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List of 109 Adjectives That Start with Q with Definitions and Examples

by Tim

This article will look at adjectives that start with Q and how they can be utilized to enhance and deepen our knowledge. Adjectives that start with Q are comprehensively categorized into various categories, including uncommon adjectives, common adjectives, and adjectives that define a person, among others. As a result, you will have a simpler time understanding and remembering these descriptive words that start with Q.

An adjective makes it easier to analyze, contrast, change, and quantify a noun. As a consequence, the reader or listener of your discussion will understand your message better since their mind will have a clear image of what you are seeking to portray. This article also contains a list of positive and negative adjectives beginning with Q.

To begin, familiarize yourself with the list of most common adjectives that start with Q. Unless you are well acquainted with these adjectives beginning with Q, remembering them will be tough. As a result, the definitions and examples provided here are crucial.

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Common Adjectives That Start with Q in Everyday Speech

Here you will find a list of commonly used adjectives that start with Q. The use of common adjectives considerably improves your ability to communicate. These adjectives starting with Q are often used in daily encounters.

1. Quackish

  • Definition: marked by a showy character
  • Synonyms: showy, fake, boastful
  • Example: He has a quackish behavior.

2. Quadrilateral

  • Definition: having four sides or four faces
  • Synonyms: four-sided, squared, quadrangular
  • Example: There was a stylish quadrilateral mirror.

3. Quietsome

  • Definition: causing a feeling of quietness
  • Synonyms: calm, peaceful, quiet
  • Example: Such a quietsome view.

4. Quick-sighted

  • Definition: being watchful with keen sight
  • Synonyms: sharp-eyed, keen-sighted, hawk-eyed
  • Example: He is quick-sighted.

5. Quartzy

  • Definition: having the characteristics of a quartz
  • Synonyms: crystal, translucent
  • Example: She has a quartzy lamp.

6. Questionless

  • Definition: having no objections about it
  • Synonyms: undisputed, undoubted, uncontested
  • Example: It is a questionless fact.

7. Quick-set

  • Definition: being grown from the plant cuttings
  • Synonyms: planted, ingrained, implanted
  • Example: She stopped by the quick-set hedge.

8. Quick-acting

  • Definition: being quick to act
  • Synonyms: keen, alert, active
  • Example: He is a quick-acting driver.

9. Quantifiable

  • Definition: which can be quantified and calculated
  • Synonyms: measurable, calculable, assessable
  • Example: There was some quantifiable data.

10. Questioning

  • Definition: marked by curiosity and doubt
  • Synonyms: doubting, inquiring, investigative
  • Example: He had a questioning tone.

Positive Adjectives That Start with Q

When you need to be optimistic, these positive adjectives that start with Q might help you get through the day. You may even use them to push your pals to work more. Reading these encouraging phrases will make you and everyone around you happy.

1. Queenly

  • Definition: indicative of nobility
  • Synonyms: royal, imperial, queen-like
  • Example: She is a queenly woman.

2. Qualified

  • Definition: with qualities and capabilities
  • Synonyms: competent, qualified, trained
  • Example: He is a qualified professor.

3. Queen-sized

  • Definition: of large size
  • Synonyms: large, big, huge
  • Example: It is a queen-sized bed.

4. Quick

  • Definition: marked by the rapidity of action
  • Synonyms: fast, swift, brisk
  • Example: They performed a quick CPR.

5. Quality

  • Definition: marked by fine and superior performance
  • Synonyms: first-rate, high-class, top
  • Example: He always buys quality products.

6. Qualifying

  • Definition: relating to something which qualifies for success
  • Synonyms: testing, certifying, designating
  • Example: We won the qualifying round.

7. Quaint

  • Definition: which is distinct in an attractive way
  • Synonyms: unusual, unique, notable
  • Example: That is a beautiful and quaint house.

8. Quotable

  • Definition: being interesting enough to note
  • Synonyms: notable, mentionable, citable
  • Example: This music has some good and quotable lyrics.

9. Quintessential

  • Definition: being of the appreciated standard
  • Synonyms: perfect, classic, ideal
  • Example: She was the quintessential tough lady.

10. Quotidian

  • Definition: which is mundane and routine
  • Synonyms: normal, daily, every day
  • Example: Running is her quotidian activity.

Negative Adjectives That Start with Q

The following is a list of negative adjectives that start with Q. We hope this list will assist you in mastering negative adjectives beginning with the letter Q. Continue studying and taking notes on what you’ve learned.

1. Quiescent

  • Definition: marked by inactivity and no movement
  • Synonyms: lazy, dormant, stationary
  • Example: This is a quiescent period.

2. Quizzical

  • Definition: marked by confusion and doubts
  • Synonyms: perplexed, confused, anxious
  • Example: She was giving quizzical looks.

