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World of Warcraft Dragonflight Best Healer Classes for Beginners in Mythic

World of Warcraft Dragonflight: Best Healer Classes for Beginners in Mythic+

by Tim

Healers play a crucial role in World of Warcraft. These are the guys responsible for the life and health of the entire group. Your guild will hardly succeed if your healers fail. In the Dragonflight expansion, healers can be priests, evokers, shamans, paladins, monks, and druids.

They are still important, and this is especially true in Mythic+ dungeons and raids. But what class will be the simplest and most effective for beginners who have just started playing as healers and immediately want to farm M+ dungeons? Let’s figure out that together.

One of the best options is to order the WoW Mythic carry service, where experienced boosters will help you learn how to play as any healer. They will also help you choose the class that is currently in the meta and easy to manage. Another way is to test each class yourself.

In any case, if you are new to the game in general or have just started playing the Dragonflight expansion, we recommend reading our guide. In this post, we have compared the simplicity and effectiveness of each class and compiled a list, ranking them from the easiest to the most difficult based on our subjective views and experience.

Restoration Druid

Restoration Druids are still one of the best Mythic Plus heals, and this is true for both new players and experienced ones. Restoration Druids have great movement, usefulness, and survivability.

Using HoTs on your teammates before taking damage can help keep their health bars from dropping too quickly. Strong cooldowns like Flourish and Tranquility are good. When you need to get out of a tight spot, Mark of the Wild is back to help the whole group.

In Mythic Plus, a healer’s damage and usefulness are very important. The Restoration Druid is a great choice for any group because they can switch to Cat Form for good damage and have strong crowd control moves like Ursol’s Vortex.

Restoration Druid is one of the simplest healing classes for beginners due to its reliance on straightforward heal-over-time abilities like Rejuvenation and Lifebloom that allow for proactive healing without complex rotations.

Restoration Shaman

For Mythic+, Restoration Shaman works pretty well because it has a nice mix made up of good utility and the best interrupt in the game. Resto is one of the only heals with unique cooldowns like Spirit Link Totem. But their main skill is AoE group healing. They can heal one target with spells like Riptide, but it’s not as easy or successful as it is for other classes.

Restoration Shaman is considered one of the simplest classes for beginners due to its straightforward utility and strong AoE healing capabilities, making it easier to manage group health effectively.

Preservation Evoker

Preservation Evokers have a lot of useful tools and are the best choice for Mythic+ content right now. Their heals mostly come in short, strong bursts, and there are a few quick ways to beat the group. Stasis is a great skill that works best when you plan.

As an Evoker, you can save up strong burst heals for when you need them, which is something that not many other healers can do. Evoker might not be as easy to learn as Resto Druid, and the shorter range of your spells might cause you some trouble.

But if you play right, the Evoker’s healing is currently unmatched. When you add in how well they move, survive, and use items, it’s easy to see why they are currently the best in Mythic+ content.

Holy Paladin

It’s not quite the same for Holy Paladins as it used to be. They miss the days when they were the best healers in Shadowlands. Even so, they still have a lot of useful tools and are great at tanking and healing certain areas.

If you have more than one immunity, you won’t get caught, but being unable to move around much may make your life harder than it needs to be. Where Holy falls short is in its AoE healing.

You can burst to heal enough, but long AoE heals on a party that isn’t stacked can be annoying. The Holy healer isn’t as useful as other healers because they can’t handle large groups of people as well, so they rely more on the other players in the group than the S-Tier healers.

Holy Paladins have a complex resource system involving Holy Power generation and spending. Beginners need to learn how to effectively generate Holy Power through abilities like Holy Shock and Judgment, while also optimizing when to spend it on Light of Dawn or Word of Glory.

Holy Priest

Holy Priest doesn’t perform well in Mythic Plus; he is often considered inferior to Discipline Priest. Holy has never been known for their spot healing, but they have been a monster at AoE output at times. However, pushing a high key doesn’t always require this, and Holy has trouble keeping up because they do little damage and don’t have many defense options.

Holy Priest is not the best choice for beginners as it is one of the classes that drains mana very quickly. Another disadvantage is that this class has low mobility and almost all the main healing abilities are cast while standing still.

Mistweaver Monk

What a strange class the Mistweaver Monk is! They are tuned well right now and can do some great healing. They do need a lot of mana, though, and the group may be weak if they have to deal with a mechanic because they don’t have any quick heals.

Mistweaver has the tools to be a tier higher thanks to their defense and speed, but it’s hard to see why you should choose them over one of the top picks.

While healing, Mistweaver can deal damage. This is a powerful ability, but the top specs might need to be nerfed for her to move up in the ranks. Mistweaver Monk is versatile but requires good mana management and positioning.

Discipline Priest

Discipline is one of the hardest healers to get good at. Their high-risk, high-reward style of play can sometimes get them into trouble in Mythic Plus, where they need to be able to damage a target to use their best heals.

Shadow Mend spam can be useful, but Discipline really shines when they have time to set up their ramp, which isn’t always possible in Mythic Plus because of how fast-paced it is.

There may be problems in higher keys if you can’t move around easily or defend well, but a skilled Disc player can always do great things. Discipline Priest has a steep learning curve but is rewarding for those who master it.


Selecting the right healer class in Dragonflight depends on your playstyle and experience. Whether you choose to learn through a boost service or by experimenting with different classes, our guide offers a helpful starting point.

Each class has its unique strengths and learning curves, ensuring that every player can find a healer that suits their needs in World of Warcraft.

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