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List of 79 Verbs That Start with Y with Definitions and Examples

by Tim

Verbs that start with Y serve several purposes in our life, from completing sentence structure to allowing you to reveal your actual self without any difficulty; they have your back.

Given the enormous quantity of verbs that start with Y, it is evident that you cannot master all verbs beginning with Y in one sitting, but you can certainly learn some of them.

We have compiled this exclusive list, which is chock-full of unique verbs beginning with Y. If you like this list and found it useful, please share it with your colleagues to help them learn new terms as well.

The life of a person demands fight to survive and hard work to stand out from the crowd. The same is true for education; you cannot be considered educated if you do not put out effort and invest your time in learning new terms and acquiring new abilities.

Let us begin today’s lesson with action words that start with Y and help you nurture your mind and spirit. Best wishes.

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Common Verbs That Start with Y

To take the plunge, common verbs are always there. They ease the journey as they belong to a very basic level. Having said that, why don’t you make yourself familiar with the most common verbs starting with Y?

1. Yell

  • Definition: to shout
  • Synonyms: bawl, howl
  • Example: You don’t have to yell; I can hear you.

2. Yearn

  • Definition: to desire something
  • Synonyms: desire, hanker
  • Example: You yearn for someone to talk to.

3. Yellow

  • Definition: to turn into yellow color
  • Synonyms: peroxide, age
  • Example: This stepping-stone has yellowed with age.

4. Yelp

  • Definition: to utter a cry
  • Synonyms: squall, yap
  • Example: The dog yelped and ran off.

5. Yap

  • Definition: to bark
  • Synonyms: squeal, woof
  • Example: The badger dogs are yapping.

6. Yowl

  • Definition: to make an unhappy cry
  • Synonyms: howl, wail
  • Example: A tomcat was yowling out on the lawn.

7. Yawl

  • Definition: to scream
  • Synonyms: roar, moan
  • Example: Why are you yawling?

8. Yammer

  • Definition: to talk repeatedly
  • Synonyms: drone, yap
  • Example: They were yammering about her candidacy.

9. Yak

  • Definition: to talk about inconsequential matters
  • Synonyms: babble, converse
  • Example: John has been yakking away for no reason.

10. Yead

  • Definition: to proceed
  • Synonyms: continue, walk
  • Example: Come on comrade, let’s yead.

Positive Verbs That Start with Y

A little positivity goes a long way. We all need motivational words and a positive mindset to overcome difficult times. Positive verbs starting with letter Y can help you solve this problem.

1. YouTube

  • Definition: search for a video on YouTube
  • Synonyms: search, surf
  • Example: I will definitely YouTube this video.

2. Yard

  • Definition: to get together
  • Synonyms: gather, meet
  • Example: The stags are yarding up in the ground.

3. Yuk

  • Definition: to joke exuberantly
  • Synonyms: tease, gambol
  • Example: They yukked it up at the auditorium.

4. Yacht

  • Definition: to sail
  • Synonyms: cruise, sail
  • Example: Jacky loves to yacht.

5. Yock

  • Definition: to laugh exuberantly
  • Synonyms: snuffle, grin
  • Example: Why have you been yocking?

6. Yean

  • Definition: to give birth to a lamb
  • Synonyms: bud
  • Example: A lamb was yeaned at our farm.

7. Yarn-dye

  • Definition: to dye before knitting
  • Synonyms: stain, color
  • Example: Please yarn-dye this fabric.

8. Yeve

  • Definition: to grant something
  • Synonyms: fund, allot
  • Example: You should yeve Mona some money.

9. Yoik

  • Definition: to sing
  • Synonyms: tune, warble
  • Example: John knows how to yoik.

10. Youthen

  • Definition: to make somebody young
  • Synonyms: embellish, titivate
  • Example: I have tried to youthened my partner.

