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List of 139 Verbs That Start with V with Definitions and Example

by Tim

Here we are introducing you to the verbs that start with V. Verbs play the most important role in our sentences. Because if we don’t use them, we will not be able to express our actions through sentences.

If you want to learn about verbs that start with V, this little effort will help you in achieving your goal.

Instead of covering all of the rare ones that could take you lots of time and energy to learn, we will help you to find some knowledgeable and handy action words that start with V.

If you are on a mission to make yourself sound complete and composed, you need to read this knowledge-filled article with undivided attention. Without any further delay, let’s dive straight into verbs beginning with V.  

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Common Verbs That Start with V

First, we are giving you a list that carries common verbs starting with V. It will help you express your actions through words and tell you that how we make our sentences complete by using action words.

1. Vow

  • Definition: to make a strong promise to do something
  • Synonyms: swear, pledge
  • Example: Mama vowed to be there for me ever.

2. Void

  • Definition: annul something especially a document
  • Synonyms: overthrow, annul
  • Example: Please void this document instantly.

3. View

  • Definition: to see some object
  • Synonyms: eye, observe
  • Example: I viewed that place with great pleasure.

4. Vacate

  • Definition: to leave something
  • Synonyms: eject, quit
  • Example: I will vacate this room very soon.

5. Vanish

  • Definition: to disappear or stop being present or existing, especially in a sudden, surprising way
  • Synonyms: disappear, evaporate
  • Example: He completed his work and suddenly vanished.

6. Visit

  • Definition: to see someone
  • Synonyms: see, encounter
  • Example: Can I visit you tomorrow?

7. Vaporize

  • Definition: to convert into bubbles.
  • Synonyms: volatilize, zap
  • Example: Sun vaporizes seawater into clouds.

8. Volley

  • Definition: to hit the ball.
  • Synonyms: flick, strike
  • Example: He volleyed the ball to the goalkeeper.

9. Vault

  • Definition: to leap over something by using a pole
  • Synonyms: leap, jump
  • Example: The kids vaulted over the opponent and scored a crucial point.

10. Videotape

  • Definition: to record something
  • Synonyms: record, document
  • Example: They have videotaped the whole event.  

Positive Verbs That Start with V

If we want to say something positive, we must use positive words in our conversation. Are you conscious of positive verbs that sound good and make your sentence more effective? Here are some of those positive verbs starting with letter V.

1. Voyage

  • Definition: to go on the journey including the sea.
  • Synonyms: journey, peregrinate
  • Example: They want to voyage with their parents.

2. Varnish

  • Definition: to dissolve a liquid for cleaning the furniture.
  • Synonyms: shellac, seal
  • Example: I want to varnish my furniture.

3. Vaccinate

  • Definition: to inject medicine into a body
  • Synonyms: protect, immunize
  • Example: The patient was vaccinated by doctors.

4. Value

  • Definition: to give regard  
  • Synonyms: appreciate, regard
  • Example: They always value our opinions on every matter.

5. Video

  • Definition: to make a film
  • Synonyms: document, film
  • Example: I asked him to video the event.

6. Voiceover

  • Definition: to narrate a voice
  • Synonyms: describe, dub
  • Example: Please voiceover this documentary.

7. Vacation

  • Definition: to enjoy holidays
  • Synonyms: travel, tour
  • Example: They are vacationing in Morocco.

8. Ventilate

  • Definition: to build a room for air
  • Synonyms: aerate, oxygenate
  • Example: You should ventilate my room as soon as possible.

9. Vantage

  • Definition: to give benefit to someone
  • Synonyms: benefit, assist
  • Example: The medicines vantage your recovery.

10. Venerate

  • Definition: to honor
  • Synonyms: revere, worship
  • Example: We should always venerate our leaders.

Action Verbs That Start with V

Action verbs mean words that show some sort of an action being performed. We should learn about action words because they help us write or speak about any action that occurs in our life. Here we talk about action verbs that start with V.

1. Vroom

  • Definition: to make a loud sound
  • Synonyms: holler, howl
  • Example: The engine of the bus started to vroom.

2. Valance

  • Definition: to embellish something
  • Synonyms: embellish, adorn
  • Example: I love to valance my new house.

3. Victual

  • Definition: to feed
  • Synonyms: feed, sustain
  • Example: It’s an honor for me to victual poor people.

