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List of 210 Verbs That Start with F with Definitions and Examples

by Tim

Back again, with another article covering verbs that start with F. There are loads of verbs that start with F and we won’t be able to enlist all of them due to limited time and space. But we promise to enhance your knowledge multiple times despite this limit.

The idea of learning verbs seems absolutely advantageous as we will be founding ourselves in a position of using these verbs on and off. To pull off this idea, we have brought verbs beginning with F this time.

You might have come across certain stages where you found yourself in great trouble concerning good vocabulary. You need to let go of this fear now. And here’s how. Give a read to this article containing verbs beginning with F.

In order to learn with so much ease, you first need to ease yourself. Sit in a healthy and comfortable environment and embrace yourselves for an ocean of vocabulary of action words that start with F.

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Common Verbs That Start with F

To start the journey, we are first required to take easy steps. The first step we are going to take is to learn the most common verbs starting with F that will assist us in heading towards difficult ones. 

1. Feel

  • Definition: to sense something either pain or pleasure
  • Synonyms: perceive, experience
  • Example: He was feeling the warmth of her presence.

2. Fear

  • Definition: to be frightened of facing or losing something or someone
  • Synonyms: frighten, scare
  • Example: I fear losing my parents.

3. Faint

  • Definition: to lose consciousness or to become dizzy
  • Synonyms: collapse, pass out
  • Example: She fainted due to low blood pressure in the morning assembly.

4. Freeze

  • Definition: to become still out of the extreme cold
  • Synonyms: benumb, shock
  • Example: She froze the meat for later use.

5. Form

  • Definition: to create something
  • Synonyms: make, establish
  • Example: He is forming a new team for this project.

6. Fool

  • Definition: to be able to make someone dumb by deceiving
  • Synonyms: cheat, delude
  • Example: He is constantly fooling his girlfriend.

7. Function

  • Definition: to be able to perform an activity
  • Synonyms: operate, act
  • Example: My car engine isn’t functioning properly.

8. Fold

  • Definition: to bend something or to change a position into rolled one
  • Synonyms: bend, curl
  • Example: She folded the paper and threw it in the bin.

9. Follow

  • Definition: to obey or go after something or someone
  • Synonyms: pursue, escort
  • Example: Police car is following the robbers.

10. Fashion

  • Definition: to create something in a specific manner
  • Synonyms: construct, build
  • Example: She fashioned her daughter exactly as per the requirements of the party.

Positive Verbs That Start with F

How about learning positive verbs that start with F to wipe out the negativity from life? Seems like a stunning idea. So, let’s just pull it off right now and have a look at positive verbs starting with letter F.

1. Fare

  • Definition: to do something for a longer period of time
  • Synonyms: progress, proceed
  • Example: He fared extremely well in yesterday’s match.

2. Fancy

  • Definition: to desire or wish for something
  • Synonyms: crave, love
  • Example: She always fancies winter nights and solitude.

3. Fantasize

  • Definition: to think about something that enlightens the mood
  • Synonyms: imagine, hallucinate
  • Example: She began to fantasize about her life with her boss.

4. Foreordain

  • Definition: to be destined to happen or written in fate
  • Synonyms: foretell, predestine
  • Example: They both were foreordained to be together forever.

5. Free

  • Definition: to give liberty or freedom to someone
  • Synonyms: liberate, acquit
  • Example: Anti-vivisectionists yesterday freed some animals from a laboratory.

6. Fry

  • Definition: to cook or roast something in oil
  • Synonyms: roast, frizzle
  • Example: She was frying eggs for her kids.

7. Favor

  • Definition: to help or support someone out of kindness
  • Synonyms: aid, facilitate
  • Example: He has always favored me in all ups and downs of my life.

8. Fascinate

  • Definition: to have a feeling of excitement or goodness
  • Synonyms: captivate, bewitch
  • Example: The new interior of the office was fascinating everyone.

9. Farm

  • Definition: to raise the livestock and doing agriculture
  • Synonyms: cultivate, plow
  • Example: He farms vegetables in his garden every season.

10. Furbish

  • Definition: to give something a new appearance
  • Synonyms: recondition, renew
  • Example: She is going to furbish her drawing room next month.

Action Verbs That Start with F

Action verbs are those that describe some sort of activity being performed. Let’s learn those action verbs that start with F To hush those fears that make us feel embarrassed.

1. Fasten

  • Definition: to wear a belt in order to stay safe
  • Synonyms: secure, bolt
  • Example: He fastened the seatbelt before going on a drive.

2. Flinch

  • Definition: to make a reflexive action out of fear
  • Synonyms: wince, shrink
  • Example: She flinched after seeing a snake.