Action Verbs That Start with Y

Action verbs are those that show some sort of action being performed. For that reason, it becomes substantial to learn those action verbs that start with Y to make our communication get better and up-to-date.

1. Yawn

  • Definition: to open your mouth
  • Synonyms: snooze, gape
  • Example: Philip can’t stop yawning – he must be tired.

2. Yaw

  • Definition: to veer off course briefly
  • Synonyms: ricochet, stray
  • Example: Their ship yawed after getting hit by waves.

3. Yesk

  • Definition: to belch
  • Synonyms: hiccup, gurch
  • Example: You should pardon him for yesking!

4. Yerd

  • Definition: to beat somebody
  • Synonyms: whip, thrash
  • Example: The offender was yerded with a strap.

5. Yomp

  • Definition: to walk or trek
  • Synonyms: ramble, tramp
  • Example: We yomped for 2 hours on that track.

6. Yeuk

  • Definition: to itch the skin
  • Synonyms: scrape, tingle
  • Example: Cooper has been yeuking with some anguish.

7. Yerk

  • Definition: to strike sharply
  • Synonyms: whip, whack
  • Example: I was yerked by him for no particular reason.

8. Yeast

  • Definition: to ferment
  • Synonyms: brew, churn
  • Example: That mixture was yeasted to form dough.

9. Yot

  • Definition: to unite closely
  • Synonyms: secure, fasten
  • Example: He yotted his oxen with the same rope.

10. Yank

  • Definition: to pull something
  • Synonyms: jolt, snatch
  • Example: I had to yank the door to open it.

Regular Verbs That Start with Y

Do not neglect or skip this portion thinking they are just a bunch of regular verbs beginning with Y. These verbs are used a lot in your writings, both professional and creative.

1. Yawp

  • Definition: to shout hoarsely
  • Synonyms: whine, yammer
  • Example: He yawped aggressively.

2. Yuppify

  • Definition: to make something more affluent
  • Synonyms: transmogrify, transform
  • Example: They have yuppified that guy.

3. Yatter

  • Definition: to talk at length
  • Synonyms: gossip, hubbub
  • Example: He yattered a lot.

4. Yip

  • Definition: to release a yelp
  • Synonyms: bark, roar
  • Example: My friend yipped with glee after winning the match.

5. Yack

  • Definition: to talk about dull subjects
  • Synonyms: chat, yap
  • Example: He yacked all the time, this is why his friends hated him.

6. Yux

  • Definition: to sob
  • Synonyms: whimper, sob
  • Example: Maria yuxed the whole night.

7. Yark

  • Definition: to talk nonsense
  • Synonyms: slobber, jabber
  • Example: I get fed up when he yarked about trivial things.

8. Yaw-haw

  • Definition: to laugh
  • Synonyms: chortle, guffaw
  • Example: They yaw-hawed when they saw me.

9. Yump

  • Definition: to jump
  • Synonyms: jump, spring
  • Example: I yumped off in jubilation when my team won.

Phrasal Verbs That Start with Y

Next are the phrasal verbs that start with Y under discussion. The primary purpose of phrasal verbs is to add beauty to dull and dry sentences. Tell us about your take on them. Do you also find them extremely powerful, just like we do?

1. Yak on   

  • Definition: to talk incessantly and annoyingly
  • Synonyms: speak, talk
  • Example: Your husband sometimes yaks on at parties.

2. Yammer on  

  • Definition: to talk uninterruptedly
  • Synonyms: say, talk
  • Example: She yammered on for ages.

3. Yak on about

  • Definition: talk incessantly and annoyingly
  • Synonyms: express, converse
  • Example: She always yaks on about foreign policy.

4. Yank off 

  • Definition: to remove quickly or violently
  • Synonyms: remove, talk away
  • Example: The little girl yanked her hat off.

5. Yield up 

  • Definition: to give something (usually not willingly)
  • Synonyms: give, produce
  • Example: The accused man finally yielded up the truth.