4. Vote

  • Definition: to find someone by your choice
  • Synonyms: cast, register
  • Example: Do vote – it’s your legal right.

5. Vibrate

  • Definition: to move to and from
  • Synonyms: quiver, tremble
  • Example: His phone started to vibrate.

6. Vacuum

  • Definition: to suck dust from something
  • Synonyms: cleanse, suck
  • Example: Vacuum your room deeply then I will check again.

7. Veer

  • Definition: to change the direction of something
  • Synonyms: deviate, depart
  • Example: We veered our car at a U-Turn.

8. Veil

  • Definition: to hide
  • Synonyms: envelope, surround
  • Example: I love to veil my face.

9. Vomit

  • Definition: to eject  
  • Synonyms: spew, puke
  • Example: He vomited the food he had earlier.

10. Van

  • Definition: to move stuff from one place to another
  • Synonyms: carry, drive
  • Example: I asked them to van my stuff to my workplace.

Regular Verbs That Start with V

If you are curious about regular verbs beginning with V you are in for a treat. You will learn a lot of fascinating verbs in this list.

1. Vindicate

  • Definition: to discuss something with clarification.
  • Synonyms: acquit, clear
  • Example: This document will be vindicated in court.

2. Vaticinate

  • Definition: to say something about the future very accurately
  • Synonyms: foretell, foresee
  • Example: The pandit vaticinated my future and it amazed me.

3. Vivisect

  • Definition: to perform surgically
  • Synonyms: tear, incise
  • Example: Doctor vivisected the patient with great proficiency.

4. Vituperate

  • Definition: to abuse someone violently
  • Synonyms: abuse, assail
  • Example: She vituperated her friend that’s not good.

5. Vitalize

  • Definition: to give strength
  • Synonyms: strengthen, heal
  • Example: This superb lunch after a long break vitalized me.

6. Vex

  • Definition: to make anger someone
  • Synonyms: annoy, irritate
  • Example: He vexed me a lot, I will never forget this.

7. Verge

  • Definition: to be very similar
  • Synonyms: adjoin, border
  • Example: He has verged on giving up but I will try and stop him.

8. Vouchsafe

  • Definition: to make a promise secretly
  • Synonyms: accord, concede
  • Example: She vouchsafed his friend.

9. Vacillate

  • Definition: to be unable to decide something and esp. to continue to change opinions
  • Synonyms: waver, hesitate
  • Example: The president vacillated over foreign policy.

10. Vilify

  • Definition: to say something unpleasantly 
  • Synonyms: disparage, denigrate
  • Example: He vilified about me in my absence.

Phrasal Verbs That Start with V

A phrasal verb is actually a verb that is usually formed by the combination of a verb and a preposition. They are termed multi-word verbs. They are phrases that show actions. So, let’s talk about phrasal verbs that start with V.

1. Veer away from

  • Definition: to avoid someone
  • Synonyms: depart, deviate
  • Example: You must veer away from this situation.

2. Vouch for

  • Definition: to take responsibility for someone’s actions
  • Synonyms: guarantee
  • Example: I can vouch for this person, he won’t disappoint.

3. Vamp up

  • Definition: to make something catchy and attractive to the eyes
  • Synonyms: revamp, beautify
  • Example: Her dress vamped up her performance.

4. Veer off

  • Definition: to start to go toward the wrong point
  • Synonyms: astray
  • Example: Helicopter went out of control of the pilot and veered off.

5. Veg out

  • Definition: to relax yourself by sitting in vain and idle
  • Synonyms: idle, relax
  • Example: I want to veg out this weekend as the whole week was really hectic and exhausting.

6. Vote down

  • Definition: to reject or make someone lose
  • Synonyms: defeat, refusal
  • Example: People have voted down the flattering of government.

7. Vote in

  • Definition: to make a choice of someone to vote for
  • Synonyms: vote, opt for
  • Example: She was voted in as a business manager.

8. Vote on

  • Definition: to make a decision of choosing someone
  • Synonyms: vote, choose
  • Example: He voted on a seat of MNA.

9. Vote out

  • Definition: to dismiss somebody from their position
  • Synonyms: caste out, remove
  • Example: New SHO has been voted out by the SSP. 

