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Essential Apps for Busy College Students

9 Essential Apps for Busy College Students

by Tim

If you are a busy collegian or planning to join college while juggling other responsibilities, there are applications that you need to help you stay organized and productive. These applications help with many undertakings, from planning your routine to researching when completing projects. Let us take a look at some of the essential apps a busy collegian needs.


Losing your notes and other academic documents can set you back in your studies, and Dropbox comes in handy to avoid such scenarios. Dropbox allows you to upload different files to the cloud and access them whenever you want to review them. The files are easy to access, and you only need an active internet connection to access them.

Thus, you can complete your assignments on the go instead of postponing them and getting pressured by the deadline. The deadline pressure will hinder you from doing the paper well or make you pay for essay to turn the paper in on time.

My SudyLife

If you often struggle to complete your tasks on time, you need a planner to help you manage your time, and My SudyLife is perfect for that. The application is an improvement of the traditional task planners that were significantly rigid. It is a flexible planner that acknowledges that people have different schedules every day.

It has a rotating schedule feature that allows you to create a different schedule for each day. In addition to creating a schedule, you will also be able to get reminders on your upcoming classes and assignments that you need to submit. You can even include activities that are unrelated to your studies, and thus, you’ll be able to be productive in all aspects of your life.


Citations can be challenging for students, and you might find yourself taking a lot of time reviewing guidelines for different citation styles before adding your citation. EasyBib is an application that can help you easily add citations to your work.

When using the application, take your phone and scan the barcode of the book you want to cite. The application will generate the citation based on your preferred citation style. If you are using an online source, there is a search tool on the application that you can use to create your citation.


If you are juggling school with other demanding responsibilities, you can find yourself getting caught up with mental health issues. Academic stressors and a lack of support systems increase the chances of poor mental health, and this is where Talkspace comes in.

It is usually easy to walk into a pharmacy to find a medication for a migraine, but the same is not the case for mental health issues. Talkspace bridges this gap by putting licensed therapists at your fingertips. You will be able to reach out to therapists discreetly anytime you desire.


Typos and grammatical mistakes are always common in students’ works, especially those done in a rush. Grammatical errors can make a quality essay with relevant points become basic, and you will get a low grade after all the effort you have put into your work. Grammarly is an app that will save you from these errors.

The app notifies you of any punctuation and spelling errors. If you subscribe to the premium version, it will guide you in building sentences with clearer and more accurate vocabulary, improving the quality of your work. Thus, you’ll save time editing and proofreading your papers.


The application assists in creating easy and organized notes. It has many features, and the first is typing notes into the app using your keyboard. The second is taking pictures and audio. After taking them, the application organizes them into tidy files. The app syncs files across all your devices, allowing you to easily access them wherever and whenever you need them.

An advantage you will enjoy when you use this app is the ability to add multiple types of files in the same note. You can type notes while recording a lecture and use this app to organize the two into the same note.


The app is an invaluable resource for finding relevant articles. It enables you to view the most popular articles in whichever field you are researching. It has many filters you can customize based on your preference.

You can also set the time frame of the articles that you want to be displayed. This app will help you get access to reputable articles on any subject you desire promptly, thus saving you time that you would have spent in the library searching for sources to use for your papers.


If you have a busy schedule but desire to learn a new language, Duolingo is the app for you. The app has grammar and vocabulary lessons that will help you learn any of the major languages of the world. Most of the content from the app is free, and you will also receive speaking exercises.

With the app, you can become an expert in a language without having to spend time and resources to enroll in a language class.


The application helps collegians stay focused as they continue their studies. It rewards you when you put down your phone and stay focused till the end of your study session. For every session you complete successfully, the application plants a virtual tree, and you can complete as many sessions as you desire to see how your forest coverage increases.

The application assists you in maintaining your focus when studying, and this will boost the productivity of your study sessions.

Closing Remarks

It is normal for college students to be busy, and knowing the right applications to help complete tasks faster can assist in meeting deadlines and producing quality work. There exist apps that can help you create a schedule to ensure you do not miss class or an assignment deadline.

Some applications will help you generate citations in the format you desire, enabling you to complete assignments faster. Other applications help you remain focused and eradicate distractions, enabling you to be more productive and thus use your limited time well.

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