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List of 129 Verbs That Start with U with Definitions and Examples

by Tim

Hello-Hello! We are here with many new verbs that start with U. Verbs that start with U are quite common as the prefix “un” starts with U.

You will find many verbs that start with U here in this article but they haven’t been just scattered around! We have organized them into certain categories for you.

You can either check these verbs beginning with U categorically or explore all from top to bottom.

Verbs are the soul of sentences and a language certainly cannot function without them. Here is your chance to learn these action words that start with U to the fullest and then make use of them.

You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity? Afraid that it might be a tad bit monotonous? Fret not, we have really fun examples to elevate your mood.

You will surely have a fruitful experience; we can assure you that! So, let’s not waste any further time and jump right in!

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Common Verbs That Start with U

Here are some common verbs starting with U. We’ll start with these and keep things light. Then we will slowly be moving toward more complicated categories. So, let’s pace up!

1. Underestimate

  • Definition: to devalue something
  • Synonyms: miscalculate, undervalue
  • Example: You always underestimate me.

2. Unclothe

  • Definition: to remove clothes
  • Synonyms: strip, take off
  • Example: He unclothed himself and threw his tired body on the sheets.

3. Use

  • Definition: to make use of something
  • Synonyms: smear, employ
  • Example: I don’t use a laptop.

4. Unbelt

  • Definition: to open a belt
  • Synonyms: undo, unhook
  • Example: Kyle unbelted himself.

5. Unstring

  • Definition: to detangle a string
  • Synonyms: untie, unbutton
  • Example: Can you unstring the hook for me?

6. Unbalance

  • Definition: to make something lose its balance
  • Synonyms: disturb, derange
  • Example: My bike got unbalanced and I fell on the road.

7. Utilize

  • Definition: to make use of something
  • Synonyms: employ, use
  • Example: You should utilize your full potential.

8. Urinate

  • Definition: to pass urine
  • Synonyms: pee, piss
  • Example: He had a kidney problem that made it difficult for him to urinate.

9. Undervalue

  • Definition: to underestimate
  • Synonyms: devalue, underrate
  • Example: You should not undervalue your enemies.

10. Upset

  • Definition: to get disappointed
  • Synonyms: worry, bother
  • Example: He always upsets me.

Positive Verbs That Start with U

Welcome to the world of positivity! These positive verbs starting with letter U will transform your language for the better. So, make good use of these words. Let’s dive in!

1. Unveil

  • Definition: to reveal
  • Synonyms: expose, disclose
  • Example: I will unveil my project soon.

2. Urbanize

  • Definition: to change something according to Urban norms
  • Synonyms: change, modify
  • Example: Most of the places here have been urbanized.

3. Uncloak

  • Definition: to unveil
  • Synonyms: go public, divulge
  • Example: We will unlock the new software.

4. Unify

  • Definition: to get united
  • Synonym: combine, fuse
  • Example: Our families unified because of us.

5. Unionize

  • Definition: to join trade union
  • Synonyms: coordinate, organize
  • Example: Our business will unionize soon.

6. Unwind

  • Definition: to detangle
  • Synonyms: ease, relax
  • Example: I’ll unwind my mind a little before coming to the party.

7. Upcheer

  • Definition: to encourage
  • Synonyms: motivate, boost
  • Example: My parents upcheered me.

8. Unbewitch

  • Definition: to get rid of a curse
  • Synonyms: disenchant, open
  • Example: I cannot unbewitch myself from the spell of your eyes.

9. Unshackle

  • Definition: to set free
  • Synonyms: save, release
  • Example: I unshackled the prisoner.

10. Untwist

  • Definition: to reveal
  • Synonyms: unravel, untangle
  • Example: We untwisted the knot.

Action Verbs That Start with U

In this category, we have selected some action verbs that start with U. So, this category is going to be quite “happening”. In the same way, verbs put life into dull and drab language!

1. Uncoil

  • Definition: to straighten up
  • Synonyms: unroll, straighten
  • Example: Can you uncoil the metal wire, please?

2. Unstick

  • Definition: to separate
  • Synonyms: break up, release
  • Example: He carefully unstuck the panels.

3. Unlearn

  • Definition: to remove
  • Synonyms: disremember, overlook
  • Example: I have a sharp memory; I cannot unlearn things.

4. Unseat

  • Definition: to leave a spot
  • Synonyms: remove, dismount
  • Example: Our boss unseated himself.

5. Unlace

  • Definition: to open up
  • Synonyms: unbrace, undo
  • Example: I cannot unlace my shoes.

6. Uncurl

  • Definition: to straighten up a curl
  • Synonyms: straighten, unravel
  • Example: She was uncurling her hair with the straightener.

7. Underlay

  • Definition: to lay under something 
  • Synonyms: lay, reinforce
  • Example: The dirt was underlying the covers.

8. Uncouple

  • Definition: to disconnect
  • Synonyms: detach, unwrap
  • Example: The poles cannot be uncoupled.

9. Unclog

  • Definition: to declutter
  • Synonyms: loosen, level
  • Example: He unclogged the drain.

