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List of 232 Verbs That Start with E with Definitions and Examples

by Tim

In this article, you will find verbs that start with E under discussion, meant to increase your vocabulary and help you improve your writing skills.

E is a fascinating alphabet, and it can be used to form numerous new and fun words, just like other alphabets.

Despite being a very common alphabet, it has been reported that 11% of the words available in the English language start from E. Wow, this fact alone is enough to explain the importance of the alphabet E.

Some really cool verbs that start with E are going to be discussed in depth in this list, and the most exciting fact is that you will not only learn these plain and exciting sets of words but their meanings, synonyms and examples too.

So, moving on to the list of verbs beginning with E next, make sure you keep reading it to find more about these action words that start with E. Let’s start!

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Common Verbs That Start with E

Following are the verbs starting with E, considered the easiest to learn and fun to use. We all need to start from somewhere, so if you are new to learning verbs, you can start here, from this list.

1. Engage

  • Definition: to occupy oneself
  • Synonyms: capture, involve
  • Example: He keeps himself engaged in some activity all the time.

2. Excuse

  • Definition: to explain one’s ill behavior
  • Synonyms: defend, apologize
  • Example: She excused before the guests for his brother’s ill behavior.

3. Expect

  • Definition: regard someone as likely to do or be something
  • Synonyms: anticipate, assume
  • Example: You can come to my place this weekend as I am not expecting any guests.

4. Extend

  • Definition: hold (something) out towards someone
  • Synonyms: stick out, reach out
  • Example: She extended her hand to welcome the guests warmly.  

5. Entertain

  • Definition: to satisfy oneself or someone else
  • Synonyms: amuse, please
  • Example: I am very much entertained by this new show on Netflix.

6. Exist

  • Definition: to live
  • Synonyms: live, breathe
  • Example: Multiple hybrid species exist in cultivation.

7. Equal

  • Definition: to be even with
  • Synonyms: total, get even
  • Example: This month’s electricity bill equals two months of my grocery.  

8. Evacuate

  • Definition: to clear an area of things or people
  • Synonyms: vacate, empty
  • Example: We were asked to evacuate the building after the fiery explosion and go someplace safe.

9. Embarrass

  • Definition: to cause mental distress to someone
  • Synonyms: shame, humiliate
  • Example: Her mother embarrassed her in front of all her friends because of her low grades.

10. Elect

  • Definition: to choose
  • Synonyms: pick, appoint
  • Example: Samantha is elected as a new Head Girl of my school.

Positive Verbs That Start with E

A little positivity goes a long way. We all need motivational words and a positive mindset to overcome difficult times. Positive verbs starting with letter E can help you solve this problem.

1. Embrace

  • Definition: to warmly hold someone in one’s arms
  • Synonyms: welcome, accept
  • Example: She embraced her baby nephew at the airport.

2. Enchant

  • Definition: to mesmerize
  • Synonyms: captivate, enthrall
  • Example: Her deep blue eyes enchanted me.

3. Empower

  • Definition: to enable someone or something
  • Synonyms: authorize, entitle
  • Example: Women should always empower other women and help them out in difficult times.

4. Expound

  • Definition: to talk about something in great depth
  • Synonyms: illustrate, explain
  • Example: My friend and I have expounded on this issue on the last weekend.

5. Enthrall

  • Definition: to bewitch
  • Synonyms: captivate, mesmerize
  • Example: He is enthralled by her beauty and smart mouth.

6. Expedite

  • Definition: to make something happen faster
  • Synonyms: accelerate, quicken
  • Example: I expedited the completion of my report as soon as the deadline came closer.

7. Evolve

  • Definition: to progress
  • Synonyms: develop, advance
  • Example: She has evolved into such a positive person over the years.

8. Elaborate

  • Definition: to make a detailed comment on something
  • Synonyms: embellish, explain
  • Example: My teacher elaborated all the chapters to us in such a great way.

9. Endorse

  • Definition: to sign
  • Synonyms: countersign, inscribe
  • Example: She endorsed the check and then deposited it in the bank.

10. Enliven

  • Definition: to inspire
  • Synonyms: uplift, invigorate
  • Example: My mother enlivens me to become a better person.

Action Verbs That Start with E

Action verbs that start with E are under discussion in this category. My team carefully picked up the following action words for you guys, and I hope you find them helpful in your life.

1. Eat

  • Definition: to bite food
  • Synonyms: consume, ingest
  • Example: I saw him eating pineapple pizza and nearly puked.

2. Emit

  • Definition: to diffuse
  • Synonyms: discharge, radiate
  • Example: A clicking sound was continuously being emitted by the metallic container.

3. Enfold

  • Definition: to hug someone or something
  • Synonyms: envelope, engulf
  • Example: My best friend enfolded me in her arms with so much love and excitement.