10. Vacuum up

  • Definition: to eat all the food
  • Synonyms: eat, consume
  • Example: He was starving so he vacuumed up the dining table.

Transitive Verbs That Start with V

Whenever we write something about actions, we must have actions words at our disposal. Transitive verbs are dependent on the object to make them look complete, so here we will discuss transitive verbs that start with V.

1. Vest

  • Definition: to give someone an authority  
  • Synonyms: lay, endow
  • Example: She vested her marital affairs to the lawyer.

2. Vet

  • Definition: to put a check on something to examine them with great care
  • Synonyms: screen, assess
  • Example: She vetted the assignment prior to submission.

3. Vend

  • Definition: to sell out the items
  • Synonyms: trade, supply
  • Example: He is going to vend his old car to one of his friends.

4. Veneer

  • Definition: to hide something by putting a cover on it
  • Synonyms: coat, layer
  • Example: She veneered the flaws of her personality by keeping a smile on her face.

5. Vitrify

  • Definition: to transform something into a translucent or see-through form  
  • Synonyms: transform, mold
  • Example: This machine is designed to vitrify the plastic.

6. Vulcanize

  • Definition: to make something elastic with rubber  
  • Synonyms: elasticize, rubberize
  • Example: They have vulcanized the plastic.

7. Variegate

  • Definition: to make something diverse by adding different colors
  • Synonyms: transform, assort
  • Example: She has variegated the whole interior of her house.

8. Vivify

  • Definition: to make fun of something or to make someone’s mood chill
  • Synonyms: enliven, brighten
  • Example: She tried her best to vivify her husband’s mood, but all went in vain.

9. Vinify

  • Definition: to transform something edible into a wine  
  • Synonyms: marinade, brew
  • Example: The winemakers vinified the red grapes.

10. Vivificate

  • Definition: to bestow someone with a life
  • Synonyms: animate, vivify
  • Example: Your presence around me vivificates me every time.

Powerful Verbs That Start with V for Impressive Resume

For an impressive resume, we must know about powerful verbs for a good impact on the reader. When our resume has powerful verbs, it will give healthy vibes to the recipient. Let’s talk about some powerful V verbs. 

1. Verify

  • Definition: to ensure something or to check the strength of something  
  • Synonyms: substantiate, prove
  • Example: She verified her documents prior to applying for a job.

2. Venture

  • Definition: to go for a trip that is endangered  
  • Synonyms: travel, journey
  • Example: He has ventured into different firms and has succeeded at most of them.

3. Verbalize

  • Definition: to speak or to express orally
  • Synonyms: state, articulate
  • Example: This presentation was verbalized by Kyle.

4. Vocalize

  • Definition: to utter something or to make a voice
  • Synonyms: utter, speak
  • Example: She vocalized the background music mesmerizingly.

5. Validate

  • Definition: to announce or declare something officially
  • Synonyms: ratify, endorse
  • Example: Her point of view was validated by everyone in the meeting.

6. Volunteer

  • Definition: to enroll in something or to make an offer
  • Synonyms: enlist, advance
  • Example: She is volunteering for the students’ rights council.

7. Visualize

  • Definition: to fantasize or to give a thought to something
  • Synonyms: envisage, picture
  • Example: She visualizes herself as her boss’ wife.

8. Verse

  • Definition: to make a sentence that has a poetic rhythm
  • Synonyms: sing, lyricize
  • Example: She can verse very beautifully.

9. Vascularize

  • Definition: to transform or modify something
  • Synonyms: alter, change
  • Example: New government has vascularized many programs being run under the commands of the previous government. 

10. Vanquish

  • Definition: to defeat someone or to take a control of 
  • Synonyms: conquer, defeat
  • Example: Her party was strong enough to vanquish the opponents easily.

Verbs That Start with V for Top-Notch Essays

Let us now go over some verbs that start with V for top-notch essays. These verbs will beautify your expression but you must know how to employ them correctly in sentences. So let’s check them out.

1. Voice

  • Definition: to put something in words
  • Synonyms: express, vocalize
  • Example: Never be afraid to voice your ideas.

2. Vent

  • Definition: to express
  • Synonyms: release, state
  • Example: Don’t vent out your anger on me.

3. Victimize

  • Definition: to prey on someone
  • Synonyms: exploit, cheat
  • Example: His gang victimizes women.