10. Unplait

  • Definition: to loosen up
  • Synonyms: open, free
  • Example: My mother unplaited my hair.

Regular Verbs That Start with U

Below we have listed ten regular verbs beginning with U. Regular verbs are the ones that end with an –ed in the past form. That’s how we have used them in the examples too!

1. Unsettle

  • Definition: to feel uneasiness
  • Synonyms: distract, interrupt
  • Example: I was unsettled by his remarks.

2. Unhinge

  • Definition: to make someone uncomfortable
  • Synonyms: dement, distort
  • Example: His company unhinged her.

3. Unmask

  • Definition: to reveal
  • Synonyms: admit, discover
  • Example: I unmasked his intentions by cross-questioning him.

4. Usher

  • Definition: to guide
  • Synonyms: direct, lead
  • Example: The guard ushered me to the bank.

5. Urge

  • Definition: to request
  • Synonyms: appeal, exhort
  • Example: I urged him to listen to me.

6. Undermine

  • Definition: to make something look bad
  • Synonyms: weaken, debilitate
  • Example: He always undermined my work by passing mean comments.

7. Utter

  • Definition: to say something
  • Synonyms: emit, tell
  • Example: She thought wisely and uttered a yes.

8. Unman

  • Definition: to lack qualities of being a man
  • Synonyms: dishearten, demoralize
  • Example: Constant troubles unmanned my heart.

9. Unnail

  • Definition: to undo the nails
  • Synonyms: unfasten, loosen
  • Example: They have unnailed the fence.

10. Usurp

  • Definition: to come into power using illegal means
  • Synonyms: conquer, oust
  • Example: They conspired and then usurped the crown.

Irregular Verbs That Start with U

Now, this article brings us to a new category of irregular verbs that start with U! Irregular verbs have different ending or spelling rules in the past form. So, pay attention to its usage in the examples down below.

1. Underbear

  • Definition: to bear
  • Synonyms: brace, tolerate
  • Example: I underbore the pain all night.

2. Unfreeze

  • Definition: to melt
  • Synonyms: liquefy, melt
  • Example: I unfroze the chicken my putting it in microwave.

3. Uphold

  • Definition: to support
  • Synonyms: approve, endorse
  • Example: She always upheld family values.

4. Upsell

  • Definition: to sell at a low price
  • Synonyms: sell, sponsor
  • Example: He upsold the car.

5. Upbear

  • Definition: to tolerate something
  • Synonyms: upkeep, raise
  • Example: I upbore my abusive husband.

6. Undersell

  • Definition: to sell at a discount
  • Synonyms: cheapen, underprice
  • Example: Hajra undersold her house.

7. Undergo

  • Definition: to go through something
  • Synonyms: endure, feel
  • Example: She underwent a complicated surgery.

8. Unbethink

  • Definition: to change one’s mind
  • Synonyms: change one’s mind
  • Example: I unbethought myself.

9. Underbid

  • Definition: to lessen a bid
  • Synonyms: reduce, negotiate
  • Example: You underbid at the auction.

10. Upstand

  • Definition: to face something
  • Synonyms: view, rise
  • Example: I upstood the strong blow.

Phrasal Verbs That Start with U

Let’s get started with the phrasal verbs that start with U. These phrasal verbs have the power to improve any language expression. If you use them in the right way, you’ll notice a huge improvement in your writing and speaking!

1. Use up

  • Definition: use all of a stock or supply of something
  • Synonyms: expend, consume
  • Example: I used up all the medicine.

2. Urge on

  • Definition: to appreciate
  • Synonyms: encourage, cheer up
  • Example: I strongly urge on you to try this.

3. Usher in

  • Definition: to bring forward
  • Synonyms: introduce, announce
  • Example: We ushered in the new member of our group.

4. Uproot from

  • Definition: to shift
  • Synonyms: relocate, unsettle
  • Example: We were uprooted from our homeland.

5. Urge upon

  • Definition: to influence
  • Synonyms: persuade, convince
  • Example: Finally, I urged upon them to seal the deal.

Transitive Verbs That Start with U

Now we shall move toward the transitive verbs that start with U. You must use an object with transitive verbs for them to serve their purpose. Confused? Look at the examples!

1. Undeceive

  • Definition: to fool someone
  • Synonyms: expose, refute
  • Example: She undeceived me.

2. Unjoin

  • Definition: to disconnect
  • Synonyms: unhook, disconnect
  • Example: She unjoined the threads.

3. Upload

  • Definition: to post on the internet
  • Synonyms: update, transmit
  • Example: I uploaded a new profile picture today.

4. Uninstall

  • Definition: to remove something
  • Synonyms: eradicate, delete
  • Example: My father accidentally uninstalled the software.

5. Unsaddle

  • Definition: to take off a horse’s saddle
  • Synonyms: take away, remove
  • Example: We unsaddled the horse and it neighed.

6. Unknot

  • Definition: to untangle
  • Synonyms: undo, disunite
  • Example: I cannot unknot my curly hair.

7. Unfold

  • Definition: to open
  • Synonyms: open, extend
  • Example: I unfolded the blanket.

8. Up

  • Definition: to increase
  • Synonyms: elevate, rise
  • Example: They have upped the petrol prices.