7. Yell out

  • Definition: to shout loudly
  • Synonyms: yell, scream
  • Example: After seeing her girlfriend making out with another guy, he yelled out.

7. Yack on

  • Definition: to talk continuously
  • Synonyms: chatter, converse
  • Example: He yacked on for an hour.

8. Yield to

  • Definition: to surrender
  • Synonyms: submit, surrender
  • Example: It’s very easy to yield to temptation and spend too much money.

9. Yearn for

  • Definition: to want something very much
  • Synonyms: desire, crave
  • Example: I am yearning for a hot coffee.

Transitive Verbs That Start with Y

How about bringing transitive verbs that start with Y to your knowledge? It sounds like a great idea, isn’t it? Transitive verbs are those that are dependent on objects to convey the true sense. Let’s follow this list to the end to know how. 

1. Yoke

  • Definition: to be joined
  • Synonyms: clasp, secure
  • Example: My colleague yoked two bulls to a plough.

2. York

  • Definition: to bowl a ball under the bat
  • Synonyms: bowl
  • Example: Bumrah yorked the batsman and bowled him.

3. Yandy

  • Definition: to take out useless stuff from grains
  • Synonyms: detach, segregate
  • Example: Before cooking the rice, you need to yandy the stones from it.

4. Yote

  • Definition: to mix water with something
  • Synonyms: mix, blend
  • Example: Please yote the floor and water to make a paste.

5. Yuck

  • Definition: to scratch
  • Synonyms: scrape, tear
  • Example: Don’t yuck your skin.

6. Yankee

  • Definition: to cheat somebody
  • Synonyms: cheat, delude
  • Example: He has yankeed his best friends.

7. Yealm

  • Definition: to make stubble
  • Synonyms: tile, tress
  • Example: They have yealmed the dried stalks of grain to make a roof.

8. Yend

  • Definition: to throw something
  • Synonyms: bung, fling
  • Example: Please yend this thing into the lake.

9. Yoink

  • Definition: to take something with tact
  • Synonyms: snip, grasp
  • Example: The burglar yoinked my cash.

10. Yeave-ho

  • Definition: to pull forcefully
  • Synonyms: tug, pull
  • Example: I yeave-hoed my boat at the harbor.

Powerful Verbs That Start with Y for Impressive Resume

Y verbs are very useful for someone who loves to write exceptionally by stepping out of their comfort zone and creating a masterpiece. All these verbs that start with Y are fun and unique.

1. Yard-sale

  • Definition: to sell things
  • Synonyms: merchandize, import
  • Example: I had to yard-sale the stuff I bought last year.

2. Yarn

  • Definition: to tell a long story
  • Synonyms: hum, prattle
  • Example: I yarned in front of my boss but he seemed to like it a lot.

3. Yarl

  • Definition: to sing
  • Synonyms: hymn, carol
  • Example: I yarl really beautifully.

4. Youthify

  • Definition: to make something youthful
  • Synonyms: revive, renew
  • Example: I am trying to youthfy my community.

5. Yakka

  • Definition: to work
  • Synonyms: sweat, labor
  • Example: I yakkaed really hard to build a man for myself.

6. Yodel

  • Definition: to sing
  • Synonyms: chaunt, shout
  • Example: I can yodel many classic songs.

7. Yoohoo

  • Definition: to give a cry of yoohoo
  • Synonyms: cry, howl
  • Example: We yoohooed with great pleasure after our victory.

8. Yeasay

  • Definition: to say yes
  • Synonyms: coincide, agree
  • Example: I yeasay to everything my boss asks me to do.

9. Yo-yo

  • Definition: to move up and down
  • Synonyms: vacillate, fluctuate
  • Example: The popularity polls of our company are yo-yoing these days.

10. Yield

  • Definition: to harvest a natural product
  • Synonyms: produce, give
  • Example: Our harvest has yielded heaps of slush.