3. Quick-tempered

  • Definition: being easily and quickly annoyed
  • Synonyms: peevish, short-tempered, irascible
  • Example: She is a quick-tempered girl.

4. Qualmish

  • Definition: feeling qualms or concerned
  • Synonyms: unsettled, upset, uneasy
  • Example: She had a qualmish expression.

5. Queasy

  • Definition: feeling unwell and anxious
  • Synonyms: uneasy, nauseous, sick
  • Example: She is looking for her queasy sister.

Adjectives That Start with Q to Describe a Person

Look through our list of adjectives that start with Q to describe someone. Adjective is used to describe one of a person’s most distinguishing characteristics. Use Q adjectives to describe a person as much as possible.

1. Quemeful

  • Definition: having or displaying benevolence in actions
  • Synonyms: kind, merciful, compassionate
  • Example: She is a very quemeful lady.

2. Quakerish

  • Definition: pertaining to fraud and fake
  • Synonyms: false, artificial, fake
  • Example: She has a quakerish lifestyle.

3. Queenlike

  • Definition: of showing the queen characteristics
  • Synonyms: royal, majestic, splendid
  • Example: Her sister wants a queenlike treatment.

4. Quick-paced

  • Definition: having a steady and accelerated pace
  • Synonyms: fast, speedy, swift
  • Example: She is a quick-paced performer.

5. Qatari

  • Definition: of or relating to Qatar
  • Synonyms: katari, arab
  • Example: He is a Qatari resident.

6. Quasi

  • Definition: bearing the resemblance but not original
  • Synonyms: pseudo, apparently, partly
  • Example: He is a quasi guru.

7. Quarantined

  • Definition: being detached from the mass
  • Synonyms: isolated, segregated, secluded
  • Example: He is a quarantined man.

8. Qabalistic

  • Definition: being secret or mysterious
  • Synonyms: cryptic, cryptical, hidden
  • Example: He is a qabalistic person.

9. Quick-minded

  • Definition: having an alert and keen mind
  • Synonyms: witty, keen, acute, wise
  • Example: She is very quick-minded.

10. Quicksilver

  • Definition: marked with a rapid volatile behavior
  • Synonyms: mercurial, unpredictable, inconstant
  • Example: He is a quicksilver person.

Adjectives That Start with Q to Describe Emotions

This part of the article contains adjective words that start with Q. A bewildering assortment of emotions pervade the human experience. You never feel like you can convey them sufficiently to yourself or others. Adjectives that start with the letter Q will undoubtedly be useful.

1. Quirky

  • Definition: characterized by peculiar traits
  • Synonyms: eccentric, idiosyncratic, unconventional
  • Example: His sense of humor was decidedly quirky.

2. Quarrelsome

  • Definition: given to or characterized by quarrelling
  • Synonyms: argumentative, disputatious, disputative
  • Example: He is a moody, quarrelsome man.

3. Quivery

  • Definition: shaking or trembling slightly
  • Synonyms: argumentative, disputatious, disputative
  • Example: She is a high-pitched, quivery voice.

4. Querulous

  • Definition: complaining in a rather petulant manner
  • Synonyms: petulant, complaining, pettish
  • Example: He became querulous and demanding.

5. Quiet

  • Definition: mild and reserved by nature
  • Synonyms: calm, equable, serene
  • Example: She has quiet, middle-aged parents.

Descriptive Adjectives That Start with Q

Adjectives are often employed to describe people because they provide a more precise and clearer meaning. We’ve discussed descriptive words beginning with Q. Continue reading to broaden your vocabulary. For additional possibilities, see our list of Q adjectives to describe someone.

1. Quadripartite

  • Definition: involving four sides
  • Synonyms: four-party, quadrigeminal, quadruple
  • Example: We had a quadripartite agreement.

2. Quick-witted

  • Definition: having an alert and keen mind
  • Synonyms: sharp, astute, wise
  • Example: She is a very quick-witted lady.

3. Queer

  • Definition: which is deviant from acceptable
  • Synonyms: strange, eccentric, unusual
  • Example: He is a queer person.

4. Quintuple

  • Definition: consisting of five parts
  • Synonyms: five, quin, pentad
  • Example: It is a quintuple murder case.

5. Quavery

  • Definition: being shivery and unsteady
  • Synonyms: shaking, quaking, trembling
  • Example: She has a quavery voice.

6. Quarterly

  • Definition: of or relating to a quarter
  • Synonyms: periodically, tri-annual
  • Example: She writes for a quarterly magazine.

7. Quick-thinking

  • Definition: marked by intelligent and timely thinking
  • Synonyms: wise, alert, intelligent
  • Example: He is a quick-thinking person.

8. Quondam

  • Definition: referring to something previous and earlier
  • Synonyms: former, previous, past
  • Example: She has painted most of the quondam rulers.