9. Unpick

  • Definition: to open up the stitches
  • Synonyms: unfasten, untangle
  • Example: My mother unpicked the whole sweater.

10. Unbar

  • Definition: to remove bars
  • Synonyms: reveal, unhook
  • Example: The guard unbarred the gate.

Powerful Verbs That Start with U for Impressive Resume

Are you here because you want to construct a proper resume? We have picked the right U verbs for you! These verbs will give a nice kick to your resume and increase its chances of getting selected.

1. Uplift

  • Definition: to elevate
  • Synonyms: boost, raise
  • Example: Her beautiful voice uplifted my mood.

2. Underline

  • Definition: to highlight something
  • Synonyms: emphasize, stress
  • Example: Please underline the important statements.

3. Underscore

  • Definition: to draw attention to something’s significance
  • Synonyms: accentuate, highlight
  • Example: Her answers underscored how well she studied the topic.

4. Unite

  • Definition: to work together as a group to complete a task
  • Synonyms: combine, conjugate
  • Example: The citizens of the country have united against the government.

5. Understudy

  • Definition: to carefully observe the role of something
  • Synonyms: analyze, examine
  • Example: He understudied the process of photosynthesis.

6. Upgrade

  • Definition: to raise the standard of something
  • Synonyms: advance, improve
  • Example: Please upgrade your phone to the latest software.

7. Undertake

  • Definition: to fully dedicate someone to a mission
  • Synonyms: assume, accept
  • Example: I will undertake my patient’s heart surgery today.

8. Unearth

  • Definition: to excavate to find something from the ground
  • Synonyms: disinter, exhume
  • Example: The remains of the Indus Civilization were unearthed in the 1920s.

9. Unburden

  • Definition: to alleviate someone’s suffering
  • Synonyms: disburden, relieve
  • Example: She always unburdens herself to me.

10. Universalize

  • Definition: to open something up to all people
  • Synonyms: generalize, specify
  • Example: It is important to universalize education to every human being.

Verbs That Start with U – Full List (129 Words)

Now we have merged all the categories and made a full list of verbs that start with the letter U. It will enable you to easily check out all verbs without sifting through categories.

  • Underestimate
  • Unclothe
  • Use
  • Unbelt
  • Unstring
  • Unbalance
  • Utilize
  • Urinate
  • Undervalue
  • Upset
  • Unveil
  • Urbanize
  • Uncloak
  • Unify
  • Unionize
  • Unwind
  • Upcheer
  • Unbewitch
  • Unshackle
  • Untwist
  • Uncoil
  • Unstick
  • Unlearn
  • Unseat
  • Unlace
  • Uncurl
  • Underlay
  • Uncouple
  • Unclog
  • Unplait
  • Unsettle
  • Unhinge
  • Unmask
  • Usher
  • Urge
  • Undermine
  • Utter
  • Unman
  • Unnail
  • Usurp
  • Underbear
  • Unfreeze
  • Uphold
  • Upsell
  • Upbear
  • Undersell
  • Undergo
  • Unbethink
  • Underbid
  • Upstand
  • Use up
  • Urge on
  • Usher in
  • Uproot from
  • Urge upon
  • Undeceive
  • Unjoin
  • Upload
  • Uninstall
  • Unsaddle
  • Unknot
  • Unfold
  • Up
  • Unpick
  • Unbar
  • Uplift
  • Underline
  • Underscore
  • Unite
  • Understudy
  • Upgrade
  • Undertake
  • Unearth
  • Unburden
  • Universalize
  • Unhook
  • Unbenumb
  • Undercut
  • Understand
  • Unwrap
  • Unleash
  • Underfong
  • Untangle
  • Unbind
  • Undulate
  • Unlock
  • Unscrew
  • Unmuzzle
  • Unsolder
  • Untie
  • Undo
  • Unbutton
  • Underrate
  • Unbraid
  • Unload
  • Ulcerate
  • Unpack
  • Undomesticate
  • Unfetter
  • Unsubscribe
  • Unroll
  • Unfurl
  • Update
  • Unfasten
  • Unbridle
  • Unplug
  • Underwrite
  • Unnerve
  • Uncover
  • Undress
  • Uproot
  • Unswaddle
  • Unbuckle
  • Unbox
  • Upend
  • Unharness
  • Unhitch
  • Unseal
  • Unthread
  • Unconfound
  • Unbolt
  • Unravel
  • Uncrate
  • Unstitch
  • Unbias
  • Unanchor
  • Uncork
  • Unpleat
  • Upholster

Final Thoughts on Verbs That Start with U

Thank you for staying till the end! We really hope you had a good learning experience on our website. We tried to convey the usage of verbs that start with U in the best way possible, now it’s your turn to practice.

Verbs that start with U can be easily incorporated into daily conversations because they signify a lot of common actions that make up our day.

Action words that start with U will be a huge assistance in enhancing your vocabulary so we advise you to give this article multiple reads!

Now that you are familiar with verb words that start with U, it’s a good time to check out other similar articles on our website. We’ll wrap up by saying that it was a pleasure teaching you!

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