair with a round brush or running a flat iron over your hair several times. It also detangles any knots or kinks before styling.

2. Invest in a Hair Straightener Brush

Hair straightener brushes are a better alternative to blow dryers and flat irons. It cuts your styling time in half and reduces the risk of damage to your hair. A hair straightener brush is gentle enough to use on all hair types. It also evenly heats your hair so you do not have to bother with separating it into sections.

3. Avoid Oil-Based Products

Some swear by oil-based products, but they can cause further damage to your hair. Instead, use a thermal protectant before straightening your hair. Treat your hair with the right anti-heat and frizz-free products and heating tools. This replaces the need for oil-based treatments that burn your hair.

4. Maintain Your Locks

Make sure that your hair stays in sleek and smooth condition. Regularly using straightening tools can damage your hair if you use them the wrong way. Follow the directions and use the right styling tools.

This keeps your hair healthy before, during, and after the styling process. You want to have a blank canvas to work with. Wrapping your hair at night and protecting it from the sun can also maintain your style.

5. Consistent Styling

Rather than rushing through the job, take your time. You want to do so with a consistent style. This means slowly running along the roots to the ends of your hair. This can help you get that salon blowout you want. It will become easier as you make it part of your styling routine.


These tips can help you achieve your dream hairstyle. You want to make sure that your hair is in healthy condition before straightening it. Also, you should use the right styling products and tools.

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