Uncommon Adjectives That Start with Q to Improve Your Vocabulary

The following is a list of uncommon adjectives that begin with Q. How many of these uncommon adjectives beginning with Q do you use in regular speech and writing?

1. Quixotic

  • Definition: disposed to imaginations and fancy thoughts
  • Synonyms: visionary, idealist, imaginary
  • Example: They started a quixotic search.

2. Quincentennial

  • Definition: of a five hundredth commemoration
  • Synonyms: quincentenary, 500th, anniversary
  • Example: People were celebrating the quincentennial anniversary.

3. Quadrillionth

  • Definition: in the rank of one quadrillion
  • Synonyms: one-quadrillionth
  • Example: He ran a quadrillionth of a mile.

4. Quercine

  • Definition: of or relating to oak trees
  • Synonyms: quercus, oak, oak-like
  • Example: That medicine has the essence of quercine fruit.

5. Queerish

  • Definition: marked by strangeness and peculiarity
  • Synonyms: spooky, weird, peculiar, unusual
  • Example: She is a queerish girl.

6. Quaggy

  • Definition: being soggy and squashy
  • Synonyms: spongy, pulpy, muddy
  • Example: Kids were playing on the quaggy ground.

7. Quarried

  • Definition: being extracted from an underground source
  • Synonyms: mined, extracted, excavated
  • Example: She bought some quarried limestone.

8. Quenchless

  • Definition: difficult to quench or satisfy
  • Synonyms: unquenchable, insatiable, unappeasable
  • Example: She has a quenchless fire for revenge.

9. Quibbling

  • Definition: being critical of something in an offensive manner
  • Synonyms: fault-finding, judgmental, deprecating
  • Example: She responds to quibbling people.

10. Quilted

  • Definition: being softened by paddings between layers
  • Synonyms: padded, cushioned, stuffed
  • Example: This is quilted fabric.

Adjectives That Start with Q – Full List (109 Words)

We looked at various adjectives that begin with the letter Q. All adjectives beginning with the letter Q are included in the list. This is the most comprehensive list of adjectives that start with Q accessible on the internet.

  • Quackish
  • Quadrilateral
  • Quietsome
  • Quick-sighted
  • Quartzy
  • Questionless
  • Quick-set
  • Quick-acting
  • Quantifiable
  • Questioning
  • Queenly
  • Qualified
  • Queen-sized
  • Quick
  • Quality
  • Qualifying
  • Quaint
  • Quotable
  • Quintessential
  • Quotidian
  • Quiescent
  • Quizzical
  • Quick-tempered
  • Qualmish
  • Quintuple
  • Quemeful
  • Quakerish
  • Queenlike
  • Quick-paced
  • Qatari
  • Quasi
  • Quarantined
  • Qabalistic
  • Quick-minded
  • Quicksilver
  • Quirky
  • Quarrelsome
  • Quivery
  • Querulous
  • Quiet
  • Quadripartite
  • Quick-witted
  • Queer
  • Queasy
  • Quavery
  • Quarterly
  • Quick-thinking
  • Quondam
  • Quixotic
  • Quincentennial
  • Quadrillionth
  • Quercine
  • Queerish
  • Quaggy
  • Quarried
  • Quenchless
  • Quibbling
  • Quilted
  • Quantized
  • Quadraphonic
  • Qualifiable
  • Quadratic
  • Quodlibetical
  • Quacky
  • Qualitative
  • Queachy
  • Quiet-some
  • Quaky
  • Quebecoise
  • Quadrate
  • Quadrasonic
  • Quirked
  • Quartan
  • Quechuan
  • Quinquefoliate
  • Quadruped
  • Queen-like
  • Quintillionth
  • Quiddative
  • Quantitative
  • Quadriphonic
  • Quivered
  • Quenchable
  • Quadrisonic
  • Questionable
  • Quaternate
  • Quickset
  • Qualitied
  • Quits
  • Quincentenary
  • Quadruplicate
  • Quelled
  • Quavering
  • Quick-Drying
  • Quadruplex
  • Quartered
  • Quebecois
  • Quinary
  • Quaquaversal
  • Quartzose
  • Quenched
  • Quadrangular
  • Quadruple
  • Quantal
  • Quartziferous
  • Quade
  • Queen-size
  • Quaternary
  • Quivering

Final Thoughts on Adjectives That Start with Q

In this article, we looked at a list of adjectives that start with Q. We carefully reviewed them and hope you find them useful.

If you use the adjectives starting with Q described above, you can better define what you are trying to say in ordinary discourse. Your listeners will comprehend you more completely and fully if you speak this way.

We believe that simply reading this article once would make you feel smarter; imagine how amazing it would feel to know all of the descriptive words that start with Q.

You’ve probably seen how important adjectives are in our everyday encounters. These adjectives that start with Q might make you seem more professional.

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