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List of 62 Verbs That Start with Z with Definitions and Examples

by Tim

Do you realize how vital it is for our vocabulary bank to have verbs that start with Z? And why are they so crucial for us to be aware of?

The answer to your question is fairly simple: when you are sending a business proposal, writing a professional letter, or just writing a blog or an article, you will be required to utilize these verbs that start with Z. And if you are not aware of them, there is a good possibility you will make a mistake.

That’s why my team took great care to include as many verbs beginning with Z as possible in this list. Different sorts of verbs starting with Z are discussed here, and don’t worry, they’re not the only ones.

We have defined these action words that start with Z with the most exact definition, unique synonyms, and creative examples for your better comprehension. Let’s get this party started, shall we?

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Common Verbs That Start with Z

Here, we have enlisted the most common verbs starting with Z that serve a very important purpose. We are often stuck in a situation where we fail to produce a sentence with a common vocabulary. To save you all from this embarrassment, we have got you covered. 

1. Zoom

  • Definition: change the zoom of a camera
  • Synonyms: concentrate, target
  • Example: If you zoom at this point, we shall get a view of the whole square.

2. Zigzag

  • Definition: move in a zigzag way
  • Synonyms: move, snake
  • Example: The only way forward was to zigzag through the mountains.

3. Zig

  • Definition: to move in a crisscross course
  • Synonyms: drift, curve
  • Example: He zigged his car and went pass us.

4. Zag

  • Definition: make a sharp turn
  • Synonyms: turn
  • Example: This route zags nearby that village.

5. ZZZ

  • Definition: to sleep
  • Synonyms: slumber, rest
  • Example: I was so exhausted that I zzzed in the class.

6. Zipper

  • Definition: secure with a zip
  • Synonyms: secure, lock
  • Example: Please zipper your suit before going in.

7. Zap

  • Definition: to slay someone
  • Synonyms: eliminate, terminate
  • Example: We zapped our enemy with new weapons.

8. Zip

  • Definition: to pass at high speed
  • Synonyms: speed, rush
  • Example: A deer zipped past us in the jungle.

Positive Verbs That Start with Z

Positive verbs starting with letter Z are used to discuss positive things, either in writing or in conversations. If you memorize these verbs, no one can stop you from being a positive person with an open mindset.

1. Zany

  • Definition: to copy somebody
  • Synonyms: match, mock
  • Example: He just loves to zany his wife.

2. Zee

  • Definition: to sleep
  • Synonyms: nap, rest
  • Example: He loves to zee whenever he gets the opportunity.

3. Zinc

  • Definition: to coat with zinc
  • Synonyms: coat, ring
  • Example: I want to zinc the base of my car.

4. Zeriba

  • Definition: to take sanctuary within a zeriba
  • Synonyms: harbor, take cover
  • Example: We zeribaed when it started to hail.

5. Zouk

  • Definition: to hop to zouk music
  • Synonyms: disco, twizzle
  • Example: Maria loves to zouk whenever she listens to a good song.

6. Zephyr

  • Definition: to blow like Zephyrus
  • Synonyms: gust, puff
  • Example: Many lovely flowers have been zephyring in the breeze today.

7. Zhoosh

  • Definition: to make something striking
  • Synonyms: equip, beautify
  • Example: I want to zhoosh up my apartment.

8. Zither

  • Definition: to play a melodious instrument
  • Synonyms: fiddle, fidget
  • Example: I know how to zither – just give me a chance.

Action Verbs That Start with Z

Action verbs are those that show some sort of physical activity being performed. We have assembled ten action verbs that start with Z to make you understand what they are and how to use them. Just have a look.

1. Zigger

  • Definition: to trickle
  • Synonyms: seep, trickle
  • Example: The rainwater ziggered from the roof.

2. Zero-rate

  • Definition: to make something zero
  • Synonyms: zeroize
  • Example: I have zero-rated the machine.

3. Zeolitize

  • Definition: to change into a zeolite
  • Synonyms: adapt, transmute
  • Example: Shelby has zeolitized the given atoms successfully.

4. Zirconiate

  • Definition: to coat with zirconium
  • Synonyms: cover, coat
  • Example: I have been asked to zirconiate the gas turbines.

5. Zorb

  • Definition: to play with zorb ball
  • Synonyms: bowl
  • Example: I know very well how to zorb – I am quite good at it.