3. Filch

  • Definition: to steal something in a casual way 
  • Synonyms: lift, pinch
  • Example: She filched the phone from her friend’s purse.

4. Fail

  • Definition: to lose or being unable to achieve something
  • Synonyms: stall, break
  • Example: He failed to create a good impression on his boss.

5. Face

  • Definition: to confront something bravely
  • Synonyms: confront, encounter
  • Example: She has to face the consequences now.

6. Fracture

  • Definition: to break the bones
  • Synonyms: crack, fissure
  • Example: This accident has fractured his both legs.

7. Frame

  • Definition: to make someone else guilty of what you have done  
  • Synonyms: accuse, blame
  • Example: She framed her brother for all the mishaps and ran away.

8. Fetch

  • Definition: to get something
  • Synonyms: retrieve, bring
  • Example: He fetched a glass of wine and began to dance.

9. Filter

  • Definition: to make the water clear of all the impurities and germs
  • Synonyms: purify, clear
  • Example: Filter this water to prevent any kind of disease.

10. Fondle

  • Definition: to touch something or someone in a gentle way
  • Synonyms: caress, embrace
  • Example: He was fondling his wife in these cozy winters.

Regular Verbs That Start with F

There are different forms of verbs, and we are trying to bring them all to your knowledge. Having said that, we have brought regular verbs beginning with F to enhance your vocabulary. 

1. Feign

  • Definition: to develop false or fake feelings
  • Synonyms: imitate, bluff
  • Example: She feigned her behavior in front of her stepfather.

2. Faze

  • Definition: to do foolish things and annoying someone 
  • Synonyms: annoy, confuse
  • Example: She constantly fazed her friend with her lame acts.

3. Fluster

  • Definition: to confuse someone
  • Synonyms: bewilder, confuse
  • Example: She flustered him in so many ways but failed to achieve her goal.

4. Force

  • Definition: to push someone to do things as you desire
  • Synonyms: compel, order
  • Example: She forced her friend to come to her.

5. Fake

  • Definition: to falsify something other than reality
  • Synonyms: forge, counterfeit
  • Example: She faked the content and presented it to her boss.

6. Flaunt

  • Definition: to show off your luxuries or standards of living
  • Synonyms: display, show off
  • Example: She flaunted her new car at the last night’s event repeatedly.

7. Fade

  • Definition: to go dull or lose the beauty
  • Synonyms: deteriorate, dwindle
  • Example: Her beauty faded away with age.

8. Flounder

  • Definition: to get plunged into something
  • Synonyms: stumble, wallow
  • Example: A baby floundered in the swimming pool.

9. Foster

  • Definition: to take care of a baby that has no blood relation to you
  • Synonyms: harbor, help
  • Example: She fostered the lost child in the park.

10. Fortify

  • Definition: to give a safe and protected place
  • Synonyms: secure, protect
  • Example: He fortified the building with a high fence around it.

Irregular Verbs That Start with F

Irregular verbs are not simply formed by the addition of -d or -ed to the first form rather they are changed in spelling completely. To learn how, just focus on ten irregular verbs that start with F below.

1. Fly

  • Definition: to be able to move in air with the help of wings
  • Synonyms: soar, float
  • Example: As soon as it saw us, the bird flew off.

2. Fall

  • Definition: to slip off or go down
  • Synonyms: plunge, dip
  • Example: He fell from the stairs and got his bone fractured.

3. Fight

  • Definition: to engage in a quarrel
  • Synonyms: challenge, clash
  • Example: He fought with so much bravery and strength.

4. Forbid

  • Definition: to make someone not do something
  • Synonyms: block, sensor,
  • Example: He was forbidden to go out alone.

5. Find 

  • Definition: to get something that was lost
  • Synonyms: get, acquire
  • Example: He found his lost glasses below the pillow.

6. Feed

  • Definition: to make someone eat the food
  • Synonyms: provide, nourish
  • Example: He fed the pets early morning.

7. Forget

  • Definition: to lose control over remembering something
  • Synonyms: omit, neglect
  • Example: He forgot to turn off the AC.

8. Fit

  • Definition: to have an exact shape or to get fixed properly
  • Synonyms: fix, adjust
  • Example: The new dress fit him really well.

9. Forsake

  • Definition: to leave someone or something and not get to return
  • Synonyms: disown, repudiate
  • Example: He forsook his girlfriend and went abroad.

10. Forgive

  • Definition: to pardon someone for something wrong they have done
  • Synonyms: pardon, exonerate
  • Example: She forgave her husband for his sick behavior toward her.

Phrasal Verbs That Start with F

Combination of two or more words that convey a different meaning than the actual verb is called a phrasal verb. Let’s throw some light on phrasal verbs that start with F to learn them properly.

