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List of 134 Verbs That Start with W with Definitions and Examples

by Tim

Once more, we’re happy to assist you, but this time it will be with the verbs that start with W. Although the letter W is not as frequently used in English as the letters A, B, and C, it is nevertheless very creative and offers many important and practical verbs to English language learners.

You can use these verbs that start with W whenever and wherever necessary, such as while sending emails, writing captions for your photos on Instagram or Facebook, creating tweets, or delivering speeches.

To start having fun expanding your vocabulary, see our wonderful collection of verbs that start with W.

When you are writing an essay or a poem, these verbs beginning with W will also be handy. Have you realized how many benefits there are to knowing these magic words?

Read our article about action words that start with W, then let us know how they influenced your writing and speaking. Happy learning!

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Common Verbs That Start with W

We advise beginning with these common verbs if you are a newbie in the English language. Here is a list of several commonly used verbs starting with W. Let’s take a quick look.

1. Worry

  • Definition: to be bothered
  • Synonyms: bother, struggle
  • Example: My mother worries about my health too much.

2. Warn

  • Definition: to notify about a threat
  • Synonyms: notify, aware
  • Example: The teacher warned me not to cheat again.

3. Wait

  • Definition: to stay someplace for someone
  • Synonyms: stay, stop
  • Example: I cannot wait for you anymore.

4. Whisper

  • Definition: to talk in a faint sound
  • Synonyms: hiss, murmur
  • Example: He whispered something in a foreign language.

5. Worsen

  • Definition: to get worse
  • Synonyms: aggravate, deteriorate
  • Example: Her health has worsened since she came here.

6. Wreck

  • Definition: to completely destroy something
  • Synonyms: demolish, abolish
  • Example: The angry mob was wrecking everything.

7. Wink

  • Definition: to shut one eye in a playful manner
  • Synonyms: glint, flap
  • Example: He winked at me.

8. Whip

  • Definition: to beat someone
  • Synonyms: flog, spank
  • Example: Stop whipping the poor animal!

9. Whiz

  • Definition: to move and make buzzing sounds
  • Synonyms: speed, drive
  • Example: The generator was whizzing violently.

10. War

  • Definition: to fight
  • Synonyms: battle, tiff
  • Example: As neighboring countries, we shouldn’t war with each other.

Positive Verbs That Start with W

This portion contains all the positive verbs starting with letter W we could get our hands on. They will help you phrase your language with an optimistic tone. Positivity in speaking is widely appreciated so go on reading them.

1. Wile

  • Definition: to seduce someone
  • Synonyms: mesmerize, allure
  • Example: She wiled me into making this mistake.

2. Wed

  • Definition: to marry
  • Synonyms: unify, marry
  • Example: I will wed my lover.

3. Water

  • Definition: to drip water on something  
  • Synonyms: sprinkle, humidify
  • Example: I watered the cactus.

4. Whistle

  • Definition: to make a sharp sound
  • Synonyms: toot, pipe
  • Example: He whistled as he worked.

5. Wander

  • Definition: to tread around a place
  • Synonyms: stroll, saunter
  • Example: We wandered in the fields.

6. Warble

  • Definition: to sing in a loud voice
  • Synonyms: trill, chant
  • Example: She warbled from a distance.

7. Woo

  • Definition: to convince
  • Synonyms: court, track
  • Example: Linda wooed me into signing the contract.

8. Wallow

  • Definition: to roll around
  • Synonyms: slop, sweep
  • Example: The dog wallowed playfully.

9. Wash

  • Definition: to cleanse something
  • Synonyms: cleanse, mop
  • Example: I will wash the dishes.

10. Wax

  • Definition: to clean with a lubricant
  • Synonyms: cover, lubricate
  • Example: Tim waxed the tiles.

Action Verbs That Start with W

Now we have picked some action verbs that start with W for you. These action words are used for narrating any movement or work that is being carried out. So, let’s check them!

1. Wound

  • Definition: to hurt
  • Synonyms: injure, hurt
  • Example: I wounded my head in the accident.