6. Zuz

  • Definition: to move swiftly
  • Synonyms: drive, proceed
  • Example: All of them zuzzed to the party nearby.

7. Zot

  • Definition: to get hit
  • Synonyms: hit, blow
  • Example: Ahmed Shahzad was zotted by Mitchel Starc’s bouncer.

8. Zotz

  • Definition: to murder someone
  • Synonyms: annihilate, slay
  • Example: Pablo was zotzed by the Castilian Gang.

Regular Verbs That Start with Z

Next are the most in-demand words – regular verbs beginning with Z. You will find many people around you using them, and sometimes you will find it difficult to understand them right away. So, learn these words and save yourself from any trouble.

1. Zoon

  • Definition: to make a humming sound
  • Synonyms: purr, buzz
  • Example: He zooned so annoyingly that he was kicked out of the room.

2. Zionify

  • Definition: to intensify the Zionistic nature of something
  • Synonyms: adapt, transmute
  • Example: Israel has zionifed the Palestinians.

3. Zeroize

  • Definition: to make something zero
  • Synonyms: tune, set
  • Example: I zeroized the machine before taking the readings.

4. Zerg

  • Definition: to attack an adversary
  • Synonyms: ambush, besiege
  • Example: Our clan was zerged yesterday.

5. Zuluize

  • Definition: to acquaint yourself with the Zulu culture
  • Synonyms: transmogrify, convert
  • Example: I think you have been zulized, Alia!

6. Zed

  • Definition: to move with infrequent turns
  • Synonyms: turn, curve
  • Example: My friends zedded his car at the Murree Road.

7. Zolaize

  • Definition: to acquaint yourself to the style of the Émile Zola
  • Synonyms: accustom, conform
  • Example: He has zolaized his writings.

8. Zip-tie

  • Definition: to fasten with a zip tie
  • Synonyms: fasten, secure
  • Example: I have zip-tied my bag properly.

Phrasal Verbs That Start with Z

This portion of the list talks about phrasal verbs that start with Z in depth. All these Z action words have their meanings, synonyms and sentences also mentioned along with them, only for your better understanding. 

1. Zero in on

  • Definition: to discover something
  • Synonyms: discover, pinpoint
  • Example: She zeroed in on the problem.

2. Zip up

  • Definition: to fasten or close (usually with a zipper)
  • Synonyms: secure, fasten
  • Example: The girl zipped her coat up.

3. Zoom in on

  • Definition: to examine closely
  • Synonyms: focus, concentrate
  • Example: Can we zoom in on the problem?

4. Zip around   

  • Definition: to move quickly
  • Synonyms: pass, move
  • Example: He zips around town in his scooter.

5. Zone out

  • Definition: to stop paying attention
  • Synonyms: swoon
  • Example: My daughter zoned out during class.

6. Zonk out

  • Definition: to fall asleep
  • Synonyms: nap, sleep
  • Example: Your son zonked out on the couch.

7. Zoom out

  • Definition: to back up the camera
  • Synonyms: shorten, curtail
  • Example: She zoomed the camera out.

8. Zoom in

  • Definition: to focus on something
  • Synonyms: concentrate, focus
  • Example: He zoomed the camera in.

Transitive Verbs That Start with Z

Transitive verbs that start with Z are going to be discussed here. Continuing the journey of learning, we are trying to make sure not to skip any point that would leave a space vacant in our minds.

1. Zero

  • Definition: adjust a machine to zero
  • Synonyms: adjust
  • Example: I have zeroed the machine.

2. Zest

  • Definition: to peel a fruit
  • Synonyms: cut
  • Example: Please zest those oranges.

3. Zing

  • Definition: to criticize sharply
  • Synonyms: blame, disapprove
  • Example: I zinged my friend’s stance on harassment.

4. Zariba

  • Definition: to stop foe’s entry
  • Synonyms: halt, sojourn
  • Example: Our community has zaribaed its village from outside threats.

5. Zin

  • Definition: to smell
  • Synonyms: sniff, scent
  • Example: I can zin something delicious in here.

6. Zero-graze

  • Definition: to feed livestock
  • Synonyms: forage, graze
  • Example: Saqib zero-grazed his buffaloes at noon.

7. Zincify

  • Definition: to coat with zinc
  • Synonyms: cover, coat
  • Example: You need to zincify your jeep’s engine.

