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What Can Be a Healthy Alternative Activity to Doing Drugs?

by Tim

Drug addiction comes in many forms, and some people develop a dependence after receiving medical care.

Prescription drugs are often abused, and they’re also one of the hardest to quit. Getting help and going to rehab can be effective, but you’ll need to consider your future. Hobbies are great for long-term recovery, they help pass the time and keep the mind busy.

Look below to find out what can be a healthy alternative activity to doing drugs!

Collecting Rocks

Drug abuse often develops when people are experiencing pain and want to find relief.

Whether you’re dealing with mental or physical pain, collecting rocks could be a great hobby to help control drug use. While you’re out exploring beautiful areas and coastlines, you’ll get a dose of vitamin D from the sun and ground yourself with nature.

Physical connection with the Earth is required for proper grounding. When you feel the sand, dirt, and stones, you’ll help address health issues and reduce inflammation.

This activity is soothing since there’s no pressure and you can look for whatever draws your attention. There’s no wrong way of doing this activity, but your mind will be distracted by the environment, making it easier to curb cravings.

Getting on Your Feet

Hiking, walking, and running are some of the most effective hobbies to help people overcome drug addiction.

Runners can experience a “high” that’s satisfying and helps replace connections in the mind and body. Instead of using drugs, you can get a rush of adrenaline. Some studies also indicate that running and getting active can lengthen a person’s lifespan and speed up the recovery process.

If endurance and speed aren’t what you’re after, walking and hiking make better choices. Walking will help strengthen the heart, build muscle, and won’t be overwhelming. You can get a slow start while you recover and adjust to a new lifestyle.

Hiking is a great hobby for overcoming drug abuse since it incorporates nature. Not only will you walk past the most beautiful flowers, plants, and wildlife, but you’ll be motivated by the journey ahead.

Expressing Your Emotions

Whether you prefer to say it aloud, write it down, or create art, you must release your emotions.

Drug abuse involves a physical dependency, but it’s easier to break when you’re mentally strong. Letting out your thoughts and feelings, in a unique way, can help you heal. You don’t have to be amazing at crafting words or drawing, so don’t judge based on appearance.

Therapy is a great way to release emotions and process memories. With help from a therapist, you’ll learn coping strategies and find the root cause of your addictions. If you need more help communicating with a partner, consider treatment for couples.

Cooking or Baking

Food is often a major comfort for people trying to overcome drug addiction.

Instead of spending all your money at restaurants or on junk food, you should consider cooking. Cooking and baking make excellent new hobbies since there’s variation and control. In the kitchen, you can look past the pain and discomfort by focusing on the flavors in the pot.

Since your food impacts your health, try to avoid cooking with certain ingredients. A plant-based, vegan, or Mediterranean diet, is recommended. These diets help repair the body with vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants.

Without fresh ingredients, your body can’t repair itself, or it takes much longer to recover. Put on a few cooking shows, pull down your cookbooks, or find family inspiration to get started!


Deep breathing, yoga, and other forms of meditation can help you overcome weak moments.

If you can connect with a source and clear the mind without judgment, drugs become meaningless. In the grand scheme of things, you will discover how meaningless these moments away from life can be. Instead of living in the moment, which is fulfilling, drugs pull you into the past (or sometimes another reality).

True meditation takes time to develop restraint and control of the mind. Since this is a never-ending battle, you must be willing to change your lifestyle. Not only does meditating help with drug addiction, but it can improve your life in other ways.

Managing stress and overcoming fear is much more approachable when you can change your perspective. You can find the strength within yourself if you calm down and Truly listen.


Many people start relying on drugs and avoid being sober to escape their realities.

Reading is a great way to take the mind somewhere new, and you will learn things along the way. Take the time to think about what genres you enjoy the most. If you find a good series, the books should be difficult to step away from.

This is a perfect activity since it can be free. Libraries, books, and ebooks make reading easier than ever and you won’t feel limited by the options. Reading helps pass the time and takes your mind off of cravings so recovery is easier.


Plants are one of the best resources for oxygen and life lessons.

Watching a seedling go from a sprout to a plant, ready for harvesting, can be a magical experience. Humans develop much like plants, their basic needs must be met and their environment will impact their growth. You can find inspiration in the garden while keeping your hands and mind busy.

Gardening is calming and helps you ground yourself to the Earth. Touching the dirt and caring for plants can raise your vibration and give you the strength to overcome drug temptations.

What Can Be a Healthy Alternative Activity to Doing Drugs for You?

Putting the past behind becomes possible when you have something to look forward to.

Discovering what can be a healthy alternative activity to doing drugs may take time. If you attempt a new hobby and don’t find relief, don’t be afraid to move on or keep trying. Follow your instincts and look for something that gives you a sense of purpose and helps express emotions.

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