2. Wail

  • Definition: to cry in agony
  • Synonyms: howl, moan
  • Example: The baby was wailing in fever.

3. Wrinkle

  • Definition: to fold
  • Synonyms: crease, fold
  • Example: I just pressed my shirt and you have wrinkled it.

4. Whop

  • Definition: to hit
  • Synonyms: clout, smash
  • Example: John whopped him on the face.

5. Waver

  • Definition: to shiver
  • Synonyms: quiver, twinkle
  • Example: The lighthouse wavered from a distance.

6. Weather

  • Definition: to break
  • Synonyms: erode, drudge
  • Example: He hit the glass with a hammer and it weathered.

7. Wheel

  • Definition: to roll
  • Synonyms: push, roll
  • Example: The kids were wheeling a hoopla.

8. Wriggle

  • Definition: to vibrate or jiggle  
  • Synonyms: squirm, jiggle
  • Example: The puppy wriggled in his arms.

9. Whirl

  • Definition: to move in rounds
  • Synonyms: rotate, twist
  • Example: The couple whirled together.

10. Whir

  • Definition: to start with a noise
  • Synonyms: bumble, thrill
  • Example: The fab looks broken as it is whirring.

Regular Verbs That Start with W

So now we are about to look into some regular verbs beginning with W. You must be familiar with these kinds of verbs and if not, don’t worry. Just follow the simple rule of putting an –ed at the end of these verbs in past form.

1. Wreathe

  • Definition: to weave a garland around something
  • Synonyms: drape, garland
  • Example: She wreathed a few pieces for Christmas.

2. Wrong

  • Definition: to treat someone wrong
  • Synonyms: falsify, contest
  • Example: The poor boy orphan had been wronged by his relatives.

3. Wonder

  • Definition: to ponder about things
  • Synonyms: ponder, expect
  • Example: She wondered who would come to pick her.

4. Whine

  • Definition: to complain or nag
  • Synonyms: hum, buzz
  • Example: I got irritated when he whined over small matters.

5. Whimper

  • Definition: to make a wailing sound
  • Synonyms: whine, snort
  • Example: She whimpered and looked unbearably adorable.

6. Wedge

  • Definition: to shove something in a narrow place
  • Synonyms: squeeze, shove
  • Example: She wedged the pencil between her fingers.

7. Weary

  • Definition: to get tired
  • Synonyms: overtire, channel
  • Example: I get wearied listening to long lectures.

8. Warp

  • Definition: to twist
  • Synonyms: fasten, bend
  • Example: Sophie warped the ribbon around the box.

9. Wager

  • Definition: to bet on something
  • Synonyms: bet, gamble
  • Example: They wagered on the match.

10. Wham

  • Definition: to thrash
  • Synonyms: crash, smash
  • Example: The gate whammed against the wall.

Irregular Verbs That Start with W

Since we are done with regular verbs, we have a new category for you. Yes, you guessed it right, we will proceed toward irregular verbs that start with W. These verbs have a different ending than regular verbs. See for yourself!

1. Win

  • Definition: to be victorious
  • Synonyms: master, take over
  • Example: I won the match.

2. Wear

  • Definition: to put on
  • Synonyms: clothe, dress
  • Example: I wore a suit to the event.

3. Weep

  • Definition: to cry
  • Synonyms: yelp, wail
  • Example: Little girl wept all day.

4. Withstand

  • Definition: to be against something or someone
  • Synonyms: battle, fight
  • Example: She withstood all my commands.

5. Wring

  • Definition: to squeeze something to get rid of the water in it
  • Synonyms: screw, squeeze
  • Example: She wrung the water from my sweater.

6. Wake

  • Definition: to (cause someone to) become awake and conscious after sleeping
  • Synonyms: revive, stir
  • Example: You woke up the baby.

7. Wiredraw

  • Definition: to draw (metal) out into wire, especially by pulling forcibly through a series of holes of gradually decreasing diameter in a succession of dies
  • Synonyms: draw
  • Example: These copper rods were wiredrawn with this new machine.

