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List of 169 Positive Words That Start with K with Definitions and Examples

by Tim

This article features positive words that start with K. Positive words are one of those things that will always be useful. As a result, the more you know, the better. Don’t you believe positive words that start with K may come in helpful in a variety of situations?

There are many fascinating facts concerning the letter K. You’re interested in them, aren’t you? When it comes to athletics, the letter K is the most renowned. Because it is how baseball fans depict a strike. When want to impress your friends with your expertise, use this information.

Studying these lists of positive words starting with K will undoubtedly help you expand your vocabulary. You never know what kind of mood you’ll be in after reading these positive words beginning with K.

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Positive Words That Start with K to Brighten Your Mood

Life is full of troubles and issues, and nice words that start with K can frequently assist you in breaking out of a rut. We’ll look at a list of positive words that start with K.

1. Kookily

  • Definition: in a unique manner
  • Synonyms: differently, distinctive, uniquely
  • Example: This pattern is kookily more beautiful than the previous one.

2. King-size

  • Definition: of large size
  • Synonyms: colossal, gigantic, big
  • Example: He sleeps on a king-size bed that is suitable for his tall height.

3. Kicky

  • Definition: providing excitement and thrill
  • Synonyms: exciting, thrill, fashionable, electrifying, exhilarating
  • Example: I was going for a kicky adventure.

4. Knowledge

  • Definition: the awareness of something
  • Synonyms: information, awareness, literacy
  • Example: He was noted for his great skills and knowledge.

5. Kempt

  • Definition: a neat and cleaned condition
  • Synonyms: neat, tidy, groomed, orderly.
  • Example: Her hairs were kempt at the function.

6. Kosher

  • Definition: ritually fit for use
  • Synonyms: legitimate, proper, genuine
  • Example: All of her business deals are kosher.

7. Kudos

  • Definition: attribution or praise for an achievement
  • Synonyms: credit, glory, acclaim, applause
  • Example: kudos to everyone who cared.

8. Kind-hearted

  • Definition: having a kind and helpful nature
  • Synonyms: compassionate, benevolent, gentle
  • Example: She is a kind-hearted soul.

9. Keen

  • Definition: sharp and eager to learn something new
  • Synonyms: eager, anxious, desirous, passionate, ardent
  • Example: She is very keen to learn about gardening.

10. Knowledgeable

  • Definition: well-educated and intelligent person
  • Synonyms: educated, learned, proficient
  • Example: Lauren is knowledgeable about digital marketing.

Positive Words That Start with K to Describe a Person

These positive words that start with K to describe someone provide a good image of that person! Let’s start with K and go over some of the most prevalent words used to describe someone positively.

1. Knight

  • Definition: a valorous warrior
  • Synonyms: valiant, gallant, brave
  • Example: I want to thank that knight who saved me yesterday.

2. Key

  • Definition: of prime importance
  • Synonyms: main, central, primary
  • Example: My client is the key witness of the incident.

3. Knockout

  • Definition: who looks extremely appealing
  • Synonyms: stunner, beauty, sweetheart
  • Example: My grandpa was a knockout in his youth.

4. Kickass

  • Definition: highly impressive
  • Synonyms: fascinating, amazing, impressive
  • Example: Her unique teaching style makes her a kickass teacher.

5. Keeper

  • Definition: who is protective and supportive
  • Synonyms: protector, holder, backer
  • Example: My husband is a keeper.

6. Kittenish

  • Definition: being frisky like a kitten
  • Synonyms: playful, frolicsome, cute
  • Example: Her kittenish apology forced him to forgive her.

7. Knotless

  • Definition: without complexities
  • Synonyms: simple, decent, plain
  • Example: She is a knotless person and is easy to understand.

8. Kissable

  • Definition: of a great charm and beauty
  • Synonyms: adorable, lovable, sexy
  • Example: My friend has fallen for a kissable lady.

9. Kinglike

  • Definition: resembling a king or monarch
  • Synonyms: kingly, royal, noble
  • Example: He has a kinglike personality.

10. Keynote

  • Definition: relating to prime importance
  • Synonyms: main, central, core
  • Example: She was the keynote speaker of today’s roundtable discussion.

Positive Words That Start with K to Boost Positive Thinking

Whether you’ve had a setback while striving toward your goal or are just feeling down, inspiring phrases might help you remain motivated. Look at these positive words beginning with K to help us stay optimistic.

1. Kith

  • Definition: one’s friends, family, and relatives.
  • Synonyms: kindred, kinfolk
  • Example: John invited all his kith and kin to his wedding.

2. Knead

  • Definition: to soothingly massage someone with hands
  • Synonyms: squeeze, press, stroke, rub
  • Example: She kneaded my head to relieve the headache.