1. Face up to

  • Definition: to deal with something bad directly
  • Synonyms: deal, confront
  • Example: She faced up to her problems with so much strength.

2. Factor in

  • Definition: to be able to calculate or estimate something
  • Synonyms: to consider, estimate
  • Example: We must factor in the age of the patients.

3. Fall apart

  • Definition: to break up or becoming low
  • Synonyms: fall to pieces, tear apart
  • Example: She fell apart after listening to the news of her father’s death.

4. Figure out

  • Definition: to discover something
  • Synonyms: discover, determine
  • Example: You need to figure it out now, it’s getting out of hand.

5. Fill in for

  • Definition: to replace someone or something
  • Synonyms: substitute, replace
  • Example: You need to fill in for the absent person.

6. Find out

  • Definition: to search out something or someone  
  • Synonyms: search, discover
  • Example: She finally found out the solution to her problems.

7. Fire away

  • Definition: to allow someone to speak
  • Synonyms: speak away, tell
  • Example: If you have any queries regarding this topic, just fire away.

8. Fit in with

  • Definition: to be compatible or strong enough to compete
  • Synonyms: conform, belong
  • Example: You are required to keep your pace high to fit in with your peers.

9. Freak out

  • Definition: to show annoyance or irritation
  • Synonyms: agitate, alarm
  • Example: She freaked out due to the sick response of her tenants.

10. Fuss over

  • Definition: to pay excessive attention to someone
  • Synonyms: worry, concern
  • Example: She fussed over her cats.

Transitive Verbs That Start with F

Describing all the kinds of verbs, how come we forget transitive verbs? We are going to make you encounter a few transitive verbs that start with F so that you can have a proper understanding of them.

1. Finish

  • Definition: to get something completed or done
  • Synonyms: complete, conclude
  • Example: I will finish the task on time.

2. Fix

  • Definition: to repair or fit something
  • Synonyms: set, stabilize
  • Example: He fixed the issues of his family and went abroad.

3. Formulate

  • Definition: to plan or create a full scenario
  • Synonyms: prepare, construct
  • Example: They formulated a plan that made them excel amazingly.

4. Foul

  • Definition: to make something dirty with dirt or garbage
  • Synonyms: stain, pollute
  • Example: CFCs are fouling weather conditions across the globe.

5. Forfeit

  • Definition: to get away from the power one had because of wrong decisions
  • Synonyms: relinquish, surrender
  • Example: He forfeited his rights of living with his stepfather.

6. Forgo

  • Definition: to give up or to surrender
  • Synonyms: abandon, forsake
  • Example: He promised to forgo the wrong deeds he has done in the past.

7. Forage  

  • Definition: to be involved in searching the food
  • Synonyms: explore, scour
  • Example: They foraged the wild areas just out of fun.

8. Fan

  • Definition: to allow air to blow and make the room cold
  • Synonyms: air, blow
  • Example: You are required to fan the room because it’s getting too hot.

9. Formalize

  • Definition: to arrange things in an orderly manner
  • Synonyms: characterize, specify
  • Example: He formalized the dining table for guests.

10. Forge

  • Definition: to fool someone by creating fake and false content 
  • Synonyms: falsify, fabricate
  • Example: She forged her documents to get that job.

Powerful Verbs That Start with F for Impressive Resume

Are you in a worry about creating your resume in an impressive way? Don’t be worried anymore. We have brought ten powerful F verbs that will help you with creating a beautiful resume.

1. File

  • Definition: to create a record or document of something important
  • Synonyms: register, press
  • Example: Despite being true, I didn’t file a case about my prior workplace.

2. Forbear

  • Definition: to have control over something or to tolerate the pain
  • Synonyms: abstain, desist
  • Example: He decided to forbear from interfering in the company matters.

3. Feature

  • Definition: to make something or someone very important
  • Synonyms: advertise, headline
  • Example: This film features the most hyped issue in our society.

4. Fulfill

  • Definition: to complete the task or to accomplish a goal
  • Synonyms: accomplish, consummate
  • Example: He fulfilled his promise of getting me a job.

5. Facilitate

  • Definition: to make things easily available for everyone  
  • Synonyms: ease, smooth
  • Example: Government needs to facilitate the masses with basic needs.

6. Figure

  • Definition: to find a solution to something
  • Synonyms: determine, discover
  • Example: You need to figure your goals for yourself.

7. Fraternize

  • Definition: to meet someone in a friendly manner without showing any patronized behavior
  • Synonyms: be friendly, be sociable with
  • Example: He fraternized with his employees really well.

8. Focus

  • Definition: to put your complete attention on your task
  • Synonyms: fixate, concentrate
  • Example: You need to focus on your studies to live a good life.

