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How to Write an Essay with AI-Powerful Tools

by Tim

AI is literally everywhere. Technology is evolving at the speed of light, and all aspects of our lives seem to be ‘infected’ by the almighty artificial intelligence. One of the examples where AI has turned into a real revolution is the world of essay writing.

College and university students use AI to write essay because of its ability to generate tons of texts in a very short period of time has made AI one of the options college students and their professors tend to use all over the globe.

In this quick guide below, we will focus on the ways you can write your next essay using AI and make it actually look human-written. Without much ado…

Understanding AI-Powered Writing Tools  

Before you pick your personal AI essay writer out there and type your very first please, write my essay for me message, let us take a look at what AI-powered writing tools are. To cut a long story, these are software programs that use AI algorithms in order to help users in the process of writing.

Typically, the AI tools vary from the most primitive grammar checkers to ultra-advanced platforms that can write essay of the best quality based on your unique input. For example, a well-known Grammarly is a popular writing assistant that is also powered by artificial intelligence.

It provides online users with style suggestions, excellent spelling checks, and even plagiarism scans.

Choosing the Right AI Tool for Your Needs

When looking for the best AI to write essay, it is recommended to stick to a number of criteria that we list below.

Focus Area

Different Artificial Intelligence tools may be focused on different aspects of writing. For example, you may need AI to check grammar as you write an essay. That is why you should look for programs that comply with your demands.

Some AI tools specialize in style improvement while others are most into content generation and grammar correction. In other words, you have to evaluate all your needs and pick the tool that will be in your primary focus area.


Students wondering how to write an essay with the help of AI should look for features in available generators that can address their unique writing concerns. Are you looking for a tool to help you with citation formatting?

Or perhaps it’s vocabulary that needs to be enhanced a bit? Or, if you’re in need of proofreading assistance only, make sure to focus on the options that are related to your particular concern.


Before you settle on some AI essay writing tool, pay attention to whether it is something that your budget can handle. Is that tool really worth your bucks? If the answer is yes, make sure the product developers provide you with a free trial.

That’s the only way to know if the chosen platform keeps all the promises made in the product description section and complies with your unique writing requirements. Finally, we all know that a sky-high price doesn’t mean a supreme quality of the final result, right?

Ease of Use

Go for the tools that don’t look like the Large Hadron Collider. Instead, whenever you are on the lookout for an AI helper to type your write me an essay request in, choose the software that has an intuitive interface and can be easily integrated into your writing workflow.

Only a user-friendly platform can boost the process of writing and actually maximize your productivity.

User Reviews

Before you pick (or even buy) the tool, make sure to browse the testimonials provided by previous customers. By reading the feedback from those who used it before, you will get a better idea of whether this or that AI helper can assist you in essay writing.

You are welcome to check out user comments and ratings at Capterra, G2, Trustpilot, and so on. It is recommended to also approach your college mates. Chances are they have already had some experience with AI writing assistants and have a couple of options to recommend.

Utilizing AI Tools Throughout the Essay Writing Process

So, what is AI about? Imagine that you think, “I need to write my essay ASAP,” and boom! There’s a certified writing helper ready to assist you twenty-four hours a day, including days off and holidays.

Not only will it fix your grammar, punctuation, and spelling, but it will also generate the finest quality prose to fill the gaps that your text has. Imagine there is someone who will write essay of any complexity level, topic, or number of words.

Moreover, this writing guru who never sleeps will actually explain to you the topic your essay is based on in case your knowledge leaves a lot to be desired. Finally, using AI as a plagiarism detector can help you make sure the piece is authentic and properly cited.

Well, no need to imagine anymore! All those features are already incarnated in AI software.

5 Tips for Using AI Tools

If you feel like your next college essay needs a couple of AI touches, we invite you to check out some tips and strategies for using Artificial Intelligence to not only unlock the full potential of these outstanding tools but to also boost your writing (and academic progress as well!).

Maintain Academic Integrity

One of the reasons why so many students let AI write essay is because they don’t want to get their minds busy in the process of research, outlining, writing, editing, and so on. Wrong!

Whenever you are ready to ask the gods of Artificial Intelligence, “write my essay for me,” don’t forget about the importance of sticking to the ethical standards and academic guidelines in the process.

Never engage in plagiarism or cheating and cite sources and attribute ideas properly. AI is for help, not for doing your job for you. 

Proofread and Edit

If you have no idea of how to write an essay punctuation and grammar errors-free, AI tools like Grammarly can save the day. The tools scan your prose in real time and highlight every error.

Plus, they offer suggestions on how you can boost your text and simply polish it to perfection.

Do not Plagiarize

What most undergrads are worried about when it’s time to write an essay is the unintentional plagiarism that their work may contain eventually. The good news is that with AI tools, you can be sure your next paper contains 0% plagiarism.

The apps and services analyze your writing and compare it to the vast database of information. Thus, you can be sure the essay you submit is entirely your own.

Enhance, Don’t Replace

Chances are you may think, “I can’t write my essay as well as AI does.” Perhaps the cyber mind can produce beautiful word combinations and its vocabulary is something you can only dream about.

But nothing can replace your writing with your viewpoints, arguments, sentence structures, the way you let your ideas flow, and how you arrange your content. With that in mind, use AI tools to complement your prose not to replace it totally.

Ensure the generated content just augments your capabilities and skills while you are someone who keeps control over the creative part of your essay writing. 

Focus on Your Own Voice

When you approach the Artificial Intelligence writer with write me an essay message, the program will immediately start producing text that has nothing to do with you as a writer (the person who stands behind the text). That’s a bad idea in the world of academia.

When writing an essay with the help of AI, always focus on your own voice. While online writing machines provide suggestions for improvement, keep in mind that your unique voice and perspective are the main ingredients of your work.

Do your best to maintain authenticity and express your ideas using your own prose.  


Whenever you let AI write essay or any other project, you get to enjoy the unprecedented support and assistance throughout the writing process that only robotic helpers can guarantee.

They become your reliable companions whenever you get stuck with an essay and need a helping hand to get the ball rolling. Enjoy the opportunities that AI technology presents, but remember that you are the one who is responsible for crafting an original essay that rocks!

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