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Rebirth After Heartbreak Unconventional Ways to Thrive Post-Break

Rebirth After Heartbreak: 8 Unconventional Ways to Thrive Post-Break

by Tim

Heartbreak: the emotional equivalent of stubbing one’s toe on a piece of furniture. We have all been there at least once, curled up on the couch, creepily stalking someone on their socials and talking about it to everyone who will listen.

But what if I told you that in this time of heartache and internal weeping lies the greatest opportunity to shine? And once the depression lifts, you will be all that they think about.

Break the cycle of binge-watching La La Land, soul-soothing ice cream, and revenge bodies. Let’s sweep out the ‘weepy rom-com’ and onto more ‘unexpected adventure.’ Peel yourself off that tear-drenched pillow since it’s to take charge of your life. We highlight a few strategies to cope with your heartbreak and start moving on.

Why Does It Hurt?

Recent research similar to those from a credible essay writing service reveals that a broken heart mimics symptoms of heartbreak. We have a faint idea of what you’re feeling. Biologically, our bodies respond to heartbreak similarly to how they respond to pain. Our brain perceives heartbreak as emotional pain and releases stress hormones like cortisol. This is why you feel tight-chested, sleepless, and lose your appetite.

Your body goes through a myriad of emotions simultaneously. You experience pain, grief, sadness, rage, and despair all in equal measure. Other feelings that come about are low self-esteem and inadequacy. A person often withdraws in their shell and is pushed towards depression.  

Coping Strategies to Heal a Broken Heart

Tending a broken heart requires patience, focus, self-care, and determination. It is a lonely path, but with the right steps, you can catapult yourself into an awesome version of yourself. Try adding these coping steps and see how it works out for you:

Acknowledge Your Feelings

It is a primal human instinct to bottle up your sadness and concentrate on nothing more than pretending nothing has changed. Refraining from mourning is not an avenue for the survival of your grief; rather, it only serves to lengthen the period of recovery. Feel those feelings and be content, knowing they won’t last forever. This is the beginning of the healing process.

If it were a long-term relationship, losing part of you would have been similar. Allow yourself time and space to cry and grieve. It is a much-needed release that improves your mood and makes you feel better in the long run.

Prioritize Self-Care

Allot time to work on yourself. Self-care consists of different activities, from what you eat to how you sleep and things that make you joyful. This is part and parcel of regaining emotional and physical energy.

Heartbreaks always see people neglecting themselves. Accordingly, protect your energy via some self-care proposals, such as a day in the spa, a meal with some nutrients, and others.

Declutter Memorabilia

The next step is decluttering all memorabilia that reminds you of your ex. Sometimes, you only need to cut off a person briefly to start the healing process. It includes putting firm boundaries, removing their pictures on your social media handles, and returning clothes and souvenirs from your vacation.

Also, it involves making it clear to friends and family that you don’t want to talk about the situation with them at this particular time. Recognizing these reminders in your house only impedes the healing process.

Find Closure

Closure after a relationship helps you understand the situation better and accept how it turned out. It gives you a sense of peace to move forward. You get answers to your questions to understand why your partner terminated your relationship.

Learn from the mistakes made and avoid making them in your next relationship. Accept the fact that you’re not getting back with your ex. Reach out to them and schedule a meeting at a neutral venue. Remember to be respectful and set boundaries.

Start a New Hobby

Channel your free time into something creative and fun to ease the post-breakup pain. Starting a new hobby expands your mind and boosts your self-confidence.

Our recommendations include journaling, music, yoga, meditation, and long walks. If you’re having trouble developing new ideas for hobbies, choose something you wanted to try and never did.

Connect With Other People

It seems tempting to remain cooped up in your room all day and wallow in self-pity. Take time to connect with other people, either with friends or family. Never underestimate the power of laughing and doing other social activities with people you love and support. You can get a new sense of life and compensate for lost time.

Set Boundaries With Ex-Partner

A healthy separation should keep things civil and drama-free while considering a new life apart. Setting boundaries can either be physical or emotional. These boundaries help you figure out how you want to be treated by others.

Physical boundaries include arranging a schedule for picking up or dropping items to avoid unexpected visits. Also, ensure there is no touching or other physical contact. Communication boundaries state the preferred communication channel (text, email, or phone calls).

It is also healthy to unfollow them on social media and avoid posting about each other. Stay off social media for some time until you sort yourself out.

Seek Professional Help

In case all of these coping strategies fail to delete the memories about your ex-partner from your mind and still ruin your daily life, you should seek professional help. A consultation with your mental health practitioner will assist you in resolving these painful emotions.

Breakup therapy helps clients see what is wrong and right in their relationship. This will ensure high emotional awareness and attempt to let go of the past. Moreover, sometimes, the relationship might have ended because it was necessary.

Final Takeaway

Sometimes, it feels as though you will never recover from this heartache. Wasting all your effort, memories, and time spent seems devastating. But time heals all wounds. Make your heartbreak the meringue pie that is your life by using it as the zest that encourages personal growth.

Here’s a spoiler: if you follow these actions, you will be having a completely awesome time and not even remember what made you sad in the first place.

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