4. Escape

  • Definition: to break away from
  • Synonyms: run away, exit
  • Example: The boy successfully escaped from his home and toxic parents.

5. Encounter

  • Definition: to run into
  • Synonyms: experience, confront
  • Example: I have encountered many failures throughout my career but refused to give up.

6. Erupt

  • Definition: to eject something with force
  • Synonyms: blow up, explode
  • Example: The hot lava erupted from the mountain top and burned the entire city to the ground.

7. Eradicate

  • Definition: to remove something  
  • Synonyms: eliminate, destroy
  • Example: Medication eradicates all the negative energy from the body.

8. Evaporate

  • Definition: to dry up
  • Synonyms: vaporize, disappear
  • Example: After reaching the boiling point, the acid started to evaporate.  

9. Encircle

  • Definition: to enclose
  • Synonyms: surround, encompass
  • Example: Left side of the Island was encircled by crystal clear water.  

10. Exercise

  • Definition: to put something to use
  • Synonyms: exert
  • Example: You must start exercising all the yoga poses I taught you in the morning.

Regular Verbs That Start with E

Next are the most in-demand words – regular verbs beginning with E. You will find many people around you using them, and sometimes you will find it difficult to understand them right away. So, learn these words and save yourself from any trouble.

1. Elicit

  • Definition: to extract something
  • Synonyms: draw out, obtain
  • Example: The scientists elicited the venom from the snake’s teeth and tried to study it.

2. Echo

  • Definition: to resound or mirror
  • Synonyms: reflect, bounce
  • Example: The sound of my heels echoed around the empty hall.

3. Express

  • Definition: to articulate one’s feelings or thoughts
  • Synonyms: communicate, convey
  • Example: My boss expressed his disappointment towards my work, which was very demotivating for me.

4. Exaggerate

  • Definition: to fabricate something
  • Synonyms: overstate, amplify
  • Example: She has exaggerated her side of the story for sure.

5. Energize

  • Definition: to provide more life to something
  • Synonyms: enliven, vitalize
  • Example: I was energized by that healthy dinner.

6. Excel

  • Definition: to be superior
  • Synonyms: shine, surpass
  • Example: He has excelled in his career because of his insane communication skills and hard work.  

7. Equip

  • Definition: to arm something with supplies
  • Synonyms: enable, prepare
  • Example: The nurses are always fully equipped to deal with any emergency.

8. Enrich

  • Definition: to cultivate
  • Synonyms: improve, supplement
  • Example: The soil can be enriched by using manure.

9. Entitle

  • Definition: to hold the right to do anything within power
  • Synonyms: authorize, empower
  • Example: The Prime Minister is entitled to take all the decisions regarding the general public.

10. Esteem

  • Definition: to highly regard something
  • Synonyms: value, respect
  • Example: Many of these qualities are esteemed by managers.

Phrasal Verbs That Start with E

Next are the phrasal verbs that start with E under discussion. The primary purpose of phrasal verbs is to add beauty to dull and dry sentences. Tell us about your take on them. Do you also find them extremely powerful, just like we do?

1. Ease off

  • Definition: reduce, become less severe, or slow down
  • Synonyms: recuperate, relax
  • Example: After Christmas, the workload generally eases off.

2. Egg on

  • Definition: encourage someone to do something
  • Synonyms: encourage, exhort
  • Example: Egged on by his friends, the boy climbed over the wall.

3. Embark on

  • Definition: start or engage in something
  • Synonyms: begin, commence
  • Example: Lily embarked on a career that led her to fame.

4. End in

  • Definition: finish in a particular way/result in
  • Synonyms: close, complete
  • Example: Their tumultuous marriage ended in divorce.

5. Even out

  • Definition: eliminate differences of opinion
  • Synonyms: compensate
  • Example: After a lengthy discussion, they managed to even out their differences.

6. Explain away

  • Definition: find an excuse or plausible explanation
  • Synonyms: justify, deliberate
  • Example: How are you going to explain away the missing money?

7. Eat into

  • Definition: to damage something
  • Synonyms: burn, sting
  • Example: Don’t let your overthinking eat into yourself.

8. Empty out

  • Definition: to remove everything from the inside something.
  • Synonyms: empty, evacuate
  • Example: Henna was commanded to empty out her office desk and leave.

9. Engage in

  • Definition: to take part in or do something
  • Synonyms: take part in, join
  • Example: Most students engage in extracurricular activities after school and on weekends.

10. Enter into

  • Definition: to start to become involved in something, especially a discussion or agreement
  • Synonyms: begin, commence
  • Example: They refuse to enter into any discussion on this matter.

Transitive Verbs That Start with E

Many intransitive and transitive verbs that start with E are found in the English language. In addition, some of the transitive verbs are compiled under this category. Check them out as well.

