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8 Hidden Features in Photoshop You Should Know

by Tim

Photoshop, an industry-standard tool, has various features that enable individuals to turn their ideas into realities.

Anyone with a graphic design certification likely understands its comprehensive list of capabilities. However, it is easy to overlook some lesser-known, hidden features that can transform how we use this powerful tool. This article unveils eight hidden Photoshop features that can accelerate your design process and elevate your creations.

1. Customize Toolbar

A painter with an organized palette is always more efficient. Similarly, Photoshop allows you to customize your toolbar and keep the tools you frequently use at the forefront. Customizing your toolbar can increase productivity by decreasing the time spent searching for your preferred tools. It’s akin to having your toolbox arranged in a way that best suits your workflow.

2. Camera Raw Filter

The Camera Raw Filter, often reserved for photographers, is also a hidden gem for graphic designers. This feature allows you to adjust clarity, saturation, exposure, and more precisely. Imagine the Camera Raw Filter as the spices in a dish. Just a pinch can dramatically transform the overall taste and, in this context, the look of your image.

3. Layer Comps

When working on complex projects with numerous layers, keeping track of variations can be challenging. Layer Comps is a feature that enables you to save the state of your layers, visibility, position, and even layer styles at a particular moment. It’s like having a bookmark that you can return to at any point, ensuring you never lose your place in the narrative of your design process.

4. Quick Mask Mode

Making precise selections can be daunting in Photoshop, especially for intricate designs. Quick Mask Mode simplifies this task, acting like a digital stencil, allowing you to paint your selection using a brush. It’s like creating a sketch before the final painting, giving you greater control over your selections.

5. Content-Aware Scale

Resizing an image often results in distortion, which can be a concern when dealing with particular elements within a picture. The Content-Aware Scale is a hidden feature that resizes images intelligently, preserving important areas from distortion. Imagine it as a smart tailor who knows precisely where to take in or let out the fabric to achieve a perfect fit.

6. Blend If

Blend If is a powerful feature hidden in the Layer Style dialogue box. It allows you to blend layers based on luminosity and color values, creating dynamic and intricate effects. It’s like having a secret door in a bookcase that leads to a world of creative possibilities.

7. Color Lookup Tables

Color Lookup Tables (LUTs) is a feature that allows you to apply preset color grades to your images. This function can drastically alter the mood and feel of your designs, much like changing the lighting can transform the ambiance of a room.

8. Smart Objects

Smart Objects allow you to preserve the original properties of an image, even after transforming or distorting it. This feature ensures that you never lose the quality of your image, similar to a safety net that protects a trapeze artist from any potential falls.

Adobe states, “The Adobe Certified Professional program can help guide you toward becoming a graphic designer. Whether you’re just getting started or ready to get certified in graphic design and illustration using Adobe Illustrator, we’re here to help you succeed.”

The labyrinth of Photoshop’s features is filled with hidden treasures like these that, when unearthed, can take your designs to the next level. By harnessing these lesser-known tools, you can work more efficiently, give your designs a professional edge, and make the most of your graphic designer certification. Happy designing!

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