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Who are the Six Most Followed People on Instagram in 2024?

by Tim

Increasing your Instagram following this year means looking at the pros and figuring out what they do that makes them so popular. We’ve looked at some of the most prominent Instagram accounts in 2024 and found several common denominators that distinguish them from other accounts that are still struggling along. Here are the most followed people on Instagram in 2024.

Christiano Ronaldo: 628+ Million Followers

Football player Christiano Ronaldo is a living legend that tops the Instagram people list at a whopping 624 million followers. His images showcase his football highlights, post-goal celebrations, and workout routines. There are also some pictures of his home life with his partner, Georgina Rodriquez.

Ronaldo’s photos are taken by professional photographers who have captured his live-action moments on the football field in a special way.  His other images showcase him as a relatable partner and father of four children. In fact, relatability is probably one of the main reasons he’s so popular among men and women on Instagram.

Lionel Messi: 502+ Million Followers

Leo Messi has shot up to stardom with his intelligent football skills and strategic play. He uses his Instagram account to promote his upcoming football events, as well as to promote the products of his sponsors.

His photos include him in the middle of tense football action and active social life. If you want to create a video montage of his available images, why not grab some royalty free Latin music and download some of those party pics?

Selena Gomez: 429+ Million Followers

From what she wears to what she eats, Selena Gomez has over 429 million people interested in this beauty from Texas. Makeup pics and magazine covers make up a lot of Selena’s profile, with some of her modeling images also included.

In addition to these, Selena has given her fans some amateur selfies and photos of her social interactions throughout the week. With almost 2000 posts in total, Selena remains one of the most famous Instagram personalities out there.

Kylie Jenner: 400+ Million Followers

People across the world want to know as much about Kylie Jenner as they can. She’s one of the most Googled people in the world and has over 400 million Instagram followers waiting for new pics to be posted.

Since Kylie Jenner started her cosmetics line, she has used her Instagram influence to showcase new products like the Kylie Jenner KKW Fragrance and others.

Jenner’s success as a public figure has a lot to do with how she focuses on what she’s good at, which is looking great in front of the camera. She also shares new and trendy things on the platform on a regular basis, keeping her fans perpetually enticed. 7000 posts takes some work, showing that Jenner is deliberate in her approach to Instagram.

Dwayne Johnson: 397+ Million Followers

Not only does Dwayne Johnson have a prominent acting career, but he’s still involved in the world of wrestling more than people realize. Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson posts videos of his wrestling antics from the world of WWE, and also photos of himself posing for promotions.

His involvement in the UFL is also a keen interest among millions of people across the world, showcasing Johnson’s finger in a number of pies. Whether you follow Dwayne Johnson for his acting, wrestling, or inspirational quotes, it’s no secret why he’s got the fifth most popular people page on Instagram.

Ariana Grande: 380+ Million Followers

Singer Ariana Grande is a pro at keeping her Instagram followers excited about what she’s up to. Not only does she look great in photos, but she’s an icon to many aspiring models, singers, and Instagrammers. Her Instagram strategy is deliberate, always teasing her fans with titbits of things to come.

Grande also has a cosmetics line that gets promoted on Instagram, while she models fantastic pictures on a regular basis to showcase her extensive wardrobe. Her other posts include photos and videos that focus mainly on who she is as a singer and model.

Still, she’s considered to be one of the most relatable public figures in the US due to how she connects with her audience through photography.

Final Thoughts

Which of these Instagram superstars do you follow, and why? Instagram is a platform that encourages inspiration in those who follow people for their fame, opinions, or style.

Whether it’s a young football player looking up to a soccer legend or an aspiring singer who wants to reach a level of fame like Ariana Grande, there’s something… or rather, ‘someone’ on Instagram for everyone.

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