1. Enclose

  • Definition: to put something inside of something
  • Synonyms: encircle, enfold
  • Example: They enclosed the ring in a beautiful box.

2. Entice

  • Definition: to persuade
  • Synonyms: allure, lure
  • Example: My brother enticed me to buy new Nike sneakers for him.

3. Examine

  • Definition: to analyze something
  • Synonyms: inspect, observe
  • Example: I am examining and editing the thesis paper of my friend.

4. Evoke

  • Definition: to stimulate something
  • Synonyms: summon, invoke
  • Example: My tweet evoked a lot of anger from the audience.

5. Excite

  • Definition: to inspire
  • Synonyms: thrill, exhilarate
  • Example: Playing cricket excites my friends.

6. Explain

  • Definition: to provide a reason for something
  • Synonyms: describe, clarify
  • Example: Please explain this question to me.

7. Enlarge

  • Definition: to increase the size of something
  • Synonyms: grow, extend
  • Example: I plan on enlarging the lawn and planting new plants there.

8. Escort

  • Definition: to act as someone’s companion
  • Synonyms: attend, guard
  • Example: Joe escorted Johanna to the prom.

9. Evade

  • Definition: to get away from something or someone
  • Synonyms: elude, dodge
  • Example: The judges were forced to evade his question.

10. Erase

  • Definition: to rub out something
  • Synonyms: delete, rub off
  • Example: She erased his sketch from her sketchbook out of anger.

Powerful Verbs That Start with E for Impressive Resume

A person mainly wants to have a strong image of his personality over the people in his friend’s circle or in front of his boss. So, here is a set of E verbs that will help you create an impactful resume.

1. Eliminate

  • Definition: to throw something out
  • Synonyms: remove, banish
  • Example: He has eliminated all the negative things from his personality and has turned himself into a workhorse.

2. Ensure

  • Definition: to give a guarantee for something
  • Synonyms: safeguard, guarantee
  • Example: This skincare brand ensures the quality of its products and workplace.

3. Evaluate

  • Definition: to assess something or someone
  • Synonyms: assess, judge
  • Example: Please evaluate the earnings of this month.

4. Enlist

  • Definition: to sign up for a responsibility
  • Synonyms: enroll, recruit
  • Example: He enlisted in the army and will join this year.  

5. Exceed

  • Definition: to be superior to someone
  • Synonyms: surpass, outdo
  • Example: The quality of her research work has exceeded my expectations.

6. Employ

  • Definition: to make use of something
  • Synonyms: engage, recruit
  • Example: Hundreds of people are employed in this factory.

7. Establish

  • Definition: to organize
  • Synonyms: set up, begin
  • Example: My father has established his own business from scratch without outside help.

8. Enable

  • Definition: to make something happen
  • Synonyms: authorize, sanction
  • Example: Teamwork has enabled us to get the project done in time.

9. Enhance

  • Definition: to improve
  • Synonyms: increase, intensify
  • Example: Hiring new employees has really enhanced their efficiency.

10. Entrust

  • Definition: to give custody to someone
  • Synonyms: trust, assign
  • Example: He entrusted me with his work.

Verbs That Start with E for Top-Notch Essays

A language expert or writer always looks for fancy words to breathe life into his writings. Therefore, they always go for big, bold, and flowery verbs that start with E for top-notch essays. Some of them are mentioned next.

1. Estimate

  • Definition: to guess something
  • Synonyms: approximate, evaluate
  • Example: We have estimated the net worth of that person.

2. Entail

  • Definition: to require
  • Synonyms: necessitate, require
  • Example: The new dam project entailed a considerable expense.  

3. Exalt

  • Definition: to promote
  • Synonyms: dignify, praise
  • Example: She is exalted as a woman of great mannerism.

4. Envision

  • Definition: to anticipate something
  • Synonyms: visualize, imagine
  • Example: Meeting him for the first time didn’t go as I had envisioned it.

5. Embody

  • Definition: to represent
  • Synonyms: personify, incorporate
  • Example: He is embodied as a proper and disciplined man.

6. Endear

  • Definition: to attract attention to oneself
  • Synonyms: captivate, fascinate
  • Example: Her new velvet dress endeared a lot of appreciation to everyone at the party.

7. Educate

  • Definition: to teach information to someone
  • Synonyms: school, coach
  • Example: Everyone should be educated on basic personal hygiene in their childhood.

8. Endure

  • Definition: to bear hardships
  • Synonyms: undergo, tolerate
  • Example: My grandmother endured a tremendous amount of pain after the death of my grandfather.

9. Enjoin

  • Definition: to command
  • Synonyms: instruct, encourage
  • Example: The lawyer enjoined his client not to sell all of his property at once.

10. Encourage

  • Definition: to stimulate spiritually
  • Synonyms: hearten, boost
  • Example: My friends have encouraged me to start my own business with my studies.