Verbs That Start with Y for Top-Notch Essays

We can’t neglect some of the rare verbs as they hold major significance. They help us a lot in writing some exquisite essays. So, here are verbs that start with Y for top-notch essays.

1. Yarm

  • Definition: to yell
  • Synonyms: shriek, wail
  • Example: The lion is yarming in the zoo.

2. Yaup

  • Definition: to make a wild noise
  • Synonyms: squawk, grumble
  • Example: Why are you yauping so loud?

3. Yikker

  • Definition: to squeal
  • Synonyms: skreich, scream
  • Example: He yikkered after getting hit by a stone.

4. Yeehaw

  • Definition: to shout yeehaw
  • Synonyms: rumble, bellow
  • Example: Why are they yeehawing?

5. Yelloch

  • Definition: to yell
  • Synonyms: scream, yell
  • Example: You shouldn’t yelloch in front of the kids.

6. Yiddishize

  • Definition: to make something more Yiddish
  • Synonyms: alter, change
  • Example: Jack was Yiddishized and he has been a new person since then.

7. Yen

  • Definition: to have a yearning for something
  • Synonyms: crave, hanker
  • Example: Rabada has been yenning for her lover.

8. Yakety-yak

  • Definition: to engage in purposeless talk
  • Synonyms: talk, babble
  • Example: They have been yakety-yakking for no reason.

9. Yar

  • Definition: to growl
  • Synonyms: snarl, bark
  • Example: That animal has been yarring really loudly.

10. Yabber

  • Definition: to talk absurdly
  • Synonyms: gossip, drone
  • Example: What is Arthur yabbering about?

Verbs That Start with Y – Full List (79 Words)

As promised, we have made you familiar with verbs that start with Y in an orderly and categorical manner. Now we are going to provide a full fledge list of verbs that start with the letter Y to make you have a quick recap of what you have learned so far. 

  • Yell
  • Yearn
  • Yellow
  • Yelp
  • Yap
  • Yowl
  • Yawl
  • Yammer
  • Yak
  • Yead
  • YouTube
  • Yard
  • Yuk
  • Yacht
  • Yock
  • Yean
  • Yarn-dye
  • Yeve
  • Yoik
  • Youthen
  • Yawn
  • Yaw
  • Yesk
  • Yerd
  • Yomp
  • Yeuk
  • Yerk
  • Yeast
  • Yot
  • Yank
  • Yuppify
  • Yatter
  • Yip
  • Yack
  • Yux
  • Yark
  • Yaw-haw
  • Yump
  • Yawp
  • Yarm
  • Yaup
  • Yikker
  • Yeehaw
  • Yelloch
  • Yiddishize
  • Yen
  • Yakety-yak
  • Yar
  • Yabber
  • Yak on
  • Yammer on
  • Yak on about
  • Yank off
  • Yield up
  • Yack on
  • Yield to
  • Yearn for
  • Yell out
  • Yoke
  • York
  • Yandy
  • Yote
  • Yuck
  • Yankee
  • Yealm
  • Yend
  • Yoink
  • Yeave-ho
  • Yard-sale
  • Yarn
  • Yarl
  • Youthify
  • Yakka
  • Yodel
  • Yoohoo
  • Yeasay
  • Yo-yo
  • Yield
  • Youl

Final Thoughts on Verbs That Start with Y

I hope you have successfully learnt, if not a large number of verbs that start with Y, then at least some of them.

Knowledge is a never-ending process, and one must be willing to learn at all times if he is not to fall behind in today’s fast-paced world. Having a word encyclopedia is really important since it will lead you to success.

Some of the top action words that start with Y are included in the catalogue above, and each one has been carefully chosen for you.

The more verb words that start with Y you know, the more creatively you will be able to write and engage other people in conversations.

Was the list useful to you? Do you want more lists like this list of verbs that start with Y? Let us know what you really think in the comments section; we’re looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

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