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Five Industries in Which Artificial Intelligence Has Been a Game Changer

by Tim

The tech world never sleeps, and one of the innovations that has been making lots of headlines in the last few years has been artificial intelligence (AI). This field combines datasets and computer science to facilitate problem solving. AI allows computers or computer-controlled robots to carry out tasks that would otherwise be performed by human beings because they require reason or discernment.

Big AI developments include the creation of virtual agents, also known as “chatbots,” which are designed to talk to human beings and interact with them. AI-assisted creativity, which has brought about innovations such as music composition by AI and the ability of AI to mimic the creative styles of other artists, is another exciting development to have attracted attention. Below is a look at five different industries AI has influenced and how it might influence them in the future.

Health care

AI is having a huge impact on health care and is supporting many aspects of the industry. Robot-assisted surgeries and the safeguarding of private records are two examples. Another is the use of AI to diagnose pathologies. Pathologists can use AI-powered systems to observe tissue samples and diagnose pathologies more accurately and more precisely.  

In the future, the health care industry may see more predictive analytics to support doctors. The industry is also witnessing the development of chatbots to help doctors collect information about patients. AI may also support scans through image recognition.

Online casino

Ever keen to stay up to date with technological trends, online casino operators are also making the most of AI. They’re using AI-driven algorithms to analyse their customers’ data and understand them better. This enables a range of casino gaming brands to target their offers and promotions more suitably to customers, and to identify high value customers who are likely to take the operator up on certain promotions.

This isn’t the only use of AI in the online casino industry, however. Operators are utilising AI to help them detect suspicious activity and reduce and protect themselves against fraud. Money laundering is one example of this kind of shady activity.

In the future, AI is likely to reduce manual processes in the casino industry but create more jobs. The industry will start to require more data scientists, data engineers and technicians, and more analysis.


Real-time reporting, accuracy and processing of large volumes of data are all major driving factors in the world of finance, which makes AI perfect for implementation in the financial world. The sector has understood this and is harnessing AI in the form of algorithmic trading, machine learning, chatbots and automation in financial processes.

In the world of banking, AI is likely to help the sector decrease paperwork and documentation and automate these processes. Banks are also already using AI to help themselves understand their customers better. They may also use this to detect whether a customer is likely to default on loan payments.

Transportation and travel

Use of AI in this industry is a major trend and is making it easier for the end users to travel around. Examples of AI implementation in the industry including the creation of suitable routes for drivers and remote booking of travel arrangements.

One thing you might not be aware of is that Google Maps uses AI technology more than you realize. That’s because not only does it find efficient routes for the user, but it also updates them on traffic conditions in real time. It does this by collecting information from users who are sharing their geographical location on the app.

The world of transportation is already seeing the arrival of self-driving vehicles. In logistics, self-driving trucks could become more common, which could lead to more efficient deliveries and lower costs for the companies. As this technology advances, supervisors will be necessary to monitor the AI.


AI has also been a major presence in the world of ecommerce. Companies are personalizing the customer experience by using AI algorithms to recommend products based on their browsing history. They’ve also been using it to attend to their customers’ queries in the form of chatbots and virtual assistants. Amazon is one of the most well known companies to have harnessed the power of AI.

AI isn’t all just about helping the company to serve customers, however. Ecommerce businesses are using it as a tool to protect themselves. They use it to detect credit card fraud and fake reviews.

In the future, the ecommerce industry is likely to use AI to personalize the customer experience even further and to protect itself from online security threats. Businesses in the industry may also make use of it to automate some of their marketing, create some of their online content and increase their conversion rates.

AI has got everyone talking and has been a game changer in several industries. Other industries that have also been harnessing the power of AI include the digital marketing industry, the creative industry and the education sector.

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