3. Kahuna

  • Definition: a prominent person
  • Synonyms: kingpin, mayor, nabob, nawab, nibs
  • Example: One intelligent kahuna runs the whole institute.

4. Kaleidoscope

  • Definition: a beautiful representation of a diverse collection of changing patterns
  • Synonyms: multicolored, prismatic, polychromatic
  • Example: The bazaar was a kaleidoscope of changing colors.

5. Kilig

  • Definition: characterized by extreme elation
  • Synonyms: happiest, amazing, elated
  • Example: It was a kilig moment when I met my idol.

6. Knockabout

  • Definition: a funny and comedy performance
  • Synonyms: boisterous, comical, funny
  • Example: He gave his best knockabout performance in a long time.

7. Keepsake

  • Definition: something worthy to be kept in memory
  • Synonyms: memorable, remembrance, commemorative
  • Example: I was given books as a keepsake for the performance.

8. Knees-up

  • Definition: an energetic gathering where people dance
  • Synonyms: party, festivity, bash
  • Example: We had knees-up to celebrate his success.

9. Krumhorn

  • Definition: relating to a woodwind musical instrument
  • Synonyms: musical, melodic, melodious
  • Example: This krumhorn sound is soothing to my ears.

10. Kilter

  • Definition: a proper and balanced condition
  • Synonyms: balance, usual, form
  • Example: The sound of his music is in kilter with the song’s lyrics.

Positive Words That Start with K for Doing Everyday Affirmations

Positive words that start with the letter K are listed below for use in daily affirmations. Check out our selection of inspirational words that start with K.

1. Knowable

  • Definition: worthy of being known
  • Synonyms: understandable, cognizable, intelligible
  • Example: I am exploring my knowable self.

2. King

  • Definition: of highest power like a monarch
  • Synonyms: ruler, monarch, leader, kingpin
  • Example: I am the king of my own life and won’t be manipulated by anyone.

3. Keenly

  • Definition: in a keen and eager manner
  • Synonyms: acutely, intensely, eagerly
  • Example: I must perform my tasks very keenly.

4. Knightly

  • Definition: courageous like a knight
  • Synonyms: valiant, gallant, bold
  • Example: I have to knightly fight my negativities.

5. Kingpin

  • Definition: most important person
  • Synonyms: leader, ruler, king
  • Example: I am the kingpin of my life, and no one can dictate to me.

6. Knackish

  • Definition: with skill
  • Synonyms: artful, clever, astute
  • Example: I can protect myself from toxic people in a knackish manner.

7. Kindliness

  • Definition: the attribute of being kind and gentle
  • Synonyms: gentleness, benevolence, warmness
  • Example: My kindness would always shine.

8. Kayak

  • Definition: to wade through
  • Synonyms: advance, progress, propel
  • Example: I must kayak across difficulties.

9. Keenness

  • Definition: the attribute of being keen
  • Synonyms: perceptive, sharp, apprehend
  • Example: I have a keenness of sense which helps me to memorize things well.

10. Kind

  • Definition: a sympathetic and helpful person
  • Synonyms: considerate, thoughtful, nice
  • Example: I have a kind and pleasing personality.

Positive Words That Start with K to Lift Your Spirits

Words have a big influence on how you think. Words that start with K that are positive might help you shift your attention during difficult times. Here you will find some motivational words that start with K.

1. Kiddyish

  • Definition: a supportive person
  • Synonyms: playful, cheerful, frolicsome
  • Example: The playful professor set a kiddyish tone for the entire class period.

2. Kiss

  • Definition: to salute or caress one another with the lips
  • Synonyms: smooch, peck
  • Example: Jim and his girlfriend are kissing passionately on the sofa.

3. Kekoa

  • Definition: a warrior person and brave man
  • Synonyms: fighter, soldier
  • Example: Kekoa is referred to as a brave soldier.

4. Kenspeckle

  • Definition: easily recognized
  • Synonyms: noticeable, observable, remarkable, prominent
  • Example: They made a kenspeckle art performance today.

5. Killer

  • Definition: an effective person with impressive power to affect someone
  • Synonyms: formidable, effective
  • Example: He can easily impress others with his killer attitude.

6. Kindly

  • Definition: like a warm-hearted and gentle person
  • Synonyms: affectionately, tenderly, benevolent
  • Example: Lara is always kindly to her elders.

7. Known

  • Definition: recognized by many
  • Synonyms: recognized, well-known, familiar
  • Example: He is known for his cheerful personality.

8. Kingly

  • Definition: something related to the king
  • Synonyms: royal, regal, imperial
  • Example: He made a kingly performance at the annual school function.

9. Kooky

  • Definition: in a funny and crazy manner
  • Synonyms: funny, eccentric, crazy
  • Example: She made the evening memorable with her kooky style.