Verbs That Start with E – Full List (232 Words)

We have created a separate category of E action words to ensure you do not miss out on any words. Scroll through the entire list of verbs that start with the letter E and have fun.

  • Engage
  • Excuse
  • Expect
  • Extend
  • Entertain
  • Exist
  • Equal
  • Evacuate
  • Embarrass
  • Elect
  • Embrace
  • Enchant
  • Empower
  • Expound
  • Enthrall
  • Expedite
  • Evolve
  • Elaborate
  • Endorse
  • Enliven
  • Eat
  • Emit
  • Enfold
  • Escape
  • Encounter
  • Erupt
  • Eradicate
  • Evaporate
  • Encircle
  • Exercise
  • Elicit
  • Echo
  • Express
  • Exaggerate
  • Energize
  • Excel
  • Equip
  • Enrich
  • Entitle
  • Esteem
  • Estimate
  • Entail
  • Exalt
  • Envision
  • Embody
  • Endear
  • Educate
  • Endure
  • Enjoin
  • Encourage
  • Ease off
  • Egg on
  • Embark on
  • End in
  • Even out
  • Explain away
  • Eat into
  • Empty out
  • Engage in
  • Enter into
  • Enclose
  • Entice
  • Examine
  • Evoke
  • Excite
  • Explain
  • Enlarge
  • Escort
  • Evade
  • Erase
  • Eliminate
  • Ensure
  • Evaluate
  • Enlist
  • Exceed
  • Employ
  • Establish
  • Enable
  • Enhance
  • Entrust
  • Extract
  • Eye
  • Enshrine
  • Exemplify
  • Erode
  • Execute
  • Excavate
  • Even
  • Enumerate
  • Excommunicate
  • Ensue
  • Ensnare
  • Exert
  • Exonerate
  • Edify
  • Expropriate
  • Elude
  • Engross
  • Export
  • Emblazon
  • Entrench
  • Emasculate
  • Enclave
  • Exude
  • Extricate
  • Experience
  • Embezzle
  • Enroll
  • Embitter
  • Enter
  • Explode
  • Enforce
  • Expel
  • Exploit
  • Enlighten
  • Encumber
  • Edit
  • Email
  • Elope
  • Emboss
  • Elapse
  • Execrate
  • Emancipate
  • Expand
  • Entomb
  • Embellish
  • Err
  • Extenuate
  • Emphasize
  • Egg
  • Enthuse
  • Endanger
  • Encompass
  • Enjoy
  • Entrap
  • Enthral
  • Endow
  • Embed
  • Exempt
  • Enslave
  • Earn
  • Elucidate
  • Embalm
  • Enquire
  • Emerge
  • Extinguish
  • Entreat
  • Excrete
  • Except
  • Encase
  • Enrol
  • End
  • Enamor
  • Economize
  • Exit
  • Exult
  • Enact
  • Enthrone
  • Encrust
  • Exhort
  • Envelop
  • Ebb
  • Elevate
  • Effect
  • Encroach
  • Edge
  • Elbow
  • Enervate
  • Emulsion
  • Engrave
  • Erect
  • Extirpate
  • Expire
  • Embroider
  • Emulate
  • Extol
  • Enfeeble
  • Extort
  • Expiate
  • Entwine
  • Envisage
  • Ejaculate
  • Electrify
  • Eavesdrop
  • Expurgate
  • Exorcise
  • Eke
  • Enrapture
  • Eject
  • Exhaust
  • Exile
  • Engender
  • Exhale
  • Expatriate
  • Exclude
  • Emigrate
  • Electrocute
  • Enrage
  • Exhume
  • Excise
  • Exclaim
  • Encrypt
  • Empty
  • Enamel
  • Evict
  • Exfoliate
  • Ease
  • Exchange
  • Experiment
  • Endue
  • Eclipse
  • Exacerbate
  • Exhibit
  • Envy
  • Ennoble
  • Extrapolate
  • Enucleate
  • Extradite
  • Embark
  • Efface
  • Embolden
  • Expend
  • Engulf
  • Equalize
  • Elongate
  • Estrange
  • Emaciate
  • Expose
  • Exterminate
  • Emanate
  • Explore
  • Exasperate

Final Thoughts on Verbs That Start with E

Thank you for taking out the time to go through this list of verbs that start with E. I am sure you must have realized the worth of these verbs that start with E by now and understand how important it is for us to learn and incorporate them into our vocabulary bank.

E is a significant letter in English alphabets, and by using it, we can also create a lot of action words that start with E. We might have found it impossible to write this entire article without using the E alphabet, as you can see the repeated use of the E and E verbs.

If you liked this list of verb words that start with E, do not forget to leave your precious and worthy reviews in the comments below.

We have other lists, just like this one but with different alphabets. Check them out, too, and become an English language expert. I hope you had a great time. See you soon.

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