8. Write

  • Definition: to note down
  • Synonyms: jot, pen down
  • Example: I wrote an argumentative essay.

9. Weave

  • Definition: to stitch together
  • Synonyms: interweave, interlace
  • Example: She had woven the upper herself.

10. Withhold

  • Definition: to refuse to give custody of something
  • Synonyms: halt, retain
  • Example: We withheld her documents.

Phrasal Verbs That Start with W

Next up, we are bringing forward some excellent phrasal verbs that start with W. They are the coolest! Why? Because they can improve a writing impression quite well. So, let’s dig in!

1. Write back

  • Definition: to reply to a letter
  • Synonyms: answer, respond
  • Example: Lucy and Steve sent me an invitation and I wrote back to accept it.

2. Ward off

  • Definition: to keep away or repel
  • Synonyms: prevent, resist
  • Example: I take plenty of vitamin C in winter to ward off colds.

3. Warm up

  • Definition: to reheat something
  • Synonyms: recook, refry
  • Example: She didn’t have time to cook so she warmed up some left-over soup.

4. Wash up

  • Definition: clean one’s hands and face
  • Synonyms: shower, clean
  • Example: I am going to wash up before going to bed.

5. Watch out

  • Definition: to be careful
  • Synonyms: look out, be careful
  • Example: Watch out – there is a car coming.

6. Water down

  • Definition: to dilute
  • Synonyms: weaken, thin
  • Example: If you water down the medicine it will be easier to take.

7. Wear out

  • Definition: to become unusable
  • Synonyms: exhaust, tire out
  • Example: During the trip, Julie wore out her shoe sightseeing.

8. Wind up

  • Definition: to finish
  • Synonyms: complete, end
  • Example: Larry decided to wind up his business and retire.

9. Whip up

  • Definition: to prepare quickly
  • Synonyms: prepare, throw together
  • Example: I can whip up something to eat if you’re hungry.

10. Wipe off

  • Definition: to clean
  • Synonyms: tidy up, sort out
  • Example: The teacher asked one of the children to wipe off the board.

Transitive Verbs That Start with W

You’re doing great! Let’s keep this pace and move toward transitive verbs that start with W. You’ll notice that transitive verbs need an object to complete their meaning. Just follow this simple rule everywhere!

1. Wage

  • Definition: to assault or fight
  • Synonyms: conduct, attack
  • Example: The enemy waged war on us.

2. Weaken

  • Definition: to make something powerless
  • Synonyms: hamper, debilitate
  • Example: I weakened her resolve by putting doubts in her mind.

3. Web

  • Definition: to conceal something
  • Synonyms: disguise, net
  • Example: I webbed the contours of the map.

4. Weed

  • Definition: to remove
  • Synonyms: erase, clear
  • Example: We were weeding out wild plants from the garden.

5. White

  • Definition: to make white or pale
  • Synonyms: white-wash, tidy
  • Example: I whited the entire wall.

6. Wall

  • Definition: to block
  • Synonyms: wedge, enfold
  • Example: Sara walled her heart to protect herself from getting hurt.

7. Wire

  • Definition: to connect
  • Synonyms: link, weave
  • Example: You did not wire the circuit properly.

8. Wrap

  • Definition: to cover
  • Synonyms: soften, cloak
  • Example: I wrapped up the gift for her.

9. Whitewash

  • Definition: to color something white
  • Synonyms: cover, correct
  • Example: We whitewashed the building.

10. Wrench

  • Definition: to quickly move something
  • Synonyms: yank, pull
  • Example: I wrenched the gun from his grip.

Powerful Verbs That Start with W for Impressive Resume

Down here we have some good quality W verbs for your resumes, to make them shine and be noticed. You just need to understand them properly and then choose the ones you need!

1. Want

  • Definition: to desire something
  • Synonyms: desire, wish
  • Example: She wants to apply for this job.

2. Wig

  • Definition: to be excited
  • Synonyms: cheer, excite
  • Example: I tried to wig her out of agony.

