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Essential Apps College Students Need for Remote Learning

Essential Apps College Students Need for Remote Learning

by Tim

When COVID-19 started, many people did not think the transition to remote learning would last years after the pandemic ended. Remote learning was seen as a strategy to help learners continue with their education at a time when social distance was a priority. It has numerous advantages, and many institutions and students now prefer remote learning.

Nonetheless, one needs to be tech-savvy to have a smooth remote learning experience – having internet knowledge and skills to use digital devices ensures you can take advantage of various remote learning resources. One of the key resources that should be exploited is applications that support distant learning. Here is a compilation of essential apps that a collegian needs when learning remotely.

My Study Life

When you attend classes physically, you will enjoy the companionship of your classmates, who will always remind you of where your lecture halls are and what time the lectures start, among other important reminders.

Remote learning does not have the same companionship. You will need proper organization to ensure you attend classes and keep up with timetables. My Study Life is an application that will assist you in remaining organized, especially if you struggle with planning.

The app is a virtual planner that allows you to input information on exam dates, assignments due, and other aspects. After inputting the information, it is saved on the cloud, allowing you to access it across all your devices.

This app will help you prioritize tasks such as writing assignments, helping you avoid last-minute rushes that result in low-quality work or panic that will force you to delegate the paper to writers like those found at https://researchpaperwriter.net/.

Google Drive

When transitioning to remote learning, you will have a lot of study materials sent to you, and Google Drive will help you manage all the documents. Its robust sharing capabilities will allow you to easily share files with your classmates.

Secondly, it can help you sort your files based on when they were added or how often you have accessed them. This feature is important in helping you easily get access to the files that you often use, reducing the time you would waste searching through tons of documents.


Flipfid enables instructors and their students to record and share short online videos. A teacher can create an account on the platform and share the code with students to allow them to join. After students join the platform, teachers can create short video clips that the students will respond to similarly.

Many adjustments can be made to the settings to allow only the teacher to view the student’s responses or even to allow other students to respond to their peer’s responses. Thus, it’s best to have this app ready on your device, as you might need it at any time.

Google Forms

If you have to collect the views and experiences of different stakeholder groups in your remote learning, Google Forms is a must-have application. The application allows you to collect the views of people without having to take the time to interact with them face-to-face and is an integral tool for research.

Therefore, if your coursework entails doing a thesis or a dissertation, this tool will come in handy for collecting data from participants of your study.


There is no better way to gauge your understanding of course concepts than through quizzes, and Quizlet is the right app for that. This app allows you to take quizzes on topics learned, and it can be used as an alternative to flashcards. It is a perfect app to use when revising for exams.

The app also has a library of quizzes that were already established prior in different subjects, and you can use them to test your knowledge and understanding of different concepts.

Canvas Student

The application is a good study tool that allows students to access various available courses, take part in discussions, and answer quizzes. Beyond learning, the application will allow you to access your grades promptly and inform you about your academic performance. Besides, it has a to-do list calendar that you can use to plan and organize the tasks you want to complete.

Therefore, it is a versatile tool as it will help you achieve the right balance between remote learning and other aspects of your life, such as work. So, if you struggle with managing time, this is an app that you shouldn’t miss in your remote learning toolkit.


The application has many features that improve a person’s video conferencing experience and is ideal when you want to have group discussions with your classmates. The first feature of the app is scheduling a meeting.

If you want to hold a meeting or a group discussion with classmates, you can plan a meeting and share the Zoom link with them. The app offers HD content, which allows each party to see each other while communicating.

Zoom is also loaded with participant engagement features that can improve the learning experience; the first is conducting quizzes in meetings. At the end of your discussions, you can create a quiz and do it together, sharing your insights and arriving at the most plausible solution. The second feature is the option of chatting during Zoom meetings.

This feature keeps meetings lively and ensures that people can ask and get feedback about their inquiries promptly. Thus, it helps participants get the most out of the online meeting and minimizes instances where one has to make follow-ups after meetings to get clarification on matters they didn’t understand well during the discussion.

Closing Remarks

Remote learning is being adopted more by many institutions, and if you have the opportunity to enroll in a remote class, take it. Many applications can help you have a seamless remote learning experience, and the ones discussed above are some of the must-haves.

They will allow you to collaborate with others, plan your schedule to ensure you do not miss out on deadlines, and improve your academic performance.

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