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List of 55 Adjectives That Start with Y with Definitions and Examples

by Tim

In ordinary life, there aren’t many adjectives that start with Y. What else comes to mind except young, yearly, and yellow? We’ve compiled a list of new adjectives beginning with Y, together with definitions, synonyms, and examples, to assist you in learning these Y adjectives.

Even though adjectives beginning with Y are important in the English language, descriptive words that start with Y are less common than adjectives beginning with the alphabet. In writing and speaking, adjectives describe or enhance nouns and pronouns, allowing you to be more descriptive and attractive with your words.

The language you use has an impact on the person you are. Using suitable vocabulary facilitates communication and increases the level of optimism in people around you.

If you are unfamiliar with these adjectives that start with Y, it will be difficult to recall them. As a result, the definitions and examples presented in the article are crucial.

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Common Adjectives That Start with Y in Everyday Speech

Here you’ll find list of commonly used adjectives that start with Y. When we communicate successfully, the use of common adjectives significantly improves our ability to communicate. Take a look at these widely used adjectives starting with Y.

1. Yellowed

  • Definition: having become yellow
  • Synonyms: yellow, yellowish, yellowing
  • Example: She has a yellowed newspaper cutting.

2. Yellowish

  • Definition: having a yellow tinge
  • Synonyms: flaxen, golden, sandy
  • Example: There was a yellowish tinge of the sun.

3. Year-round

  • Definition: present during the whole of the year
  • Synonyms: constant, continual, continuous
  • Example: This island has year-round sunshine.

4. Yappy

  • Definition: making short high sounds
  • Synonyms: bark, bay, howl
  • Example: This is a yappy little dog.

5. Yucky

  • Definition: dirty or unclean
  • Synonyms: filthy, dirty, unclean
  • Example: He is a yucky boy.

6. Young

  • Definition: having lived for short time
  • Synonyms: youthful, juvenile, junior
  • Example: He is a young boy.

7. Yielding

  • Definition: complying with the requests or desires of others
  • Synonyms: humble, passive, resigned
  • Example: He is a gentle, yielding person.

8. Yowling

  • Definition: loud, complaining in nature
  • Synonyms: clamorous, obstreperous, vociferous
  • Example: She can sleep at the yowling place.

9. Yogic

  • Definition: interested in yoga
  • Synonyms: yogistic
  • Example: His yogic routine made him fit.

10. Yearlong

  • Definition: lasting throughout the year
  • Synonyms: perennial, enduring, lasting
  • Example: She fought a yearlong cancer battle.

Positive Adjectives That Start with Y

You may make it through the day more successfully by using positive adjectives that start with Y. You might also use them to motivate the people around you. As a direct consequence of this, reading these uplifting descriptors will make you and others around you happy.

1. Yummy

  • Definition: delicious and pleasing to the taste
  • Synonyms: delicious, delectable, appetizing
  • Example: That was a yummy cake.

2. Yeasty

  • Definition: marked by spirited enjoyment
  • Synonyms: barmy, zestful, pleasant
  • Example: He is a yeasty individual.

3. Yearnful

  • Definition: strong desire to get something
  • Synonyms: distressing, mournful
  • Example: He is a yearnful boy.

4. Yearly

  • Definition: occurring once a year
  • Synonyms: annual, once a year, every year
  • Example: We have been adjusting budget on a yearly basis.

5. Yawning

  • Definition: very large and wide
  • Synonyms: wide, cavernous, huge
  • Example: They have a yawning house.

Adjectives That Start with Y to Describe a Person

Look through our list of adjectives that start with Y to describe someone. Adjective is used to describe one of a person’s most distinguishing characteristics. Use Y adjectives to describe a person as often as possible.

1. Youthful

  • Definition: young or seeming young
  • Synonyms: young-looking, spry, sprightly
  • Example: She is a youthful girl.

4. Youngish

  • Definition: young
  • Synonyms: young, juvenile, youthful
  • Example: There was a youngish girl.

3. Yiddish

  • Definition: pertaining to the Yiddish language
  • Synonyms: jewish, yiddishkeit
  • Example: He is a Yiddish lady.

4. Yearling

  • Definition: a year old
  • Synonyms: one year
  • Example: She is a yearling bride.

5. Yemeni

  • Definition: relating to Yemen
  • Synonyms: from Yemen
  • Example: She is a Yemeni citizen.

6. Yugoslavian

  • Definition: relating to Yugoslavia
  • Synonyms: yugoslav, from Yugoslavia
  • Example: She is a yugoslavian girl.

7. Yellow-bellied

  • Definition: cowardly or lacking in courage
  • Synonyms: craven, cowardly, fearful
  • Example: He is a yellow-bellied man.

8. Yokelish

  • Definition: impolite or bad-mannered
  • Synonyms: rude, impolite, discourteous
  • Example: He is a yokelish person.

9. Yobbish

  • Definition: rude and noisy
  • Synonyms: vulgar, uncouth, coarse
  • Example: She has yobbish behavior.

10. Yellow

  • Definition: color between green and orange
  • Synonyms: yellowish, yellowy, lemon
  • Example: He has curly yellow hair.

Adjectives That Start with Y – Full List (55 Words)

We looked at several adjectives that begin with the letter Y. Here is a list of adjectives that begin with the letter Y. This is the most comprehensive list of adjectives that start with Y that you will find anywhere on the internet.

  • Yellowed
  • Yellowish
  • Year-round
  • Yappy
  • Yucky
  • Young
  • Yielding
  • Yowling
  • Yogic
  • Yearlong
  • Yummy
  • Yeasty
  • Yearnful
  • Yearly
  • Yawning
  • Youthful
  • Youngish
  • Yiddish
  • Yearling
  • Yemeni
  • Yugoslavian
  • Yellow-bellied
  • Yokelish
  • Yobbish
  • Yellow
  • Yawped
  • Young-looking
  • Yearn
  • Youngling
  • Yonder
  • Yawling
  • Yon
  • Yodeling
  • Youthward
  • Yeast-like
  • Yearward
  • Ylike
  • Yellow-tinged
  • Yuletide
  • Yeastian
  • Yeatsian
  • Yare
  • Yemenite
  • Yond
  • Yapping
  • Yellowy
  • Yoke-toed
  • Yankee
  • Yance
  • Your
  • Yelping
  • Young-at-heart
  • Yellowing
  • Yeomanly
  • Yore

Final Thoughts on Adjectives That Start with Y

We hope that after reading the adjectives that start with Y and their meanings, synonyms, and examples, you have a solid understanding of them and are confident in using them in everyday speech.

It is vital to remember that without the explanatory power of adjectives, your speech would be completely empty of energy. When writing an essay or speaking, the adjectives starting with Y in the list above will make you seem like a brilliant genius, and someone will certainly compliment you on your abilities.

We hope you got what you were searching for by reading these adjectives that start with Y. Thanks for taking time to read our article on descriptive words that start with Y. We appreciate your interest. As you may have seen, adjectives are significant in everyday interactions.

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