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How to Import Eudora Address Book to Outlook

by Tim

We recognize that transitioning to a new email platform, particularly after your long-standing loyalty to Eudora, is a substantial decision. You can trust that streamlining the address book transfer process is our top priority. We aim to provide the necessary support and step-by-step guidance to ensure a seamless and stress-free transition for you.

Exporting Eudora Address Book

If you want to transfer your Eudora contacts to Outlook, you have two options – a manual transfer or utilizing an Mbox to Outlook converter, which is the most efficient method that saves you valuable time. To begin the migration process, you need to export your Eudora address book:

  1. Launching Eudora: Open the Eudora email client on your computer.
  2. Accessing the Address Book: In the Eudora window, locate and click on “Tools” in the menu bar. From the dropdown menu, select “Address Book.”
  3. Exporting Contacts: Inside the Eudora Address Book, access the top menu and click on “File.” From there, select the “Save” option. This action will trigger a dialog box, permitting you to designate the destination for your exported file. Choose a location on your computer that’s easy to remember and give the file a recognizable name, like “EudoraContacts.csv.”

Preparing the Exported CSV File

Now that you’ve successfully exported your Eudora address book, it’s time to prepare the file for import into Outlook. Eudora typically exports contacts in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open the CSV File: Locate the saved CSV file (“EudoraContacts.csv”) on your computer and open it using a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.
  2. Verify Data: Review the data in the CSV file to ensure it’s correctly formatted. This step is essential as any inconsistencies may lead to issues during the import process. Make sure that your contacts’ information is organized into columns like Name, Email Address, Phone Number, etc.
  3. Save as XLSX: After reviewing and making any necessary corrections, save the file as an XLSX (Excel) file. This file format is more universally compatible and is preferred for importing into Outlook.
Preparing the Exported CSV File

Importing Eudora Address Book into Outlook

Now that you have a properly formatted XLSX file containing your Eudora contacts, it’s time to import them into Microsoft Outlook.

  1. Launch Outlook: Open Microsoft Outlook on your computer.
  2. Navigate to Contacts: Click on the “Contacts” icon or tab in Outlook to access your contact list.
  3. Import Contacts: Inside the “Contacts” section, navigate to the “File” menu located at the top left corner of the Outlook window. From the dropdown menu, select “Open & Export,” and proceed to select “Import/Export.”
  4. Import Wizard: A pop-up window will appear, providing you with various options for importing and exporting data. Choose “Import from another program or file” and click “Next.”
  5. Select File Type: In the next window, choose “Comma Separated Values” as the file type to import. Click “Next” to continue.
  6. Locate the File: Click on the “Browse” button to find and select the XLSX file you prepared earlier (“EudoraContacts.xlsx”). Once selected, click “Next.”
  7. Define Destination Folder: In the following window, choose the destination folder where you want to import your Eudora contacts. You can select an existing folder or create a new one specifically for these contacts. Click “Next” to proceed.
  8. Map Custom Fields (Optional): If your Eudora address book contained custom fields or additional information, Outlook might prompt you to map those fields to the appropriate Outlook contact fields. This step ensures that your data aligns correctly. Review and adjust the mapping as needed.
  9. Complete Import: Click “Finish” to initiate the import process. Outlook will start importing your Eudora contacts into the specified folder.
  10. Review Imported Contacts: Once the import is complete, review your Outlook contacts to ensure that all the Eudora contacts have been successfully imported.
Importing Eudora Address Book into Outlook

Final Words

Migrating your Eudora address book to Microsoft Outlook may initially seem complex, but with these step-by-step instructions, the process becomes manageable. Bear in mind that in the ever-evolving world of technology, it’s crucial to maintain the currency and accessibility of your contacts and data.

When you transfer your Eudora contacts to Outlook, you’re effectively safeguarding your valuable connections, ensuring they’re readily available to meet your personal and professional communication requirements.

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