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5 Investment Strategies Arkansas Residents Can Leverage

by Tim

Building wealth is a common objective for individuals and families across the state of Arkansas. An increase in your income can make your savings account larger, provide you with money to spend on travel, or make way for a more comfortable retirement. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to build wealth, your job may not be enough to achieve the financial goals you are hoping for.

This is when investing becomes an important concept to understand. Essentially, this strategy involves spending your money on opportunities that can yield positive returns. Some investing strategies are completely passive and you can set them and forget them. Others may require a lot of ongoing work to maintain, but they can result in a greater reward.

If you are looking to become an investor but are not sure what kinds of opportunities are out there, then here are five investing strategies that could help you build wealth.


If you have paid any attention to the world of cryptocurrency in the last few years, then you probably know that it is a complicated financial subject. Some people swear that cryptocurrency is the way of the future while others think it is too volatile to be dependable. The last few years have certainly demonstrated both its profitability and its pitfalls.

However, it is still a big piece of the financial sector and could one day earn a much larger share of the American market. The key is to know how to invest in cryptocurrency safely. Setting yourself up for success in this realm requires a lot of research, choosing the right exchange platform, diversifying your investments, and monitoring those investments regularly.

Rental Properties

If you have the capacity to manage a property and some capital to spend, then investing in rental properties can be incredibly lucrative. Rental payments from tenants or guests are often enough to cover all expenses with enough left over to yield some nice profits. Again, the key to success in this venture is research.

Awareness of housing prices, the local real estate market, and the demand for rentals is necessary. Additionally, some lenders can offer a debt-service coverage ratio (DSCR) loan Arkansas investors can use to finance their purchases. Rather than analyzing your income to approve your request, the lender will analyze the rental income projections of the property.

Mutual Fund

Maybe you are not looking to generate tens of thousands of extra dollars in the next couple of years, but you do want a long-term solution that can supplement your current income. If you want a low-risk investment, then there are few strategies that work better than a mutual fund. Mutual funds are run by firms that invest in diverse stocks and options to mitigate risk.

Investors then buy shares of the mutual fund and receive regular payouts when money is made. Investing in mutual funds is not going to turn you into a millionaire, but over time, it can increase how much money is at your disposal. Plus, because of portfolio diversity, it is very unlikely that your investment is at risk of being lost.

Real Estate Investment Trust

An REIT is very similar to a mutual fund, but it is specifically focused on real estate properties. If you do not have the income or savings to buy property yourself, then you can still take advantage of this sector of the economy by investing in an REIT.

The trust will then use that money to invest in income-producing properties. Also, these trusts tend to trade on the New York Stock Exchange. When profits come in, the investors receive the payouts based on how much they have invested in the trust. It is another rather safe form of investing that can sometimes pay off very well.

Switch to a High-Yield Savings Account

If you want to have a passive strategy with just a small benefit, then you could make the simple switch to a high-yield savings account with an online financial institution. These accounts require higher starting balances, but their interest rates are typically much better than the average savings account.

Over time, the money you have in the account will grow because of the compounding interest. It may not be much in the short-term and is certainly not a lucrative investment strategy, but it will let the money you have sitting in savings work a little harder for you.

All Investment Strategies Are Improved with Research

As with all money decisions, those who have the most information tend to do better. When you understand the risks and benefits of every decision you make with your finances, it becomes easier to make the right one. When choosing an investing strategy, consider the risks and rewards of each strategy.

Buying property in Arkansas could yield greater profits, but it will come at a much higher cost upfront. Investing in a mutual fund or REIT is going to be a lot safer for the money you spend on it, but its rewards are more limited. Research each method to see what suits your comfort level as an investor.

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