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Unveiling the Latest Must-Read Novels from Around the Globe

by Tim

Fiction is the lie through which we tell the truth. These eight words perfectly capture the immense power of the novel. The best fiction teaches you the history that the curriculum is never covered, lets you break in a new pair of shoes in a new city, breaks your heart, and puts it back together – sometimes in the same chapter.

It allows you to immerse yourself in a bygone era, step into fantasy worlds, and even glimpse dystopian futures. Since 2023 has already ended, it’s time to take stock and choose the best literary fiction 2023.

#1 The Fraud, by Zadie Smith

Smith’s novel takes inspiration from a famous 19th-century criminal trial, where the defendant faced accusations of impersonating a nobleman. It skillfully portrays the vibrant backdrop of London and the English countryside, delving into the social controversies of the time through a diverse cast of characters.

#2 Trust, by Hernan Diaz

Trust, the novel of the year, captures the attention of everyone in 1920s New York. You will discover the true cost of the untold wealth possessed by Benjamin Rask, the Wall Street tycoon, and Helen Rask, the daughter of bohemian aristocrats. This bestselling book uncovers provocative revelations about the power of money, while Hernan Diaz guides you through different perspectives that span a century. Get ready to embark on a journey that challenges your perceptions and unveils the secrets behind your fortune.

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#3 Sparrow, by James Hynes

You will embark on a compelling journey set in the waning days of the Roman Empire. Follow Sparrow, a boy of uncertain origin, as he navigates life in a brothel. Listen to the tales spun by his beloved ‘mother’ Euterpe, run errands for her lover the cook, and evade the abuse of a brutal overseer.

Sparrow’s path is destined for hardship, encompassing suffering, murder, and chaos. To endure, he will forge his own identity, becoming Sparrow, a singer without reason, able to soar above trouble. Brace yourself for an extraordinary tale, featuring a resonant and unforgettable protagonist. Immerse yourself in James Hynes’ meticulous research and audacious imagination.

#4 Homecoming, by Kate Morton

Experience a thrilling mystery that spans Australia and London in the long-anticipated novel, “Homecoming,” by Kate Morton. When Nora’s health unexpectedly deteriorates at 89 years old, you hastily board the first flight from your London residence of twenty years to be at your grandmother’s side in Sydney. Before long, you uncover a hidden family secret, vowing to unravel the enigma of the fateful Christmas Eve sixty years ago.

#5 Now I Am Here, by Chidi Ebere

You are on the brink of making your last stand, a soldier who knows that death awaits at the hands of the enemy. You write home, explaining how you found yourself in this dire situation, witnessing the gradual transformation from a gentleman to a war criminal, committing acts that you never thought yourself capable of. This profound narrative reflects the unsettling reality that even the most virtuous individuals can carry out heinous deeds. Brace yourself for a courageous, unwavering, and contemplative debut.

#6 Everything’s Fine, by Cecilia Rabess

Everything's Fine, by Cecilia Rabess

Have you ever wondered what you stand to lose when you fall in love? At their Ivy League college, Jess immediately dislikes Josh – an entitled guy in chinos, ready to conquer the world. She’s often the only Black woman in their class, while he refuses to acknowledge his white privilege. However, as they both start working for the same investment bank, their tumultuous friendship transforms into an exhilarating romance, leading Jess to question her identity and the sacrifices she’s willing to make for love.

#7 To Paradise, by Hanya Yanagihara

Experience the magic of Hanya Yanagihara’s literary genius as she seamlessly weaves together three captivating tales spanning three centuries. From 1893 in the Free States New York, where love blossoms between a privileged family member and an impoverished music teacher, to 1993 Manhattan, swept by the AIDS epidemic, where a Hawaiian man and his older wealthy partner navigate a hidden family background.

Fast forward to 2093, a world plagued by totalitarian rule, where a determined woman embarks on a quest to uncover the mystery behind her husband’s disappearance. This symphonic vision of America will enthrall you with its unique storytelling and unforgettable characters.


There are too many worthy books coming out in 2023, but the ones listed above are a good place to start. Whether they’re the best or not, they’re sure to keep you entertained and thoughtful. If you’re just starting out on your journey, these books will be a great place to start.


Which book is most read in the world 2023?

If you do not take into account religious literature, such as the Bible, the Koran and others, then the most widely read are Harry Potter and the Hobbit. The 2 first places are still theirs.

What is the best literary novel of 2023?

To each his own, but The Fraud by Zadie Smith received good reviews. This may be the best book of the year, but you may disagree.

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