10. Kindred

  • Definition: having the same opinion and interest
  • Synonyms: connection, bond, relation
  • Example: Emily and Laura are kindred spirits as they are bookworms.

Positive Words That Start with K to Inspire Yourself

You must have a well-stocked vocabulary of positive K words to motivate yourself. Let’s quickly go over the words before entering into the universe of inspiring words that start with K.

1. Kindle

  • Definition: to keep aflame
  • Synonyms: engage, stimulate, ignite
  • Example: One must kindle the motivation from time to time to achieve the goal.

2. Kvell

  • Definition: to find pleasure and pride in
  • Synonyms: delight, rejoice, enjoy
  • Example: He kvells in his son’s success.

3. Knee-slapper

  • Definition: which is highly entertaining
  • Synonyms: hilarious, funny, exciting
  • Example: They burst into knee-slapper laughter after seeing his comical dance.

4. Knowledgeably

  • Definition: in a knowledgeable manner
  • Synonyms: intelligently, astutely, wisely
  • Example: He presented this difficult comparison very knowledgeably.

5. Kernel

  • Definition: the foundational part of something
  • Synonyms: core, essence, heart
  • Example: This painting illustrates a kernel of social reality.

6. Knockdown

  • Definition: which can be mantled and dismantled
  • Synonyms: demountable, convertible, removable
  • Example: This knockdown bed is designed by a famous designer.

7. Keystone

  • Definition: something of foundational importance
  • Synonyms: basis, foundation
  • Example: The keystone of success is determination.

8. Kismet

  • Definition: which is predestined by the will of God
  • Synonyms: fate, fortune, luck
  • Example: Her hard work and kismet made her a successful singer.

9. Knowingly

  • Definition: in full consciousness
  • Synonyms: purposes, consciously, intentionally
  • Example: Always act knowingly.

10. Kin

  • Definition: closely related person owing to blood relation
  • Synonyms: cognate, family member, relative
  • Example: A kin came to help me.

Positive Words That Start with K to Cheer Up Your Friend

Here are some encouraging words that start with K. It’s good to be recognized by someone we care about, even if we don’t always know how to receive the gesture appropriately. Let’s go through the list of motivating words that start with K.

1. Know-how

  • Definition: the knowledge and adeptness of something
  • Synonyms: expertise, skill, proficiency
  • Example: Her businesses flourished rapidly because she has the know-how of corporate dealing.

2. Kingy

  • Definition: relating to king or monarch
  • Synonyms: emperor, imperial, royal
  • Example: I am collecting ancient kingy stamps for my friend.

3. Kindness

  • Definition: the attractiveness of being kind
  • Synonyms: benevolence, compassion, kindliness
  • Example: Your kindness is like sunlight to me.

4. Knack

  • Definition: to have a skill and expert ability for something
  • Synonyms: capability, talent, aptitude
  • Example: He is my true friend and has the knack for knowing when I need him.

5. Kingliness

  • Definition: the attribute of being dignified like a king
  • Synonyms: majesty, royalist, king
  • Example: He has an aura of kingliness.

6. Kidding

  • Definition: marked by fun and comedy
  • Synonyms: joking, teasing, funny
  • Example: He always talks to me in a kidding manner whenever I am sad.

7. Kaleidoscopic

  • Definition: of beautifully shifting patterns
  • Synonyms: multicolored, colorful, motley
  • Example: His friendship taught me the kaleidoscopic world of adventures.

8. Kickstarter

  • Definition: which stimulates something
  • Synonyms: impetuous, stimuli, pedal
  • Example: His encounter conversations with me were a kickstarter for my motivation.

9. Knowing

  • Definition: having knowledge of something
  • Synonyms: wise, learned, aware
  • Example: He gave a knowing smile when I spoke about my crush.

10. Knight-like

  • Definition: courageous like a knight
  • Synonyms: valiant, gallant, bold
  • Example: You have to fight your inner demons in a knight-like manner.

Positive Words That Start with K for Enhancing Optimism

These positive words with letter K, will serve as a reminder that maintaining a good attitude is essential for successfully navigating life’s challenges. Good words that start with K can be found here.

1. Karma

  • Definition: a doctrine of fate on cause and effect
  • Synonyms: fate, consequence, wheel of fortune
  • Example: Karma would bring you back your good deeds.

2. Kvelling

  • Definition: being extremely happy and proud of
  • Synonyms: delighted, happy, glad
  • Example: He was kvelling when he hugged his mother.

3. Keyed

  • Definition: being protected with a code
  • Synonyms: protected, secured, coded
  • Example: Don’t worry! These are keyed documents.

4. Kinaesthetic

  • Definition: concerning one’s awareness of oneself
  • Synonyms: corporeal, sensory
  • Example: Her kinaesthetic learning helped her overcome her weaknesses.