9. Familiarize

  • Definition: to get to know something or someone in person
  • Synonyms: enlighten, adapt
  • Example: You should make yourself familiarized with the rules of this company.

10. Fructify

  • Definition: to make something fruitful or beneficial
  • Synonyms: fecundate, impregnate
  • Example: All of your struggles will fructify your future plans.

Verbs That Start with F – Full List (210 Words)

After providing you with all the verbs beginning with F, here we are going to enlist them all in a single place. So that you can have a quick review of whatever you have learned or remembered so far. So, here’s the list of verbs that start with the letter F.

  • Feel
  • Fear
  • Faint
  • Freeze
  • Form
  • Fool
  • Function
  • Fold
  • Follow
  • Fashion
  • Fare
  • Fancy
  • Fantasize
  • Foreordain
  • Free
  • Fry
  • Favor
  • Fascinate
  • Farm
  • Furbish
  • Fasten
  • Flinch
  • Filch
  • Fail
  • Face
  • Fracture
  • Frame
  • Fetch
  • Filter
  • Fondle
  • Feign
  • Faze
  • Fluster
  • Force
  • Fake
  • Flaunt
  • Fade
  • Flounder
  • Foster
  • Fortify
  • Fly
  • Fall
  • Fight
  • Forbid
  • Find
  • Feed
  • Forget
  • Fit
  • Forsake
  • Forgive
  • Face up to
  • Factor in
  • Fall apart
  • Figure out
  • Fill in for
  • Find out
  • Fire away
  • Fit in with
  • Freak out
  • Fuss over
  • Finish
  • Fix
  • Formulate
  • Foul
  • Forfeit
  • Forgo
  • Forage
  • Fan
  • Formalize
  • Forge
  • File
  • Forbear
  • Feature
  • Fulfill
  • Facilitate
  • Figure
  • Fraternize
  • Focus
  • Familiarize
  • Fructify
  • Furrow
  • Fritter
  • Flog
  • Foment
  • Federate
  • Fill
  • Fray
  • Fish
  • Flush
  • Forecast
  • Foam
  • Fast
  • Flatter
  • Froth
  • Flute
  • Frown
  • Forestall
  • Forejudge
  • Filtch
  • Front
  • Fathom
  • Flour
  • Feather
  • Fob
  • Foil
  • Fulfil
  • Feminize
  • Firm
  • Flank
  • Forward
  • Fire
  • Fidget
  • Foresee
  • Fence
  • Fume
  • Flicker
  • Foist
  • Flake
  • Fulminate
  • Film
  • Fluff
  • Furl
  • Flout
  • Flay
  • Fossilize
  • Frizz
  • Flatten
  • Flap
  • Ferment
  • Flesh
  • Fuss
  • Fine-tune
  • Fete
  • Frost
  • Frequent
  • Fluctuate
  • Frenchify
  • Fine
  • Finger
  • Foreshadow
  • Foal
  • Flow
  • Furnish
  • Flabberghast
  • Flee
  • Flit
  • Flourish
  • Fleck
  • Fret
  • Flip
  • Fumble
  • Flood
  • Forebode
  • Ferry
  • Friend
  • Fissure
  • Falter
  • Fabricate
  • Flavor
  • Flirt
  • Fling
  • Fork
  • Feint
  • Freak
  • Feast
  • Flounce
  • Fringe
  • Flavour
  • Frustrate
  • Fiddle
  • Fawn
  • Funk
  • Flick
  • Fart
  • Frill
  • Flex
  • Fulgurate
  • Float
  • Flame
  • Falsify
  • Finalize
  • Flare
  • Fizzle
  • Frighten
  • Forfend
  • Favour
  • Flower
  • Fizz
  • Freshen
  • Fertilize
  • Flail
  • Flash
  • Frank
  • Flutter
  • Fib
  • Fend
  • Fleece
  • Frolic
  • Fumigate
  • Festoon
  • Fluidify
  • Found
  • Finance
  • Floor
  • Fuel
  • Flag
  • Ferret
  • Fate
  • Fatten
  • Foliate

Final Thoughts on Verbs That Start with F

How have you found this article on learning verbs that start with F? Was it helpful or not? Has this article hit your expectations or not? Questioning you all this because your feedback assists us in growing healthily.

Constant practice, extensive reading, and attentive learning will help you in taking these verb words that start with F from short-term memory into long-term memory.

Action words that start with F are being given with definitions and sentence examples in this article to make this learning a piece of cake for you all.

Here’s to say goodbye to each other after making a healthy knowledge-crammed encounter in this article on verbs that start with F.

We are going to continue this tradition of ours bringing more unique and modern vocabulary to your feed. Till then, take care.

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