3. Westernize

  • Definition: to imitate the ways of the Western society
  • Synonyms: modify, renovate
  • Example: They westernized their lifestyle to a great extent.

4. Waive

  • Definition: to free
  • Synonyms: abandon, renounce
  • Example: They will waive off my bills.

5. Wow

  • Definition: to have an impact on someone
  • Synonyms: stimulate, enthrall
  • Example: They wowed at her speaking skills.

6. Word

  • Definition: to express
  • Synonyms: express, write
  • Example: I worded my resignation letter very carefully.

7. Wish

  • Definition: to want something
  • Synonyms: expect, want
  • Example: I wish I had applied for this job earlier.

8. Work

  • Definition: to carry out something
  • Synonyms: sweat, labor
  • Example: We worked tirelessly all week.

9. Will

  • Definition: to try to make something happen by using your thoughts
  • Synonyms: stimulate, inspire
  • Example: He willed himself to remain optimistic.

10. Welcome

  • Definition: to behave in a friendly way
  • Synonyms: meet, direct
  • Example: I warmly welcomed them to my office.

Verbs That Start with W – Full List (134 Words)

So, we have reached the end of these categories, we will now display the full list of verbs that start with the letter W. If checking out the categories separately doesn’t float your boat, you can just read this list.

  • Whip
  • Whiz
  • Worry
  • Warn
  • Wait
  • Whisper
  • Worsen
  • Wreck
  • Wink
  • War
  • Wile
  • Wed
  • Water
  • Whistle
  • Wander
  • Warble
  • Woo
  • Wallow
  • Wash
  • Wax
  • Wound
  • Wail
  • Wrinkle
  • Whop
  • Waver
  • Weather
  • Wheel
  • Wriggle
  • Whirl
  • Whir
  • Wreathe
  • Wrong
  • Wonder
  • Whine
  • Whimper
  • Wedge
  • Weary
  • Warp
  • Wager
  • Wham
  • Win
  • Wear
  • Weep
  • Withstand
  • Wring
  • Wake
  • Wiredraw
  • Write
  • Weave
  • Withhold
  • Write back
  • Ward off
  • Warm up
  • Wash up
  • Watch out
  • Water down
  • Wear out
  • Wind up
  • Whip up
  • Wipe off
  • Wage
  • Weaken
  • Web
  • Weed
  • White
  • Wall
  • Wire
  • Wrap
  • Whitewash
  • Wrench
  • Want
  • Wig
  • Westernize
  • Waive
  • Wow
  • Word
  • Wish
  • Work
  • Will
  • Welcome
  • Weigh
  • Withdraw
  • Worship
  • While
  • Wad
  • Whimsey
  • Waul
  • Wane
  • Wield
  • Wag
  • Wing
  • Wedlock
  • Weet
  • Waggle
  • Wilne
  • Well
  • Wave
  • Wilt
  • Wither
  • Weld
  • Wean
  • Wipe
  • Wangle
  • Wrestle
  • Winter
  • Waltz
  • Widen
  • Wrangle
  • Winkle
  • Ween
  • Witness
  • Wiggle
  • Wreak
  • Wheedle
  • Waft
  • Waste
  • Whet
  • Waken
  • Warish
  • Whisk
  • Wet
  • Whelp
  • Way
  • Waterproof
  • Warm
  • Walk
  • Weird
  • Waffle
  • Weal
  • Warrant
  • Watch
  • Whack
  • Wend
  • Wobble

Final Thoughts on Verbs That Start with W

Good job! You stayed with us right till the end of this article. Well, we had a blast teaching you these verbs that start with W.

Verb is one of the most important parts of speech. It makes up a huge portion of any language so it’s crucial to learn all verbs including verbs that start with W.

We listed many action words that start with W categorically divided for your needs. We hope you had a good time checking out our article! Let us know which verb words that start with W were your favorite?

If you liked this article and want to improve your knowledge of verbs a little more, you should definitely explore more such articles on our website. We promise you that you will not be disappointed at all!

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