5. Kindled

  • Definition: aflame or lighted
  • Synonyms: ignited, lit, burning
  • Example: His kindled passion is admirable.

6. Koshered

  • Definition: authentic as followed by-laws
  • Synonyms: lawful, legal, legitimate
  • Example: You can’t challenge this agreement because it is a koshered agreement.

7. Keep

  • Definition: to secure something
  • Synonyms: preserve, sustain, maintain
  • Example: One must keep one’s promise.

8. Kid-friendly

  • Definition: appropriate for children
  • Synonyms: decent, child-friendly
  • Example: The environment of the party would be kid-friendly.

9. Kissy

  • Definition: exhibiting love
  • Synonyms: amorous, romantic, erotic
  • Example: Her kissy and cute face melted my heart.

10. Kalon

  • Definition: the idealistic beauty as conceived by philosophers
  • Synonyms: beautiful, beau, good
  • Example: The fineness and nobility of your character make you a kalon.

Positive Words That Start with K – Full List (169 Words)

We looked at a number of positive words in this article. The list includes all positive words beginning with the letter K. This is a complete list of positive words that start with K that can be found on the internet.

  • Kookily
  • King-size
  • Kicky
  • Knowledge
  • Kempt
  • Kosher
  • Kudos
  • Kind-hearted
  • Keen
  • Knowledgeable
  • Knight
  • Key
  • Knockout
  • Kickass
  • Keeper
  • Kittenish
  • Knotless
  • Kissable
  • Kinglike
  • Keynote
  • Kith
  • Knead
  • Kahuna
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Kilig
  • Knockabout
  • Keepsake
  • Knees-up
  • Krumhorn
  • Kilter
  • Knowable
  • King
  • Keenly
  • Knightly
  • Kingpin
  • Knackish
  • Kindliness
  • Kayak
  • Keenness
  • Kind
  • Kiddyish
  • Kiss
  • Kekoa
  • Kenspeckle
  • Killer
  • Kindly
  • Known
  • Kingly
  • Kooky
  • Kindred
  • Kindle
  • Kvell
  • Knee-slapper
  • Knowledgeably
  • Kernel
  • Knockdown
  • Keystone
  • Kismet
  • Knowingly
  • Kin
  • Know-how
  • Kingy
  • Kindness
  • Knack
  • Kingliness
  • Kidding
  • Kaleidoscopic
  • Kickstarter
  • Knowing
  • Knight-like
  • Karma
  • Kvelling
  • Keyed
  • Kinaesthetic
  • Kindled
  • Koshered
  • Keep
  • Kid-friendly
  • Kissy
  • Kalon
  • Kampuchean
  • Kicking
  • Kraal
  • Kindergartener
  • Kinkiness
  • Kick-off
  • Karat
  • Kinky
  • Kichel
  • Kinship
  • Kickstart
  • Kid
  • Kill
  • Kid-glove
  • Katabatic
  • Kabuki
  • Kiddie
  • Kissogram
  • Kennel
  • Kittens
  • Ken
  • Karate
  • Kinfolk
  • Kindhearted
  • Kitsch
  • Kaizen
  • Keyhole
  • Kiwi
  • Kitty
  • Kerchieft
  • Kitchen
  • Knoll
  • Kite
  • Kinesthetic
  • Klatch
  • Keep-up
  • Kairos
  • Ketchup
  • Kraft
  • Klondike
  • Karaoke
  • Keeping
  • Kilogram
  • Kitten
  • Kinswoman
  • Knapsack
  • Kowtow
  • Knock
  • Kinetic
  • Kettle
  • Knee-deep
  • Kangaroo
  • Kwanzaa
  • Koan
  • Kook
  • Kiddo
  • Keyword
  • Kabbalistic
  • Kermis
  • Knap
  • Kantian
  • Kung-Fu
  • Kedegree
  • Kiplingesque
  • Knick-knacks
  • Kirtle
  • Kiddish
  • Kef
  • Kohl
  • Kif
  • Know
  • Kerchief
  • Kal
  • Kegling
  • Kick
  • King-sized
  • Kingdom
  • Kingship
  • Kinglet
  • Kiln
  • Kabbalah
  • Kit
  • Knit
  • Koran
  • Kerosene
  • Kindergarten
  • Kneel
  • Kimono
  • Knot

Final Thoughts on Positive Words That Start with K

How do you feel now that you’ve read through positive words beginning with K? Do you feel smarter now? Even learning a few new positive words that start with K today is a victory for your vocabulary. Please continue to read them so you can utilize them when you need to without forgetting.

Definitions and examples of positive words that start with K were presented in this article to help you understand these terms better.

Words may inspire us to attain our goals and desires. People may begin to realize their full potential if you speak to them in a positive and motivating manner. So try to include positive words starting with K in your conversations from today.

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