4. Volatilize

  • Definition: to change something
  • Synonyms: alter, modify
  • Example: She volatilized the chemical.

5. Vouch

  • Definition: to assert the accuracy of something
  • Synonyms: attest, affirm
  • Example: I can vouch for my partner; she is very talented.

6. Violate

  • Definition: to break something
  • Synonyms: contravene, breach
  • Example: They violated human rights by torturing him brutally.

7. Vary

  • Definition: to have a different size
  • Synonyms: differ, range
  • Example: We bought similar dresses, but they varied in size.

8. Veto

  • Definition: to vote against something
  • Synonyms: reject, refuse
  • Example: Our bill can be vetoed easily in the parliament.

9. Vulgarize

  • Definition: to make something indecent
  • Synonyms: distort, damage
  • Example: His lack of understanding of art vulgarized the play.

10. Vandalize

  • Definition: to destroy or damage a property
  • Synonyms: destroy, deface
  • Example: The angry mob vandalized the museum.

Verbs That Start with V – Full List (139 Words)

Here is the complete list of verbs that start with the letter V. You have reviewed them separately in different categories. Now we are going to enlist them all together so that you can read them in one go. 

  • Vow
  • Void
  • View
  • Vacate
  • Vanish
  • Visit
  • Vaporize
  • Volley
  • Vault
  • Videotape
  • Voyage
  • Varnish
  • Vaccinate
  • Value
  • Video
  • Voiceover
  • Vacation
  • Ventilate
  • Vantage
  • Venerate
  • Vroom
  • Valance
  • Victual
  • Vote
  • Vibrate
  • Vacuum
  • Veer
  • Veil
  • Vomit
  • Van
  • Vindicate
  • Vaticinate
  • Vivisect
  • Vituperate
  • Vitalize
  • Vex
  • Verge
  • Vouchsafe
  • Vacillate
  • Vilify
  • Voice
  • Vent
  • Victimize
  • Volatize
  • Vouch
  • Violate
  • Vary
  • Veto
  • Vulgarize
  • Vandalize
  • Veer away from
  • Vouch for
  • Vamp up
  • Veer off
  • Veg out
  • Vote down
  • Vote in
  • Vote on
  • Vote out
  • Vacuum up
  • Vest
  • Vet
  • Vend
  • Veneer
  • Vitrify
  • Vulcanize
  • Variegate
  • Vivify
  • Vinify
  • Vivificate
  • Verify
  • Venture
  • Verbalize
  • Vocalize
  • Validate
  • Volunteer
  • Visualize
  • Verse
  • Vascularize
  • Vanquish
  • Volow
  • Velarize
  • Visualise
  • Vaunt
  • Vocalise
  • Voluntell
  • Vitiate
  • Vanitize
  • Vaunce
  • Vajazzle
  • Verbify
  • Virilize
  • Vedge
  • Valorize
  • Vide
  • Vesiculate
  • Vasectomize
  • Victimise
  • Vie
  • Vagabond
  • Vamper
  • Vail
  • Vacuate
  • Vitriolize
  • Vermilion
  • Vitaminize
  • Villanize
  • Verdigris
  • Visa
  • Visard
  • Voodoo
  • Vermiculate
  • Vade
  • Vehiculate
  • Vesperate
  • Vermillion
  • Vitriol
  • Visor
  • Vamp
  • Vitalise
  • Vesicate
  • Vilipend
  • Volatilize
  • Vernate
  • Vegetate
  • Velcro
  • Vesture
  • Vapulate
  • Vowelize
  • Valuate
  • Versify
  • Vellicate
  • Valet
  • Vamoose
  • Vein
  • Venesect
  • Ventriloquize
  • Volumize
  • Vociferate

Final Thoughts on Verbs That Start with V

It is time to conclude our discussion on verbs that start with V. You must have read this article thoroughly and got some beneficial knowledge of learning verb words that start with V.

For a strong vocabulary and writing, we all must know action words that help us narrate our actions. This article may have helped you find some exciting verbs that start with V.

After reading this article we request you all to give your valuable opinions in response to this effort. Because your appreciation keeps us going and criticism makes us grow.

Here’s to saying goodbye after introducing these action words that start with V. We are definitely going to make your ocean of knowledge full and brimming with our upcoming content as well, so stay tuned.

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