Powerful Verbs That Start with Z for Impressive Resume

A person mainly wants to have a strong image of his personality over the people in his friend’s circle or in front of his boss. So, here is a set of Z verbs that will help you create an impactful resume.

1. Zhuzh

  • Definition: to make something more exciting
  • Synonyms: brighten, furnish
  • Example: I have zhuzhed up my office.

2. Zoukify

  • Definition: to make zouk music
  • Synonyms: serenade, play
  • Example: One of my unique features is that I know how to zoukify.

3. Zoologize

  • Definition: to study zoology
  • Synonyms: study, acquire
  • Example: Maria is zoologizing at the NUML University.

4. Zydeco

  • Definition: to play a tune
  • Synonyms: intone, play
  • Example: I know how to zydeco gracefully.

5. Zipline

  • Definition: to ride a cable for fun
  • Synonyms: hang, ride
  • Example: One of my hobbies is to zipline for fun.

6. Zone

  • Definition: divide into zones
  • Synonyms: rift, partition
  • Example: You need to zone this office into several parts.

7. Zhng

  • Definition: to beautify something
  • Synonyms: set, tweak
  • Example: I want you to zhng this office building for the upcoming event.

Verbs That Start with Z for Top-Notch Essays

Now it is time to show you some verbs that start with Z for top-notch essays. Let’s learn a few of them.

1. Zombify

  • Definition: to turn into a zombie
  • Synonyms: convert, change
  • Example: Mona was zombified in the last episode.

2. Zionise

  • Definition: to convert to Zionism
  • Synonyms: alter, reform
  • Example: The Israelis have been trying to zionise Jerusalem.

3. Zizzle

  • Definition: to make a frying sound
  • Synonyms: rasp, birr
  • Example: The fish is zizzling in the oil.

4. Zoutch

  • Definition: cook something in a pan
  • Synonyms: boil, heat
  • Example: Please zoutch some eels for me.

5. Zonk

  • Definition: to hit or get hit
  • Synonyms: thump, hit
  • Example: Kevin zonked me on the face.

6. Zizz

  • Definition: make a whizzing sound
  • Synonyms: whiz, buzz
  • Example: Why has that banger been zizzing?

7. Zoomorphize

  • Definition: to signify a clan organizer as a spirit bear
  • Synonyms: attribute, accredit
  • Example: Charlie was zoomorphized as a genie.

Verbs That Start with Z – Full List (62 Words)

We have tried to provide you with the maximum verbs starting with Z and now we will bring to light this list of verbs that start with the letter Z so that you can get to have a quick review of what you have learned or skipped. 

  • Zoom
  • Zigzag
  • Zig
  • Zag
  • ZZZ
  • Zipper
  • Zap
  • Zip
  • Zany
  • Zee
  • Zinc
  • Zeriba
  • Zouk
  • Zephyr
  • Zhoosh
  • Zither
  • Zigger
  • Zero-rate
  • Zeolitize
  • Zirconiate
  • Zorb
  • Zuz
  • Zot
  • Zotz
  • Zoon
  • Zionify
  • Zeroize
  • Zerg
  • Zuluize
  • Zed
  • Zolaize
  • Zip-tie
  • Zombify
  • Zionise
  • Zizzle
  • Zoutch
  • Zonk
  • Zizz
  • Zoomorphize
  • Zero in on
  • Zip up
  • Zoom in on
  • Zip around
  • Zone out
  • Zonk out
  • Zoom out
  • Zoom in
  • Zero
  • Zest
  • Zing
  • Zariba
  • Zin
  • Zero-graze
  • Zincify
  • Zhuzh
  • Zoukify
  • Zoologize
  • Zydeco
  • Zipline
  • Zone
  • Zhng
  • Zionize

Final Thoughts on Verbs That Start with Z

So, did you like the verbs that start with Z? If so, don’t forget to share them with your friends and family since teaching others is always a good thing.

You should be comfortable utilizing these verb words that start with Z by now, which means you’re ready to tackle your next writing endeavor using these wonderful verbs.

You will have no trouble remembering these words because we have supplied appropriate examples.

So, with these action words that start with Z, it’s time to get your life going. We wish you luck in learning these verbs that start with Z. Remember the principles we’ve discussed thus far. Until our next meeting!

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