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How Much Do Essay Writers Charge? Important Tips for Students

by Tim

Besides searching online reviews and testimonies about the quality of an essay writing service, what other factors do students consider? Without a doubt, knowledge about the pricing of academic help significantly influences the decision to purchase academic help.

For instance, essay writers charging $5 per 275 words might seem affordable but raise some red flags about the reliability of the service. Some might ask themselves, will such a cost guarantee an unlimited number of revisions in case of variation with the initial instructions?

What about if you hire someone to write your essay at $50 per 275 words? Depending on a student’s budget, some might view this pricing as a true reflection of quality or being exorbitant. As such, at intothepixel.com, we decided to shed light on factors that influence the cost of buying online academic help.

What Determines the Rates of Hiring Professional Essay Writers?

Number of pages

Depending on the terms and conditions of their service, many professional essay writers charge per page (approximately 275 or 300 words). What does this mean? The line spacing for the papers ordered would be double-spaced. However, you can purchase a single-spaced essay.

Similar to any service or good, a two paged essay would cost more than a page. For example, if you pay $15 per 275 words, you’ll require $30 and $45 for 550 and 825 words, respectively. By evaluating these prices, anyone can agree that the charges are logical. However, the influence of the number of pages on the cost of hiring an only essay writer doesn’t end here. Take a look at the case scenario below.

Assuming you want to hire a cleaning agent to fumigate, dust, and scrub a two-bedroom house at $100 per room, what are your chances of negotiating to get a better deal? Usually, you’re less likely to get a discount. However, someone with a flat of 100 rooms can automatically get a better deal of like 80 per room.

From the case scenario above, the company will still profit with 20% off on the original price due to the economy of scale. As such, many professional essay writers tend to offer lower rates to customers with many pages. 

Therefore, the more you require assignment help, the higher your chances of getting better rates in the academic industry. However, it’s imperative for you to understand that this criterion of pricing depends on the company’s policies and terms of service.

The deadlines for orders

Before diving into why a customer will likely pay more for urgent orders than those with long deadlines, take a look at the following reasoning and controversial overview. 

At intothepixel.com, we reviewed online resources to establish the average time that a superfast writer requires to deliver a 275-word essay. To our surprise, we noticed that some could complete a simple discussion post in less than an hour. What does this mean? Even if you order academic help for 48 hours, some experts will deliver in less than an hour. So, why should customers pay more for urgent orders?

It’s important to note that writing requires access to uninterrupted Internet and power. As such, essay writers who handle urgent orders undertake extra measures to meet customers’ deadlines. For example, an expert who handles 275 words with a delivery duration of 48 hours can decide to complete the paper at any time in two days. It means that, in case of power interruption, he or she can sit back and wait for restoration. However, one handling urgent orders must have a backup plan, which might be expensive and highly inconvenient.

Having read and understood the logic behind the variation of services based on the deadlines of the order, it’s advisable to be flexible with your budget when you want to hire essay writers.

Request for print sources

Have you ever read about the missions of essay writers? Or can you guess one or two reasons? Owing to the integration of technology into almost every aspect of life to make it easy, the underlying rationale of getting paid to assist students with their essays concerns making studies easy as well as perpetuating equity in education.

For example, you can hire essay writers on CustomWritings providing students with custom-written papers. For instance, if you need help writing a literature review, an expert from this website will provide the assistance you’ll use as a sample or inspiration for writing. However, after years of experience in helping students from the USA and worldwide, the company released that a single custom paper is hardly enough for a person to grasp some concepts.

As such, it introduced an option for a student to purchase sources. Generally speaking, although you might slightly stretch your budget for this service, you won’t regret it after your first and subsequent experience.

Retaining a single writer for your entire project

Have you ever heard of parents’ commitments to keep one nun, especially when they require assistance for nursing their child? What could be the underlying presumption for such a notion? Ideally, if you want your child to behave in a certain manner, it’s important to let one person be her or his mentor.

The same applies to teaching. You’re highly likely to master a concept with the help of a single online essay writer. For example, assuming you’re doing a capstone project on a specific PICOT question or financial analysis of a company’s liquidity and profitability, an expert who proposes a topic and roadmap for the entire project understands what tool he or she will use for data analysis and databases for sources.

In such a case, you don’t want to risk letting any essay writer work on your papers. For that reason, the best way would be to retain a specific expert for your entire project. However, this feature might cost you a little more. Why do you think it’s so?

The writer will have to sacrifice some of his or her time to meet your deadline in spite of his or her other commitments.

Essay Writers and Charge You Need to Know

Requesting samples for a particular writer

In some companies, a customer can place a free inquiry. In this case, the client can discuss researchable topics with the writer. Even though not occasionally, a student can request samples to evaluate the expert’s writing style. The cost of such a service varies, but it saves on unnecessary revisions like adjusting the language or improving sentence structure.

Purchasing top-level papers

If you pay someone to write essays, what do you expect? Depending on who will handle your paper, you can get basic or advanced help. However, students with assignments that matter a lot need professional assistance from experts with experience and in-depth knowledge in a particular subject. As such, you might request an ENL- or ESL-top 10 specialist t complete your work, which might cost slightly more than other services

In retrospect, you should always consider your budget and the guarantees that a company offers before purchasing its academic help. All in all, we recommend students use websites that promise to deliver custom papers and are available for unlimited revisions.

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